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Foreign Entanglements: Making Patton


On the latest episode of Foreign Entanglements, Nick Sarantakes and I spoke about his latest book, Making Patton:

It’s a very interesting work; we also draw out some implications for more modern war/foreign policy films, and wonder whether anyone will ever make “Petraeus.”

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  • Jonas

    Well, actually, there is an upcoming film about Petraeus that I am really looking forward to. All In: The General Betray-Ass Story.

  • Bruce Vail

    I’ve spent some time in Lexington, Va., and know well that Virginia Military Institute is very proud of its association with Patton.

    Sometimes not mentioned is that Patton dropped out of VMI so he could go to West Point.

    • rea

      You would think that George Marshall and Professor Jackson would be enough for them.

      • Bruce Vail

        If you live in Lexington for awhile, you get the feeling that the community there is very ambivalent about Marshall.

        They have a hard time with the concept of good general who is a Democrat, and who would agree to serve in a wussy job like Secretary of State. And Marshall was a Yankee, after all.

        • Warren Terra

          More than that, from what I’ve read it was a widespread slander in the 40s and 50s that Marshall was at best an acquiescent Stooge of the Commies and at worst an actual Red Agent. Given the regional and social differences in adherence to such fringe-right beliefs, I have to think they were especially common among people associated with the VMI – perhaps not among the faculty, who knew Marshall and knew better, but at least among the families of the students.

  • Andy

    Patton’s been a personal hero of mine ever since he slapped that American-Indian activist lady across the face and said “Snap out of it!”. Patraeus doesn’t even come close

    • Dave

      Very good, subtle, I like it.

    • John F

      Awhile back I saw an interview with one of the two soldiers slapped by Patton (judging by hair and clothing styles I’m guessing it was filmed in the 1960s)… he said Patton apologized twice- the second time was actually sincere after Patton was advised that the soldier in question had in fact been suffering from a PHYSICAL ailment during the time in question- malaria…

  • Njorl

    “Making Patton” could mean something very different from “Making Patton“. I thought it might be about making the image of the man. I started wondering how that book title should be presented so as to avoid confusion. Evidently, the italics toggle off for the title within a title. So it should be Making Patton.

    I now intend to write a play, Chatting about Making Patton based on this video. Then, as an unrelated work, I’ll write a short story about a woman who seduces Patton and blabs about it, same title, no italics.

    My apologies to those who want this minute of their life back.

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