First They Came For Gregg Easterbrook’s Non-Job, In An Anti-Semitic Purge of Protestants, And I Said Nothing

Ah, the Washington Free Beacon: the journal for people who think that the Daily Tucker needs to dumb it down a few shades.

I also note that the story talks about the Beauchamp non-scandal as if it was a real thing.

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  1. actor212:

    Easterbrook singlehandedly refutes the “Jews are educated” stereotype.

  2. rea:

    Easterbrook isn’t Jewish, and in fact, had to apologize for some remarks that were facially anti-semitic.

  3. John Protevi:

    A nice comment on the site:

    Chait’s work here has failed to diminish my opinion of the Washington Free Beacon.

  4. snarkout:

    The soft global warming denialist Presbyterian given to noting the avariciousness of Jewish Hollywood executives and today mostly known for his schticky and repetitive football writing is the Jew of Even the Liberal Fascism.

  5. mark f:

    Any mention of Juicebox Mafioso?

  6. mark f:

    Semi-related lulzes:

    Breitbart News will be launching a new feature/vertical on our website called “The Conversation.” Look for it in the navigation bar.

    The Conversation will be a place where our readers can watch an ongoing dialogue amongst a select group of thought leaders that includes Ace of Spades, Iowahawk, David Webb, Javier Manjarres of Shark Tank, DocZero, Nice Deb, Jerome Hudson, Lisa De Pasquale, William A. Jacobson of Legal Insurrection, and Adam Baldwin, along with John Nolte, Ben Shapiro, Larry O’Connor, Sonnie Johnson, Liberty Chick, Jon David Kahn, as well as other writers and contributors from Breitbart News.

  7. John Protevi:

    Needs moar Darleen Click

  8. david mizner:

    And glancing at the table of comments, I see that Cohn, Rosin, and Rosen escaped the purge, probably by pretending to be Christian.

  9. c u n d gulag:

    Maybe if Sarah “The Whore of Babblin’-on” Palin can learn to type-out her word-spews, she can find a home at the DC Fry Bacon.

    Bill “WRONG!!!” Kristol got exactly the son-in-law he so richly deserves.

  10. DocAmazing:

    My God, it’s full of adjectives…

  11. joe from Lowell:

    I hear the whole purge was coordinated through Journolist.

  12. Vern:

    Boy, that’s some powerful roster of thought leaders there. I wouldn’t trust that crew to empty out a litter box.

  13. snarkout:

    And you know who else used too many adjectives?

  14. Icarus Wright:

    The public was warned.

  15. Malaclypse:

    Boy, when you can’t get Chuck Norris or Ted Nugent, you’ve really hit rock bottom.

  16. Malaclypse:

    There are many ways one can criticize the Snowbilly Grifter without stooping to “whore.”

  17. timb:

    Some racist cartoons always spice up a non-controversy.

  18. Tybalt:

    The list of real-world accomplishments of that group must be utterly staggering. If someone can start it.

  19. david mizner:

    Ah, okay, I actually read the piece, which tries to make the point that it’s pro-Israel stance is softening. Yeah The mag was so much better when it was headed by a rabid anti-Arab bigot.

  20. CJColucci:

    What, exactly, would their objection to purging Jews be if it were happening?

  21. JKTHs:

    It means that TNR will come out full-fledged in favor of the brown people

  22. c u n d gulag:

    Sorry about that – I was punnin’, and I guess it wasn’t funnin’ that context.

    But she does babble-on, doesn’t she?
    And getting paid a million dollars a year for it, from FOX. At least for awhile.

    So, maybe I should call her a word-worker, instead. ;-)

    Point taken, though, Mal.

    I always liked Kondike Barbie, myself.

  23. rea:

    It’s a close question–I see how you could infer sexism from “whore.” On the other hand, she sells her politics for money. Anyone have any problem with calling Newt Gingrich a “whore”? If the metaphor fits . . .

  24. c u n d gulag:

    I think you folks know me well enough to know that I’m not in any way, a misogynist.

    I was just playing with words.

  25. actor212:

    That, uh, was the joke.

