Patty Andrews, RIP

One of the last links to World War II-era popular culture has passed.

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  1. pete:

    Thanks for noting this. Their prime was before my time, but they were part of the atmosphere. And they could swing.

  2. JRoth:

    I’m not pleased, but something, that my son was born the week that Jo Stafford passed. Pittsburgh has one of the country’s great radio shows for songs of this era.

  3. mattc:

    Is that the one who shtupped Sam Giancana?

  4. Larry from Tacoma:

    That was one of the McGuire Sisters, I think.

    The genealogy: Bosworth Sister –> Andrews Sisters –> McGuire Sisters.

  5. c u n d gulag:

    They were wondeful.

    And they were terrific in the movies, like that one with Abbott and Costello.


  6. Kurzleg:

    Perhaps I shouldn’t have been, but I was surprised to find so few tunes by the Andrews Sisters on Youtube. I did run across an appearance they made on the Dean Martins how, but the song didn’t capture their talents very well. RIP, Patty.

  7. Malaclypse:

    I remember the local CBS outlet showing old Abbott and Costello and Hope and Crosby movies, and it seemed like they were in every one. My childhood memories are better for them being in the world. Requiescat in pace.

  8. KadeKo:

    Really enjoy the combo of the precision three-part Andrews Sisters singing with Der Bingle’s relaxed delivery in the foreground. That treatment just worked wonders.

  9. Davis:

    Yes, Phyllis.

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