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The Most Necessary Cover Song In History


Doc Severinsen does King Crimson’s “In the Court of the Crimson King.” From 1970.

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  • cb

    Amazing. I knew you guys ran a tip top blog, but I somehow missed the prog love.

  • greylocks

    Sumbitch is 85 and still touring.

  • Reasonable 4ce

    OT, but RIP John Lennon.

    • bill


    • Leeds man

      Patrick Moore too! Bugger was an inspiration to an aspiring 9-year-old astronomy nerd.

  • Lige

    Arlington, Oregon’s favorite son.

    • The last time I was in Arlington, I looked around for some kind of Doc sign, but there doesn’t seem to be anything.

      Of course, even Willie Nelson’s hometown doesn’t have anything about him in a public place.

      • Keaaukane

        What brought you to Arlington? I lived in OR for decades, and still had to wiki it the find out where it was.

        • I know Oregon like the back of my hand. Plus it’s not even out of the way, being right on I-84.

          • Anonymous

            I saw it is on I-84, so I must have driven by it on trips to Pendleton and Idaho. It just didn’t stick. Now, if the city fathers would put up a Doc Severinsen monument there would have been a chance I’d visit their fair city. especially if I needed gas, beer or a bathroom break…

      • lige

        There used to be a sign advertising the annual “Doc Severinson Dixieland Jazz Festival” I wonder if that is still going on?

  • luko

    Wow how did I ever miss that?

  • Jon H

    Now the Sherman Hemsley thing makes more sense.

    • Jon H

      But I’m going to lose my shit if I find out Ed McMahon hung out with Captain Beefheart.

      • Njorl

        You mean you never caught the “HEY-OOOH” from Ed in the background of Pachuco Cadaver?

  • Kurzleg

    OT, but I thought use of this tune – if not this particular version – was inspired in “Children of Men”.

    • It was Epitaph from the same recording if I recall correctly.

      • Kurzleg

        I was referring to the scene where Owen drives up to the palace to see his his cousin Danny Huston. That’s not “The Court of the Crimson King”?

        • Scott Lemieux

          No, it was definitely “ITCOTCK.”

          • There was a scene where Epitaph was used to great effect. It moved me to go out and buy the disc again.

            • Scott Lemieux

              Really? I remember only “In the Court,” now I’ll have to re-watch the movie…

  • BlogWood

    Fucking awesome! Perfect complement to this evening’s film “Woman Times Seven” (which has a surprising number of casual union references!)

  • Scott Lemieux

    But where’s his cover of “Thela Hun Ginjeet”?

    • Kurzleg

      He couldn’t get McMahon to do the spoken word part…

      • Scott Lemieux

        Ha, I was thinking the same thing.

        • Bas-O-Matic

          And who should appear but two policeman, Hiyooooooo!

          I’d really like to hear tubas doing the chapman stick parts on Elephant Talk.

  • Dennis Brennan

    A bit surprised: one is either Greg Lake, or one is not. Additionally, the Big Keyboard era ended, what, forty years ago?

    • calling all toasters

      Hardly. Otherwise ELP would not be reuniting to make a bossa nova album.

  • Leeds man

    Bloody good.

  • joel hanes

    only on vinyl, apparently

  • LeeEsq

    Does anybody else think the concept of cover song is kind of silly? The entire idea of a song belonging to a particular artist is a relatively recent. Before then nearly every song was recorded multiple times by different artists in different styles.

    • Xof

      It’s appropriate when there is a version of the work that can be considered canonical, and it’s hard to think of a song more associated with its originators than this.

      • joel hanes

        it’s hard to think of a song more associated with its originators than this

        maybe “Mnaa Mnaa” with the Muppets …

        • MR Bill

          “Mahna Mahna,” originally titled “Mah-Na Mah-Na,” was written by composer Piero Umiliani for an Italian documentary about life in Sweden, titled Svezia, Inferno e Paradiso (Sweden, Heaven and Hell). It is a nonsense song that achieved widespread fame as a classic Muppet sketch.”

  • pete

    Well, thank you. Anything else I might say would be frippery.

    • Leeds man

      I think that breaks the sinfield fly rule.

    • Smokey

      This discussion thread really Belew me away!

  • That’s some weird wild stuff.

    • Hogan

      Nicely done.

  • parsimon

    Oh beautiful. Thanks.

  • Michael Sullivan

    Holy shit, I had no freaking idea.

    I clicked on this, thinking “OK, OK, I know KC got a bit over in love with the sound of their own music, but it was the 60s dammit, everybody was doing that shit” and just having to see what kind of mockery Doc came up with.

    But goddamn if that band didn’t just nail the whole thing.

    Now I want to hear the other covers on that LP. And I want that album.

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