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Some Election Day Initiatives

[ 31 ] November 6, 2012 |

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  1. tonycpsu says:

    Would it be possible to draft a ballot initiative that would end ballot initiatives, sort of like turning the “three more wishes from the genie” logic on its head? Because that would be fantastic.

  2. Richard says:

    As of the latest poll (yesterday), the initative to modify three strikes by requiring the third strike to be a violent felony is ahead by about 8 points. That doesn’t mean it will win. There are a lot of undecideds and they will probably break in favor of not changing the law. There is no initiative on the ballot to get rid of Three Strikes.

    There is also an initiative to get rid of the death penalty which is doing very well in polling. Will still probably lose but it has gained more votes than any similar vote in the past.

  3. mark f says:

    We also have an assisted suicide measure here in Massachusetts. I haven’t seen any polls but the opposition lobby has been the only public advocacy I’ve seen.

  4. Jeff Fecke says:

    One note: If EJ is correct and the Minnesota anti-marriage amendment gets 51% yes votes, it probably loses. Constitutional amendments in Minnesota require a majority of *all ballots cast* to pass; if a voter leaves the amendment question blank, it’s effectively a “no” vote. That means amendments usually have to hit 53% or so in order to be passed.

  5. rea says:

    Don’t forget the all-important proposal on the ballot here in Michigan to bar the state from allowing Canada to build (and pay for) a bridge to the US absent approval of the voters at at a general election. A sriking example of how money (personified in the billionaire owner of the present bridge) can buy ballot access–we’ll see if it can buy elections.

    • Prop 6 is too crazy even for the Republicans. I guess we could be surprised, but even just the language on the ballot looks more like a billionaire tantrum than anything else. There were “Yes on 6” signs outside my polling place though, so points for effort.

      • Linnaeus says:

        Seriously. When the Republican governor, the state Chamber of Commerce and (most) of the state’s labor community (the Teamsters being an unfortunate exception) is lined up against you, it’s got to be really bad.

        • The Dark Avenger says:

          There has been a history of candidates running for, and losing, California-wide elections, where their only qualification was having made a lot of money, Schwartznegger is the only exception and I think the voters learned from his time as Governor not to repeat the same mistake.

          The latest 2 examples are Demon Sheep Fiorina and Ms. Whitman.

    • Linnaeus says:

      Ugh. If Matty Moroun wins that vote, it’ll be terrible for Michigan.

    • McKingford says:

      I grew up in Windsor, so obviously this has great import – not just for the city, but for trade with Canada generally.

      IT’S A FREE FUCKING BRIDGE! FREE!!! If he gets Michiganders to vote against that, well, I guess you have to tip your hat to the power of money.

      Between stealing public land for his bridge plaza in Detroit, and destroying an entire neighbourhood in Windsor (where he thinks he will land the second span) Matty Maroun is the closest thing to the devil there is.

  6. Sadly it looks like Prop 2 here in Michigan (collective bargaining) is going down (

    “Ballot initiatives to enshrine collective bargaining rights in the constitution (35/55) and to create a state renewable energy standard (31/62) both appear to be headed for pretty lopsided defeats.”

    It’s just one poll, and those are hard to predict anyway, but the anti-2 forces have been really nasty. Oh well, on the plus side it looks like Prop 5 (California style 2/3 majority for tax increased) is also going down, and I might trade that being defeated for the rest of of them anyway.

  7. Joe says:

    MN’s measure seems gratuitous but if the anti-EP brigade wins there, it is a rear guard action that just reaffirms what is already the law there. The MD effort to overrule what the legislature passed would be much more depressing, shades of ’08 CA.

    I would add that “DOMA” should be written in quotes whenever used. Such a b.s. term.

    • Joe says:

      It will put a roadblock for legislative reform but if this passes, the chance of that happening soon is unclear. Taking away a legislative SSM win would to me be noticeably worse. I guess longer term, debatable.

      • I’m somewhat skeptical of the claim that African American voters are really breaking that heavily against the proposal here in Maryland, but either way a) it’s going to be a close vote, b) Maryland will have marriage equality within five years.

        • Jeremy says:

          Yeah, Maine was in the same position of having the voters override the legislature passing a marriage equality bill in 2009, and three years later it looks like the voters will be going the other way (fingers crossed).

          In other ballot initiative news, I hear Alabama has one that would remove segregation from their state constitution. I, for one, stand ready to welcome Alabama into the 1960s.

  8. MAJeff says:

    I’m so worried about the MN vote. My folks are moving from MN to IA this month, but made it a point to stay until after the election to vote on the marriage amendment. I would hate to be too ashamed and angry to return to my home state. Although I’m no longer living there, MN has always been home. This would definitely make it less home-like. It’s difficult to know that a majority of your fellow citizens view you as a lesser human being.

  9. Landru says:

    Uhm, polling on Maryland question 6 has very consistently shown a comfortable edge for pro-equality forces. Turnout is heavy here today, and I’ve a suspicion that’s related to our unusually large collection of ballot questions, but a question on gambling has gotten much more attention than question 6. While the heavy turnout has me mildly concerned about success, Maryland is about as blue a state as there is. There’s absolutely no reason to write marriage equality off in Maryland at this point.

    • Jim says:

      Yeah, I was curious about her analysis that advertising against Question 6 was “heavy.” I’ve seen a few anti-marriage equality ads, but they’ve been pretty well balanced out by pro ads. As you said, the whole thing has been eclipsed by the gambling advertising.

  10. Warren Terra says:

    I just heard about Alabama Amendment 4. Those guys are so screwed.

    Apparently, Alabama’s state Constitution still enshrines Jim Crow in the public schools. An addition to the constitution in 1956, after Brown V Board, stated that the state doesn’t believe there’s a right to public education.

    In 2004, a clean vote to remove both of these stains on the state constitution failed, with 49.9% of the vote.

    This year, there’s an amendment that would remove Jim Crow – but would reinforce the notion that public schools are an abomination.

    The voters of Alabama will look like scum however they vote. Great work, guys!

  11. The California initiative does not eliminate the 3-strikes law. It narrows it so that a third “strike” can only be a violent felony.

  12. Stag Party Palin says:

    You guys are pissants. In Los Angeles we have Proposition B – would mandate inspectors on porn film sets to make sure dudes wear condoms.

    Paid inspectors.

    I’ve already sent in my job ap.

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