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What Did Bolivia Do to Deserve This?

[ 69 ] November 12, 2012 |

Imagine opening up a box you think will be filled with “Detroit Tigers: 2012 World Series Champions” hats and t-shirts, and instead finding this:

Beth Cox wore a Mitt Romney T-shirt, a cross around her neck and fresh eyeliner, even though she had been crying on and off and knew her makeup was likely to run. A day after the election, she tuned the radio to Glenn Beck and began pulling posters and American flags off the wall.

Her calendar read “Victory Day!!” and she had planned to celebrate in the office by hosting a dance party and selling Romney souvenirs. But instead she was packing those souvenirs into boxes, which would be donated to a charity that sent clothes to South America. Instead a moving company was en route to close down the office in the next 48 hours, and her friends were calling every few minutes to see how she was doing.

Via Rude Pundit. And if you haven’t seen this, then you just don’t understand schadenfreude.


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  1. J. Otto Pohl says:

    The Bolivian army with the help of the CIA killed the Left’s most iconic hero, Che Guevara. Certainly making them take Romney shirts is a fitting punishment? Maybe he can become the new Che regarding t-shirt fashions? ;-)

  2. blowback says:

    It’s a shame that Facebook doesn’t have a hate button.

  3. The Fool says:

    Well, if they couldn’t inflict Romney on American poor people…

  4. vacuumslayer says:

    Robert Farley is a warlock.

    I was JUST posting a link to this story elsewhere. Poor Bethie.

    • timb says:

      It’s unseemly, but I could not stop laughing. I have experience with what she is feeling, but in 2004 I had perspective. She is even more nuts than she was on November 5th

  5. Eric says:

    Maybe it’s to get back at Bolivia for electing Evo Morales?

  6. Blume says:

    Nashville itself had gone for Obama, and 400,000 more people in Tennessee had signed up for food stamps in the last five years to further a culture of dependency

    Or you know, maybe so that they could eat.

  7. Malaclypse says:

    But instead she was packing those souvenirs into boxes, which would be donated to a charity that sent clothes to South America.

    There is a part of me that imagines that a host of money could be made selling Romney Victory! paraphernalia to ironic hipsters. Even more so if you can fashion the Romney gear into a workable bong.

  8. spencer says:

    Hey now – at least the Tigers had a realistic chance at winning, going in.

  9. ScS says:

    What a depressing article.

    This part really depressed me:

    But many other aspects of the division seemed fundamental and harder to solve. There was the America of increased secularism that legalized marijuana. And there was her America, where her two teenage daughters are not allowed to read “Harry Potter” or “Twilight,” and where one of them wrote in a school paper: “God is the center and the main foundation of my family.”

    There was the America of gay marriage and the America of her Southern Baptist church, where 7,000 came to listen on Sundays, and where church literature described marriage as “the uniting of one man and one woman.”

    Since when has our political, cultural, or any other institution been homogenous?

    • arguingwithsignposts says:

      Interestingly, membership in SBC churches (which is always a dodgy number to begin with) has been declining for probably a decade.

    • Malaclypse says:

      Since when has our political, cultural, or any other institution been homogenous?

      The Pretend 1950s.

    • Davis X. Machina says:

      A church that outdraws the Tampa Bay Rays or Pittsburgh Pirates is a very unhealthy development for the Republic.

    • commie atheist says:

      Also depressing was her equating of godliness with not being dependent on government support (at least, if you’re poor – she’s concerned about people on food stamps, but I didn’t read anything about military contractors or subsidized farmers). How the hell did those two things get combine? Is there somewhere in the gospels where Jesus says “Blessed is he lets his children starve, rather than go on the dole?”

    • timb says:

      That passage showed how far that woman has LOOONNNNGGGG been gone from America as exits. She’s just a typical, boring, spolied evangelical, forbidding a pedestrian book series about friendship and fighting evil and an even more banal series written by a goober Mormon about true, unrequited love.

      In her desire to show everyone how much “moral,” she is from the rest of us, she finds she cannot communicate or understand us. Weird…..

  10. CaptBackslap says:

    When I read the original article, I actually felt a little sorry for Beth Cox, until I got to the part where she doesn’t let her kids read Harry Potter or Twilight. If it had just been Twilight, I would have given her a pass on aesthetic grounds.