  26. Malaclypse:

    Agreed, I just think it is a bad way to refer to a female. Rea raises an interesting question with Newt.

  27. sharculese:

    The Free Beacon is Bill Kristol’s new project. For the right payoff, they’d find anti-semitism in the Torah.

  28. mds:

    Schoolhouse Rock?

  29. Ahistoricality:

    Well, the liberal “wait for 40 years” Moses-Aaron clique did exterminate the conservative “Invade The Promised Land Now” Korach partisans, so it’s clearly not neo-conservative friendly.

    Plus, all those prophets telling Israel what they’re doing wrong: if that’s not anti-Semitic….

  30. Incontinentia Buttocks:

    Three generations of Kristol-family punditry are enough!

  31. rea:

    Ah, the Beauchamp scandal–big rightwingnut victory at the time, but the unfortunate sequel where all of their witnesses to the good behavior of our troops went to prison for first degree murder means that nowdays they have to be discrete in referring to it. And so it is here, where the name “Beauchamp” is not mentioned (someone might google it!), but the statement is made, “reinstalled former editor Franklin Foer, who had left after presiding over a scandal surrounding a series of fabricated reports from Iraq.”

  32. c u n d gulag:

    Also too – Ok, how about this, then:
    “The Hoar of Babblin’-on”?
    Or, “The Hoary of Babblin’-on”?

    Of course, I’ll have to give a dictionary link everytime I try to use it…

  33. Kurzleg:

    The Washington Free Beacon is a smear sheet founded by Matthew Continetti, occasional contributor to the Weekly Standard and son-in-law of Weekly Standard editor William Kristol.

    How did I not see this coming? The wingers may not be good at much, but nobody beats them at nepotism.

  34. socraticsilence:

    One assumes they think Easterbrooks was a camouflage- after all its hard to accuse one of anti-semitism when part of one’s evidence is the firing of a man accused of the same (on more valid ground admittedly).

  35. socraticsilence:

    Trying to decide who between Ace and Col. Mustard is a more farcical “thought leader”.

  36. Malaclypse:

    Jeremiah was a bullfrog anti-Semite.

  37. rea:

    Poe’s Law strikes again.

  38. UserGoogol:

    Even setting aside the potential sexist connotations, lame puns like that have no place in civilized polity. That’s not a joke, that’s an assault on the very idea of comedy.

    Also petty name calling that is probably counterproductive to reasoned political discussion, but mostly it’s just a bad joke.

  39. mark f:

    Whichever it is, he clearly comes in behind Adam Baldwin on that scale. Whatever happened to all of the other Not-Alec Baldwins, anyway?

  40. John:

    I don’t understand.

  41. John:

    Don’t we all miss the days of Peretz’s blog? Getting infuriated just from looking at the titles of his blog posts (which always seemed to come from some alternate universe whose details were known only to Peretz) used to be one of the highlights of my day.

  42. gocart mozart:

    I thought it was a pretty good pun.

  43. c u n d gulag:

    That’s the problem with puns – people either love them, or hate them.

    I’m from the school of, the worse the pun, the better it is.

    But, I guess I don’t have to tell anyone that, after this exchange.

  44. Cody:

    Aside from their choices of people here, I think this is a decent idea.

    Of course, in this format the “”leaders”” (extra scare quotes for obvious reasons…) won’t have time to do any research to speak intelligently. Somehow, I feel like this won’t change a thing.

    I would enjoy seeing the LGM crew chatting sometimes, but who has the time?

  45. efgoldman:

    Also petty name calling that is probably counterproductive to reasoned political discussion…

    So, arbiter, we should all go New York Times in our comments and refer to Snowbily Snookie as “Ms. Palin?” Please. Serious people get serious treatment. The only things Mooserella was ever serious about were the grift and self-aggrandizement.

  46. JL:

    Well, Adam Baldwin was awesome as Jayne on Firefly.

    That might be about it.

  47. JL:

    The problem is that comparing idiots and grifters to sex workers is insulting to sex workers.

  48. CaptBackslap:

    Don’t forget his Mini-Me, Jamie Kirchick.

  49. Substance McGravitas:

    Fuck, I’d forgotten.

