Everything That’s Wrong with Politics and the Media and America and Everything

Let Alex Pareene be your guide into the weekly circles of Hell known as the Sunday talk shows. Why anyone watches these things, I do not know.

Note: you may want an alcoholic beverage of choice at hand while reading.

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  1. efgoldman:

    OT, sort of, but are we gonna’ fix that script error pretty soon?

  2. Erik Loomis:

    Farley is the go-to person. The rest of us know nothing. Or at least I certainly don’t. Also, I haven’t seen the problem.

  3. efgoldman:

    Anyway, Pierce does it better and funnier in his regular Monday “What are the Gobshites saying these days” posts.
    The answer always is: nothing, not one damned thing.

  4. JKTHs:

    This piece seems impossible. I find it hard to believe that someone could sit through 3 Sunday morning talk shows without being driven to insanity and going on a murderous rampage.

  5. efgoldman:

    Bloody Marys and/or Quaaludes help.

  6. Uncle Ebeneezer:

    And Roy Edroso does it much better too when he tackles the Sunday funnies. But Pareene is still always worth reading.

  7. c u n d gulag:

    I only watch the Sunday bloviation fest on ABC, when they have Paul Krugman on.

    I watch, because he annoys living sh*t out of George Will!

    I love the wry little twinkle in his eye, and his ironic smile, as Will makes yet another of his idiotic points, and then, Dr. K cuts loose, and POUNCES!

    I keep waiting for the day when Will’s bowtie can’t take it anymore, and it spins and spins, until it lifts him up off his chair, straight into the ceiling, where his head smacks into it, and his lifeless body crashes down on the studio floor, where the rest of the idiotic panel, either cry, or rush to him, while Paul Krugman sits, smiling his wry and ironic litte smile, and thinks to himself, “One down, X number to go!”
    And you know he know how many “X” there are, because he’s a real economist, and not some schmuck of a punTWIT, or just an actual schmuck with no credentials, who stayed at a Holiday Inn last night.

    Disco Dancin’ Dave is useless, except to find out what every Conservative putz in DC is thinking – which is basically, “KILL THE POOR AND THE OLD!!!”

    Chris Wallace proves why most children, like any of Mickey Mantle’s sons, inherited none of what made his father great.

    And Bob Schieffer is aweful, unless you get him talking about Hammurabi and his code, which I believe he covered on papyrus paper.

  8. Bill Murray:

    the Bobblespeak Translations are a much better way to appreciate the Sunday news Shows http://moonshinepatriot.blogspot.com/

  9. Incontinentia Buttocks:

    Why anyone watches these things, I do not know.


    I used to hang out a lot a DailyKos and was always baffled by how seriously they took the Sunday shows.

  10. James E. Powell:

    I got few laughs out of Pareene, but he could almost write that same thing every week. As the headline of this post says . . .

  11. efgoldman:

    Been reading Pierce, I see. Good. Read him long enough, maybe he could cure you of being a Yankee fan.

  12. Dr.KennethNoisewater:

    I watch the Sunday morning shows. I’ve started treating them the way I do “Morning Joe,” as comforting, unchallenging, occasionally-infuriating stew of warmed-over, insipid, “who will be the sensible centrist today? Oh, Harold Ford again.” village idiocy. It’s kinda entertaining. Especially when Paul Krugman is on.

  13. Dr.KennethNoisewater:

    Hey. Right now I’m being informed by a banner ad that I can click on a 3-D big-boobed chick to participate in a Roman orgy. Now, I’m as curious as the next person is about what the rules of “Roman orgying” are…but no thanks.

  14. Dr.KennethNoisewater:

    This explains why I’ve never made it through an entire “Morning Joe.”

  15. john:

    Jason Linkins does a nice Sunday LIveblog over at Huffington Post. He’s about the only writer there worth reading.

  16. Murc:

    That script error has measurably increased my productivity at work by making it very hard for me to comment here while there!

  17. Sly:

    Why anyone watches these things, I do not know.

    I suppose you could content yourself in the fact that few people actually do watch them. This isn’t 1960, when tens of millions of people tuned in to Meet the Press to watch Ned Brooks host a panel interview of Martin Luther King. And I have a sneaking suspicion that most of those tens of millions only tuned in because they found nothing else interesting on the other 11 channels.

    The Village caters to the Village, after all, which ultimately means that they are their own audience.

  18. Tybalt:

    Had the happy notion of taking Erik’s warning seriously and poured a generous rye. That was some damn good advice.

  19. Joe:

    If I watch anything, it is Chris Hayes and Melissa Harris-Perry.

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