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Vote Supression on the Ground in Florida

[ 45 ] November 4, 2012 |

What happens when voters want to cast in-person absentee ballots in Miami-Dade County? Close the polls for no reason and start towing the cars of people waiting in line.

Republicans will do anything to win this election, including shenanigans both on Tuesday and after to challenge voters, go to court, anything.


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  1. Clark says:

    That’s why I hope my vote for Ralph Nader Jill Stein sends them a message!

    • Joe says:

      I decided to vote Dem for Pres (as a whole, I think he deserves my vote), senator (Gillibrand has turned out to be a good choice), a local pol who actually really opened up an office in the neighborhood to compete with a seedy incumbent (such gumption, down to handing out t-shirts and having weekly BBQs just isn’t done around here) and vote Green for various other local safe seats. Having the right people in local offices in FL probably would matter. Nation-wide, Obama’s (Jill Stein — really no better than Romney!) AG is actually doing stuff to stop voter suppression.

  2. Timb says:

    I read the article and it sounded like a failure of planning with no malice.

  3. c u n d gulag says:

    And let’s not forget the bomb-threats in FL!

    Nothing says, “Don’t vote!” like bomb threats, and the threat of ending up with your head as a hanging bloody human chad.

  4. Davis X. Machina says:

    Extremism in the defense of extremism is no vice.

    Remember what’s at state here, people, and look at who’s in the White House.

    Your voting rights will be returned to you unharmed at the conclusion of the emergency.

  5. DrDick says:

    They know they are losing, not just this election, but the country over the long term and they are desperate to cling to power.

    • dlankerlanger says:

      lets declare that they’re losing after they lose

      • DrDick says:

        Demography will not be kind in the long term and the odds from people like Nate Silver and Sam Wang are that Obama wins and the Dems hold the Senate in the near term. They could still steal it through these kinds of voter suppression measure, but not on honest votes.

  6. jim says:

    They will steal this election regardless of how many people vote for Obama. The Rethugs have it in the bag.

    So make a real statement. Vote Jill Steim.

  7. Major Kong says:

    When you elect a super-villain as your governor you shouldn’t be surprised when he starts building a giant kryponite-powered death ray on top of the state capitol.

  8. scott says:

    In the next 24-36 hours, likelihood that Farley and/or Scott will do a post on Nader or Friedersdorf? Using my special sabermetric statistical model whose secrets I will divulge for a suitably high fee, I estimate the odds at 90.314159265%, although in the interest of science I welcome any other informed estimates.

  9. Cody says:

    “We all knew what the rules were. When you start doing things like that, you’re opening to criticism of favoring one side or the other,”

    Isn’t it pretty much giving up the game when you say “allowing people to vote is partisan?”

    Which side is it that it hurts when you allow people to vote?

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