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[ 17 ] December 17, 2012 |

I present you the New England Chowder Compendium, consisting of chowder recipes going back to the 18th century.

I recommend a LGM chowder cookoff.

And of course:


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  1. Murc says:

    “Come back here! I’m not through demeaning you!” should be one of the rotating taglines up on top of the front page.

  2. Jeffrey Beaumont says:

    Say it frenchy, “chodah”!

  3. Jesse Milnes says:

    As a hillbilly (from WV) who spends a lot of time of time in Vermont and Massachusetts I have become acutely aware of how I say that sacred word.

    West Virginia is perhaps among the growliest of American states, we have a city called Chrrrlstn which could never be confused with the larger and more picturesque Chahlston somewhat farther south.

  4. calling all toasters says:

    Chowder… the Simpsons? Surely you mean Family Guy.

  5. SEK says:

    I’m not saying this because I already know I’ll win them all, but I think it should be blog policy that all LGM cookoffs must be for cash money.

  6. rea says:

    The flu iis making me feel a bit clammy today, but I don’t think chowder enters into it.

  7. muddy says:

    Once I was ice fishing (VT), and pulled this fish up that was absolutely hideous. Had the front end of an especially ugly catfish, and the back end of an eel. “EEWWW, What in hell is that?” From all over the ice people were shouting out, “It’s a ling!” They could apparently just tell by the disgust in my voice.

    An old man ambled over and asked if I were going to keep it. I said I thought it would give me a nightmare to eat something so ugly. “Makes good chowda” he says, so I made him a gift of it.

    Now “makes good chowda” is kind of an all-purpose phrase we use to denote something ugly.

    • elm says:

      Ling actually tastes pretty much the same as cod. It may be ugly as hell, but it’s good eating. Don’t eat the ling lutefisk, though.

      • Alan Tomlinson says:

        If we’re going to offering up rules about eating, I think we can be a bit broader here. Don’t eat lutefisk.


        Alan Tomlinson

        • elm says:

          Well, certainly that’s also a wise idea. I just didn’t want my endorsement of ling to be viewed as an endorsement of all forms of ling. Wouldn’t want to be responsible for the physical and mental duress caused by eating lutefisk.

  8. Randy says:

    This discussion makes me think of the mid-70s SNL parody of the “King” miniseries. The sketch involved MLK visiting the Kennedys, with the Kennedys offering him bowls of chowdah (“Mahtin–have some chowdah!”).

    • Njorl says:

      As I recall, whenever one of them entered the room, one of the others would be missing, prompting the question, “Has anyone here seen my old friend Martin?” or John, or Bobby, as it went.

      • Randy says:

        I remember seeing a rerun of this episode when I was an intern for a US Senator (Wendell or “Wendy” Anderson). The next Monday, another intern and I had to cover the phones. Teddy Kennedy called the office for some reason, and I had to make a jerk of myself when my cohort was trying to find our boss (“Has anyone here seen my old friend Wendy? Tell him he’s having chowdah with his brothah!”).

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