  11. Fighting Words says:

    Venting time…

    I have a question, and maybe this is the right place to ask (probably not). Who should I hate more: George W. Bush or Mitt Romney?

    The reason I ask is that I don’t think that I have ever hated a presidential candidate in my lifetime as much as I hate Mitt Romney. And that includes Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

    I know the answer should be obvious. President George W. Bush has a whole laundry list of bad deeds: two failed wars, misleading the public about WMD’s, Katrina, torture, No Child Left Behind, tax cuts that depleated the economy, uber-right wing Supreme Court nominees, staffing government positions with incompetents (sp), etc. He was an absolute disaster as a president, and if I could invent a time machine, I would do anything to stop him from being president. But I am pretty sure that Mitt Romeny would be just as bad, or worse, as president. I feel that this country really, really dodged a bullet this past Tuesday.

    I guess what sets George W. Bush above Mitt Romney is that, at least to me, Bush kinda/sorta cared about working people, whereas Mitt Romeny openly despises them. Sure, Bush’s caring about poor people was entirely superficial, and he never actually DID anything to help working class families. But I get the feeling that he just wanted to be one of “the boys.” Mitt Romeny did not even pretend to like working class people.

    I know that both Bush and Romeny would personally despise me, but for different reasons. George W. Bush would think I am some sort of elitist because I live in the SF Bay Area and I don’t engage in arbitrary activities like listening to Country music or watching NASCAR. In George W. Bush’s world, an office worker like me is an elitist – even if I can’t even get my printer to work, while billionaire oil tycoons are “the boys.” Whereas Mitt Romeny would think that I am some sort of failure because I am not super rich, or that I am some sort of moocher because I vote for the Democrats.

  12. JazzBumpa says:

    Something ois seriously wrong with that WaPo article.

    Beth Cox was going to throw a dance and she’s a Southern Baptist?!?

    Gimme a freaquin break.

  13. Karate Bearfighter says:

    This is just the War on Drugs, fought by other means. The Bolivians want to stop spraying coca farms with carcinogens from the air? Fine, let’s see how they like it when we send them 100,000 Mitt Romney t-shirts.

  14. Erik Loomis says:

    This reminds me that every time I travel to a poor country, I dream of seeing a Yankees 2001 World Series title t-shirt I can buy.

  15. Jim Lynch says:

    I spent at least an hour enjoying White People Mourning Mitt Romney’s Humungous Defeat (photo’s & heart wrenching remarks), and could have easily spent a few more.

    I dig schadenfreude.

  16. commie atheist says:

    This is also sad:

    “Virginia went blue? Really?” she said. “Southern-values Virginia?”

    “Southern values?” Is that what they’re calling it these days?

  17. David Mathias says:

    I can think of no better donation to the people of Bolivia than a celebration of the first major arguably Latino candidate for the U.S. Presidency. (Right? Unless there is some weird detail about Franklin Pierce having really been Francisco Perez or something.)

  18. I’ve seen quite a few articles and blog posts like this over the last few days. Apart from the flaming bigots, I don’t really want these people to feel bad. I want them to think “Gee, maybe I’m wrong.” But I haven’t seen anything like that in any of these articles or blog posts.

  19. timb says:

    Has anyone heard of these petitions the fever swamps are now a-flutter? Freaking secession petitions. On the White House website

    Absolutely riotous

  20. Bernard says:

    the mindlessness of the Right has always astounded me. the horror of living in an America that is no longer Republican/ white male segregated/ is now a fact these people can not accept.

    almost makes me weep, for joy! almost.
    schadenfreude is best taken in small doses.

    small enough doses to last for the rest of my life.
    the hell (starting with St. Reagan) that these people subjected this country and the world to that preceeded this “schadenfreude experience” is by far nastier than anything hell i could ever imagine for these reality challenged people.

    i especially love the “Rhodesia” comment. now that is Schadenfreude!

  21. Halloween Jack says:

    I haven’t been indulging in schadenfreude the way that some others have been, but when I saw that this Beth Cox person had decorated the campaign office with a big round thing commemorating W’s inauguration, and had a button thanking W for nominating Alito and Roberts to the Supreme Court, I thought, man, I hope that this burns in her chest like a red-hot coal for the next four years. I want to buy a Barack Obama mask and take a trip down to her neighborhood as often as I can just to do a little dance in front of her.

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