I was thinking of watching The Grifters again. Instead, I just watched the Rick Warren interview on Piers Morgan. Might as well see the real thing.

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  1. wengler:


  2. Tehanu:

    Yeah, but the “real” thing doesn’t have Annette Bening or J.T. Walsh, does it?

  3. commie atheist:

    Annette Bening. Oh, yes.

  4. Julian:

    As in poker, so too in television/politics – if, after five minutes, you can’t spot the sucker, you are the sucker.

  5. DrDick:

    Somehow this seems an appropriate soundtrack for this thread.

  6. Izzy:

    More than a touch off-topic, but I hope I’ll be forgiven. Surely there are Football (Soccer) fans at LGM: it surely is entirely appropriate that Piers Morgan is an Arsenal Supporter, in much the same way one imagines Darth Vader supports ManU.

  7. timb:

    Annette Benning gloriously disrobed? Oh, very much yes

  8. jon:

    More dissembling than the reverse crawl of a Transformers scene.

  9. Joey Maloney:

    Wake me up when Warren gets beaten with a bagful of oranges.

  10. spencer:

    Or hit in the gut with a baseball bat.

  11. demz taters:

    Or ends up with his head on a stick.

    Too soon?

  12. Thlayli:

    It’s quite amusing when Morgan tweets his reactions to an Arsenal loss, and the #tearsforpiers hashtag starts up.

  13. J. Otto Pohl:

    I would definitely recommend reading Jim Thompson’s Now and On Earth which is largely autobiographical. Unlike his crime novels like the Grifters, the Killer Inside Me, or The Getaway, Now and On Earth focuses on workers in an aircraft plant in San Diego during WWII. Thompson had left Oklahoma where he was involved with the Federal Writers’ Project in a car provided by Woody Guthrie to go to California to take the job. Some how he managed to pass a security clearance despite being a member of the CPUSA. At any rate the novel is well worth reading.

  14. Linnaeus:

    Is supporting Arsenal a bad thing? I suppose I could switch to Aston Villa (my great-grandfather’s team) if they don’t get relegated.

  15. Matt McKeon:

    Piers Morgan is the object of a campaign to deport him because of his pro gun control stance. As was said of H.R. Halderman in another context, “you’ve got people feeling sorry for him. I didn’t think that was possible.”

  16. Bill Cross:

    How can a Gunner fan be for gun control?

  17. Speak Truth:

    One other variable that doesn’t bode well for Piers is he’s a snotty Brit with a heavy accent with radical European-style opinions getting involved in American politics.

  18. Linnaeus:

    Well, the guns are cannons, not handguns or rifles.

  19. BigHank53:

    That word radical you keep using–I do not think it means what you think it means.

  20. DrDick:

    As opposed to your incoherent troglodyte gruntings?

  21. DrDick:

    Words seldom do.

  22. Xenos:

    Also, his getting driven out of the stats for his snottiness and refusal to get bullied by the US arms industry would probably do a lot to revive his career in the UK, where he is considered damaged goods.

  23. Cerys:

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  24. Hogan:

    I like Thompson a lot, and I haven’t heard of that one. Thanks for the tip.

  25. Hogan:

    Yes, snotty Brits with heavy accents have never been accepted by Real Americans.

  26. melior:

    I enthusiastically agree, but would extend this to recommending most everything you can get your hands on by Jim Thompson.

  27. J. Otto Pohl:

    It was his first novel.

  28. J. Otto Pohl:

    Also well worth reading is the biography of Jim Thompson _Savage Art_ by Robert Polito.

  29. Colin Day:

    Preferably, Florida oranges.

  30. Bruce Vail:

    I’m all for deporting Piers Morgan…and Wayne LaPierre.

  31. arguingwithsignposts:

    See also Andrew Sullivan.

  32. The Dark Avenger:

    I’m all for deporting Speak Lies to MS or another southern state where his political grunts will be taken for rational speech.

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