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$23 a vote

[ 15 ] December 3, 2012 |

Josh Mandel finally said something true. If it actually comforts his wealthy benefactors, they’re even bigger marks than I thought. Every time a poll would show the OH-Sen race to be close, I was secretly pleased: it ensured more wingnut dollars would be dumped down this electoral black hole, rather than go somewhere they might have a chance actually mattering.


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  1. Hogan says:

    Ah, but you have to allow for the fact that Republican votes are more valuable than Democratic votes.

  2. Trollhattan says:


    Meg Whitman’s failed California governorship campaign spent $177 million and got 40.9% of the vote. $144 million was her own money (a trap not even Willard fell into–he’s a better grifter than many think).

    At an official vote tally of 4,127,391, she spent $42.88/vote. I’m sure she’ll use those skills to totally turn HP around.

  3. The Dark Avenger says:

    Meg Whitman didn’t learn from California history: With the exception of Der Governator, nobody from Norton Simon to Mr. Huffington to William Randolph Hearst ever got elected to a state-wide post by spending money on the campaign.

    Of course, her sister in failure, Carly Fiorina, suffered from her own self-inflicted blows like the Demon Sheep commercial, a mad attempt to fling dirt at Tom Campbell.

  4. cpinva says:

    at $23 per vote, that would be a really, really nice house, anywhere in ohio. $43 a vote will only get you a nice 2,000sq ft, 4 bed, 2br’s in california.

    location, location, location!

  5. Davis says:

    It’s nice to contemplate how much money Republicans pissed away. I know, $100 million to Sheldon Adelson is chump change, but still…

  6. NonyNony says:

    Josh Mandel has been trying to console his supporters with the wonderful news that his “race was the closest U.S. Senate race in Ohio in 36 years”.

    Okay, I’m not getting why this is supposed to be consoling to his supporters.

    • Hogan says:

      That’s probably because you’re thinking about it.

      • NonyNony says:

        Yeah, maybe. I’m just trying to figure out in what world “hey you spent a lot of money to get us the closest race in Ohio History” is supposed to be consoling. They could have kept their money and still lost.

        I’m trying to figure out if this is some coded way of saying “Hey I did better than Mike Dewine did against Sherrod Brown”. Because I don’t see any other read on it than that.

  7. jeer9 says:

    Every time a poll would show the OH-Sen race to be close, I was secretly pleased

    You were also secretly pleased that polls in Missouri showed the McCaskill/Akin race to be close because primarying McCaskill involved impossible Dem knowledge that the Rs might nominate a crazy wingnut as their nominee. That’s never happened before. Who exactly was cherry-picking their polls?

  8. Fred says:

    So the total is equivelant to what, one year of his 1st George Bush tax cut? He’s got a decade more of those to go.

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