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The Horror Continues

[ 120 ] December 24, 2012 |

Clearly, the problem is that not every American firefighter is armed, preferably with another armed guard for when they’re actually firefighting. We can pay through all of this with minor reductions in the foreign aid outlays that constitute 95% of federal expenditures.


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  1. Dana Houle says:

    Guns don’t kill people, house fires armed with guns kill people.

    Other houses in the neighborhood say the house was a loner…

  2. David Hunt says:

    Yeah, because there’s nothing safer than taking live ammunition into a burning building….

  3. Murc says:

    I live with a close enough vantage point to this to see the smoke if I climb up on my roof with my binoculars.

    What the hell happened the last week? I mean, what’s next? Is someone going to storm a police station Terminator style? Because that’s the logical goddamn progression!

  4. The NRA PR Machine says:

    “He causes his sun to rise upon the good and the bad, and he causes it to rain upon the just and the unjust.” We can only prepare for the worst when we are visited by such acts of God. But maybe if those commie queers in Hollywood changed their ways God wouldn’t be so angry!

  5. Clearly the only solution is to have armed police in every home in the nation (paid for by mysterious “cuts to foreign [non-Israeli] aid.”

    Or, if that fails, armed police on every point on a 3 foot-by-3 foot-grid across the entire nation.

    What’s that you say? No, sily! All of the authoritarian fascists are on the left. Ross Douthat said so.

  6. somethingblue says:

    … the foreign aid outlays that constitute 95% of federal expenditures.

    This is one-sided. A truly balanced plan would also propose cuts to the other 5%, which goes to waste, fraud and abuse.

  7. DrDick says:

    I would just like to repeat that John Stuart Mill was far too generous.

  8. Tnap01 says:

    Can anyone think of a video game that doesn’t involve guns or perhaps an 80’s movie from John Hughes that LaPierre can blame this on?

  9. Matt McKeon says:

    Armed guards at every firehouse and to go on every call. There was a shooting at a PA church(IIRC) even while LaPierre was speaking. Maybe armed guards at every church.

    The logical end to this insanity is the nation forming a gigantic circle, all pointing guns at each other.

  10. c u n d gulag says:

    When will firefighters ever learn, that in today’s America, before you start fighting the fire, you need to establish a solid perimeter, and set up some picket’s?

  11. Light Rail Tycoon says:

    Wait, I thought firefighters were trained for firefights?

  12. I suppose it’s appropriate to tell Wayne LaPierrre to die in a fire today?

  13. I can’t WAIT to see what kind of bells-to-the-wall massacree some guntard loon has planned for Christmas Day.

    • Gepap says:

      Well, it would have been kind of hard for him to have killed the two firefighters the same way he was able to kill a blind 92 year old woman. Thankfully the second amendment gave him the opportunity to go out with a bang….

    • Warren Terra says:

      Seventeen years doesn’t necessarily sound like a crazily lenient sentence for murder, though one might quibble, especially since at 30 he was old enough to know better and young enough that he’d get out while still fit. And for damn sure he didn’t get the mental health treatment he needed during that time – but how is beating your 92-year-old grandmother to death with a hammer “manslaughter”?

      • sparks says:

        He did it to the tune “If I Had A Hammer”?

      • Paul Campos says:

        If the prosecutor had gone to a more expensive and therefore better law school, the killer would still be in jail.

        • Speak Truth says:


          Prosecutors are there to make a deal. Any deal that will keep the case from going to trial and won’t totally enrage the community.
          The system of plea bargaining is inherently evil. It allows the guilty to get off with a lesser charge and pressures the innocent to admit to crimes they didn’t commit…all for the convenience of the government.
          Being part of that system is not something to be proud of, Paul.

      • Ronnie Pudding says:

        Old newspaper article gives some detail. No prior record and DA happy with 17 years. 25 was the max.

        • Speak Truth says:

          Yeah, gives the detail that plea bargaining allows murderers to get off with a manslaughter charge.

          Anyone who beats an old lady to death with a hammer, especially one’s own mother, is guilty of murder and should absolutely get be put to death.

          Hands down.

          Maybe some of the crazies like this guy wouldn’t be around if the liberal whiners would get on board with getting rid of those who have demonstrated that they are cold blooded killers.

          Thanks liberals…thanks for nothin’.

          • somethingblue says:

            I like the new troll persona. It has a kind of gritty, Eastwoodish character to it. More like this, please!

            Just a couple of comments:

            1. “one’s own mother” seems like a false step to me. How about “the guy’s own mother”? Or even “the perp’s own mother”?

            2. “should absolutely get be put to death.” Clearly you were going for “get the chair,” and then realized that it’s mostly lethal injection these days. Don’t second-guess yourself like this! The first thought is often the best one.

            A B+ for this overall, but I see a lot of potential here.

          • sharculese says:

            Maybe some of the crazies like this guy wouldn’t be around if the liberal whiners would get on board with getting rid of those who have demonstrated that they are cold blooded killers.

            You mean the type of crazies who throw a pissy tantrum about the tyranny of the state right up until the state promises to satisfy their lust for blood, at which point the adopt an erection visible from fucking space?

            No, those crazies tend to be sanctimonious nitwits who think consequences are for other people.

  14. Taj Mahalo says:

    Everything’s gone straight to hell since Sinatra played Juarez.

  15. Warren Terra says:

    It’s obvious that 300 million civilian-owned handguns, rifles, and shotguns has not sufficed to end this problem. I therefore stand by my now consistently held position that the answer must be hand grenades. If each firefighter was charging into blazing fires with a bandolier of hand grenades, this never would have happened.

    Also: this just proves the old maxim: a firefighter should never bring a fire axe to a firefight.

  16. Bitter Scribe says:

    One of the victims was also a cop, IIRC.

    Too bad he wasn’t a janitor who could have heaved a bucket at the shooter’s knees, per Charlotte Allen.

  17. Speak Truth says:

    In the interest of “fairness”, its important to remember that crazy people who beat their mothers to death with hammers are just people and they deserve a second chance in society.

    The APA will tell you that it was the right thing to do to mainstream the crazies. We all deserve a second chance to kill again, don’t we?

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