  50. Roger Ailes:

    Don’t overlook the Free Beacon’s reference to “wealthy socialite Chris Hughes, who is best known for sharing a room with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard University.”

    Or, as they say on the right, “fag.”

  51. Davis:

    Perhaps he meant that it couldn’t go any lower. Nothing Chait or anyone else says can lower my opinion of those dolts.

  52. spencer:


    I like it.

  53. Ahistoricality:

    “Nazi” scans better.

  54. Ahistoricality:

    Check the SyFy Channel…

  55. actor212:

    The Free Beacon calls him a Jew.

  56. actor212:

    I got a rise out of him by once calling him “Crappiest Actor on X-Files.”

    He used that for about two years to point out how angry liberals are.

  57. actor212:

    He’s not just a Not-Alec. He’s a Not-Baldwin.

  58. actor212:

    Or they’re too stupid to go search Wiki.

    Altho, to be fair, he attends a half-Christian, half-Jewish Episcopalian….yes, you read that correctly…church.

  59. witless chum:

    A difficult balance of menacing and goofy, to be sure. It was a wonderful performance.

  60. rea:

    Hamlet, after all, is full of bad puns.

  61. John:

    One of the purged Jews!

  62. witless chum:

    I don’t know what Snookie did to deserve that.

  63. Jonas:

    Did he actually apologize? I don’t remember that. I remember the incident, he criticized Michael Eisner for being Jewish. Actually, he criticized Eisner for doing something that would be okay if a non-Jew did it, allowing a movie to be made that had violence in it in order to make money, but if someone Jewish did it, it was the act of a money-grubbing Jew.

  64. Jonas:

    Okay, I looked it up. He did the ‘I am sorry if anyone was offended’ apology.

    Twenty minutes after I pressed “send,” the entire world had read it. When I reread my own words and beheld how I’d written things that could be misunderstood, I felt awful. To anyone who was offended I offer my apology, because offense was not my intent.

  65. mark f:

    Wiki tells me I got him confused with Stephen, the “I’m moving to Canada if Obama wins” member of the Alec Baldwin Baldwins.

  66. Warren Terra:

    He’s somehow convinced a fair few people of the notion that he’s an east coast intellectual, which is pretty much the same thing.

  67. Warren Terra:

    Don’t use their labels. A policy of denouncing as anti-Semitic anyone more open to peace than, say, Avigdor Lieberman is not “pro-Israel”, and – most especially – diverging from such beliefs as Lieberman’s does not mean you cannot be “pro-Israel”.

  68. Warren Terra:

    Well, sure, but do you really go for Shakespearean comedy?

  69. Warren Terra:

    Mooselini, Il Dunce?

  70. Warren Terra:

    How does that even work? Is this the Jews Sort-Of For Jesus?

  71. Manta:

    Link, or we will think you are making shit up.

  72. Kal:

    If this is anti-semitic, how would the Free Beacon describe my preferred policy of firing *everyone* who works at TNR?

  73. Pestilence:

    Well that IS an awfully high bar

  74. Pestilence:

    The conversation? or the Toxic Dump?

  75. Woodrowfan:

    Schmeks and Gloks??

  76. Woodrowfan:

    too “polgramy”

  77. Pestilence:

    Well no, Episcopalian = Anglican, right? So it’s more Jews for sort-of-atheism

  78. Jeremy:

    For purely rhythmic purposes, “blackshirt” would have to be my top choice.

  79. Warren Terra:

    I’m an Atheist Jew; I know a lot of Atheist Jews. Part of growing up and still identifying yourself as Jewish in a Christian country is not accepting Jesus as divine. Not even as being the specific notion of the divine you’re rejecting. It’s that old joke about fighting over exactly what it is you don’t believe in.

    Also: I thought the line on Anglicans was that they venerated jumble sales and flower arranging – not that they worshiped nothing.

  80. Ahistoricality:

    That works, yeah.

  81. Origami Isopod:

    An “ongoing dialogue”? Will there be trays to catch the drool?

  82. Origami Isopod:

    Never understood a word he said, but he always let me share his wine. Unfortunately it was Manischewitz.

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