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LGM Bowl Mania Championship


At the end of this dreariest of Bowl seasons, a champion emerges from the muck:

1 Jimmy Chitwoodexecutedtoday
471 98.9
2 Peter Grimesthom0909 470 98.9
3 Lafayette’s FinestUKEvan 463 98.1
4 dalempert 1dalempert 454 96.6
5 Granny Starversjohnrauchman 451 96.0
6 jordan_BSU 1jordan_BSU 443 94.1
7 failed2menace 1failed2menace 441 93.5
8 slemieux99 1slemieux99 433 91.0
9 Missouri Buckeyeadmiraly 431 90.3
10 The North Will Rise Againwitlesschum 424 87.5


Unlike Alabama’s treatment of the “Fighting” Irish, it was a close run thing. Mr./Ms. “Chitwood” should contact me (e-mail on the far right sidebar) regarding prize information.

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  • lige

    Not a winner but I did a lot better this year since I figured out how confidence betting works.

  • KadeKo

    At least you got your entry in on time.

    Thanks to submitting mine at about halftime of the first bowl game, I ended up an entrant sans group.

    Can’t run through all the group entries, but I wonder what the biggest commonest miss was. I’m guessing Florida/Louisville.

    • Western Dave

      I’d agree with that. My biggest gaffe was giving a confidence rating to Kent State and a low one to Alabama. Flip those and I’d be pleased with me performance.

      My bet against the Big 10 strategy worked like a charm though.

      • (Late to the Party again)

        I’ll have to remember that strategy.

        I also did much of the laziness thing, leaving picks in their ascending chronological order for confidence unless I had a reason to change them.

        Makes me wonder what would happen if the default order of the games is randomized with every entry.

  • dl

    Browsing some of the entries, a lot of people had FLA over LOU as their highest-confidence pick (somewhat understandably).

  • Not sure why, but for me this was the lowest interest bowl season I can recall. It may have been that Ohio State, my beloved alma mater, was not involved. But then those sanctions saved me from watching the Buckeyes get humiliated by Alabama.

  • Missouri Buckeye

    I was leading until New Years Day, where Michigan’s last-second loss really hurt. Fla/Louisville was a debacle and then my post-NYD picks stunk. Still, 9th place and 90th percentile isn’t too shabby.

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