Foreign Entanglements: The Hagelian Dialectic

On this week’s episode of Foreign Entanglements, Matt speaks with Yousef Manayyer about Israel, Palestine, and Chuck Hagel:

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  1. bob_is_boring:

    Hagelian Dialectic

    I see what you did there.

  2. Manju:

    and he doesn’t even want to flip Hagel on his head.

  3. bob_is_boring:

    He’ll just land back right-side up, but having learned something valuable from the experience.

  4. Manju:

    Hagal can do anything. He doesn’t even know what Kant means.

  5. Cody:

    I was just reading the BBC article about the Brennan and Hagel appointments.

    It’s enlightening to see just how different they are. Brennan got a pass because he was basically pro-force, pro-executive power, pro-war.

    Hagel got practically interrogated because he wasn’t pro-AIPAC and Israel in every possible situation ever.

    Republican Senators hearing Brennan defend Obama’s drone war just nodded along and knew this was the right man!

  6. Loud Liberal:

    Youssef Manayyer is a clown. The international community has lost no faith in the U.S.’s “ability to deliver on the Israeli-Palestinian question,” whatsoever. The arab community may not like it, but, the U.S. has delivered, correctly – for Israel – over, and over, and over, again, and, approval of the arab community or not, the U.S. will continue to do so, in perpetuity, because Israel is in the right, and the arabs are not.

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