Turn of the Century Paris in Color

What an utterly wonderful set of color photos from Paris in the early 20th century. I love black and white photos and black and white cinema but seeing these things in color really changes one’s perspective.

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  1. Chester Allman:

    These are fantastic. And look at the way those horizon blue uniforms pop!

    I was just getting nostalgic today about my study abroad in Paris, long ago though it was. It’s a difficult place in many ways, but it’s especially soaked in that blend of enigma and serendipity that give flavor to the best cities.

  2. commie atheist:

    Amazing. A great find.

  3. Murc:

    I dunno. Erik After Midnight seems much less entertaining than Scott After Midnight.

    I mean, I don’t even get the sense that you’re drunk and bitter at ALL.

  4. Dave:

    Late to the party? This was all over twitter last week…

  5. Todd:

    The photographs are from 1914, appparently. Here is a link with each picture located and dated.


  6. Todd:

    Well, not all are dated, and some aren’t from 1914. Otherwise, my original post was flawless.

  7. Kurzleg:

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing since not all of us are Twits(terers).

  8. Joseph Slater:

    Nice, thanks for posting this.

  9. SatanicPanic:

    Woah those are cool

  10. Learned Foot:

    Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures. I’m a sucker for old-timey photography AND for Paris. You can really feel the exuberance in that Eiffel Tower pic.

    For others who are into very early color photography, I highly recommend checking out the Library of Congress’s collection of pre-WWI photos of the Russian Empire, taken by Sergei Prudokin-Gorskii. http://www.loc.gov/exhibits/empire/

  11. rea:

    And look at the way those horizon blue uniforms pop!

    Not the best garb in which to attack machine gun emplacemnts, though, as they soon found out.

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