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  1. Clark:

    If you get rid of one Fucking Kagan, two will rise in his/her place.

  2. c u n d gulag:

    I’m hoping that there are less Kagans than Kardashians, or else we’re all fecked!

  3. Andrew Burday:

    Those durn boomers… First they blow up Social Security, now they’re carrying cruise missiles around Russia… ;*> “Russia‚Äôs newest boomers will also carry long range cruise missiles.”

  4. Matt:

    I worry that too many CIA people will be taking that book on how the British secret service helped instal and prop up Franco as a “how-to”, not a “what not to”.

  5. Hogan:

    The sidebar ad for an online degree in counterterrorism from American Military University is quite tempting. I could be the next Bernard Kerik! Maybe even a Kagan!

  6. James A:

    Huh? I was sure that Kagan production required AT LEAST two fucking Kagans. If they’ve figured out how to go it alone, we are definitely going to need a bigger gun.

  7. Fred:

    Trolls? Just climate deniers? Doesn’t that adjective also include the ‘best ally in the Middle East’ hasbara and, of course, the Kagans?

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