Obscure Remembrances

Back many, many years ago in my undergraduate days, my intramural floor hockey team won a lopsided victory.   Since the other team was called “Conrad Bain,” however, I felt they were the real winners.   R.I.P.

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  1. NonyNony:

    Okay don’t leave us in suspense – what was your team’s name?

  2. Tnap01:

    Heard his last words were “how the fuck did Bridges outlive us all”.

  3. Linnaeus:

    There’s a history to be written about this, though I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s already been done.

  4. TribalistMeathead:

    In other news, Conrad Bain was still alive on Sunday.

  5. TribalistMeathead:

    Danny Cooksey on line 1…

  6. Scott Lemieux:

    I actually don’t remember, which proves the genius of the other name!

  7. Erik Loomis:

    The episode where Bain was coaching the kids baseball team (and wearing dress shoes while batting!) and then brought Lance Parrish in to help the kids was extra special.

  8. Substance McGravitas:

    The episode where he broke Batman’s back could have had a warning on it.

  9. Boots Day:

    Is Hank Bain still alive?

  10. joejoejoe:

    I heard he was dating a Notre Dame linebacker.

  11. Western Dave:

    You know, despite being on one of the cheesiest television shows ever, he was a great actor. He was in the legendary Jason Robards revival of The Iceman Cometh in a fairly major role. He was also apparently something of a union guy, helping to found the Actors Federal Credit Union and acting as it’s first President. (Thanks Wikipedia!). I’ve been kinda fascinated with that Robards revival which also had Peter Falk in it since the 80s revival and a big story in the Times that year complete with a Nina drawing. It was the first time I realized a bad play could be revived and turned into a good play.

  12. M. Bouffant:

    What the hell is “floor hockey?”

    When I was in school, we had hall Frisbee, which involved charging a glow-in-the-dark Frisbee from the dorm hall lights, turning the lights off & heaving the Frisbee w/ full force at the guys at the other end of the now pitch-black hall. No teams, no scoring, but good clean fun.


  13. Dave3544:

    Padded sticks, padded puck, cones, gym floor. Floor hockey.

  14. dave3544:

    The man took in his dead maid’s kids. Raised them like they were his own. Loved ‘em. Adopted ‘em. He’s a mench in my book.

  15. Erik Loomis:

    Was it ever established how the maid died?

  16. Tybalt:


  17. njorl:

    Is that his evil twin with the cabbage leaf on the back of his head?

  18. njorl:

    Last year Alex Karras, this year Conrad Bain, next year …

    Were there any other sitcoms with white people raising black kids with stunted growth?

  19. Halloween Jack:

    McBain’s still OK though, right?

  20. mark f:

    One time when my friends were in NYC and I wasn’t, they called me to tell me that they’d eaten pizza in a crowded place with a stranger that ended up being Todd Bridges. They were pretty convincing. Long story short, I almost won the Heisman this year.

  21. mark f:

    Nancy Reagan wasn’t there in time to stop her from saying “yes” to a gumball drugs.

  22. Hogan:

    I saw Joe DiMaggio at the Dinky Donuts.

  23. olexicon:

    “Rainer Wolfcastle: ["Six months later"] And the Oscar goes to…
    Montgomery Burns: Oh, I’ve got to win this one! I bribed everyone in Hollywood.
    Rainer Wolfcastle: …George C. Scott in “Man Getting Hit By Football”.
    [everyone applauds; Burns steams]
    Rainer Wolfcastle: [a screen shows George C. Scott standing there and a football hitting him in the groin]
    George C. Scott: [doubling over] Aargh! My groin. “

  24. Boots Day:

    Yeah. I guess creatures like that don’t “die.”

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