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“Overt argument…It is too rude.”


As a follow-up to Erik’s post, I think this is an important point:

And so, when figures like Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson are invited on to programs like Meet the Press, they are treated as disinterested wise men rather than political advocates. The host, David Gregory, asks them to hand down rulings on politicians. He does not question their own ideas. (Notably, the Sunday talk shows, a haven of right-thinking, deficit-obsessed centrism, have given over little attention to climate change in the last four years and have not quoted a single climate scientist during the entire span.)

The idea that deficit reduction is more important than mass unemployment or climate change is essentially indefensible, even before we get to the fact that there’s no real way of “solving” deficits in ways that will bind future Congress (since any surplus will be then used by “deficit hawks” as a pretext for tax cuts.) But not only are these issues not given any significant attention in these kinds of outlets — people who advocate for doing things to alleviate climate change or mass unemployment certainly wouldn’t treated as apolitical technocrats whose ideas are beyond debate.

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  • c u n d gulag

    If I were a Deficit Scold,
    Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle d…

    NO! Wait, let me start over.

    If I were a Deficit Scold, I’d be on those bloviation fests, scolding how we have to lower the deficit, because otherwise, how will we pay for things like Hurricane Sandy, and floods, and droughts, and tornado’s, which will happen even more frequently, and with greater severity, because we keep angering the God of Surplus by not feeding him cash of global climate change – whether it’s man-made, or not.

    Two birds, one scold.

    And now, I’d truly be a wise man, and get invited on even more shows, because I’d bucked the system by mentioning global climate change, while I was wagging my finger at the DC Villagers favorite obsession.
    I’m a Cassandra, and a “Triple D” – a Double Doomsday Declarer.
    My speaking fees might even double!

  • mpowell

    It’s probably the clearest indicator that our national media is completely useless. And that our country’s elites are actually a bunch of morons.

    You always hear from some quarters about how this is a conscious strategy to slash social spending. That’s basically a conspiracy argument and it’s just as credible. The forces that motivate the Republican party are just not the same forces motivating these fools, even if the money is coming from similar places.

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