MoDo strikes again.

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  1. Murc:

    The Scott After Midnight posts are always good for a laugh. Or a choked-off sob. One of the two.

  2. Vance Maverick:

    “To alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.”

  3. de stijl:

    The Scott After Midnight posts are always good for a laugh. Or a choked-off sob. One of the two.

    You seem to be implying those things are incompatible. I’m watching what appears to be a mini – Louie marathon on FX, so I know you’re full of crap. They just showed the 4 am pancake breakfast with the girls finale with the slow pan down the street.

    Are you denying that I just laugh / cried?

  4. Murc:

    I don’t think the kind of sobbing Louie causes is the same as the kind of sobbing MoDo causes.

  5. de stijl:

    True. One’s cathartic and the other is pathetic. One of the two.

  6. commie atheist:

    But what does Max Boot, “one of America’s leading military historians and foreign-policy analysts…a preeminent military historian (did I mention he was a really bitching military historian?) who has advised generals, policymakers and political leaders on the subject,” have to say about all of this?

  7. de stijl:

    And now the super-competent neighbor who guides Louie through his sisters’ pregnancy “scare.” Book-marked by the club scene where he riffs on the strangeness of making a new friend when you’re a guy in your forties.

    In the open, his youngest told him she didn’t love him as much as Mom for some dumb-ass reason that only makes sense to a five-year-old. It’s in and out of her head in an instant, but it cuts him to the bone & he is dead if he lets the pain show on his face when he’s helping her get ready for bed.

    Fuck you, Louie C.K., you emotionally manipulative bastard.

  8. Brutusettu:

    Dowd et al thought Rice, Obama, etc were basically talking about a crowd finding spontaneously generated heavy weapons and then using them in an attack….

  9. cpinva:

    ms. dowd has been barking mad, since she found out (via clinton) that one can have sex, without the necessity of a full-blown, lace curtain, irish-catholic wedding. it didn’t help.

    one really must not pay attention to clinically insane people, writing clinically insane things.

  10. c u n d gulag:

    The only time she was, or is, readable, is when she’s taking apart Clueless W and Dastardly Dick, and the Catholic Church for covering up decades of dick-diddling little children by their priests and laity.

    I wish the NY Times paid me 6 figures a year to put my neuroses on display for all to see.
    Must be nice.

  11. sharculese:

    Iirc her potshots at W were more snotty and tedious than anything else. So… basically in line with everything else she’s ever done.

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