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Hopefully This Doesn’t Portend A Notre Dame Win Too


Grudging congratulations to the Argonauts for winning North America’s most important football championship. I am, however, disappointed that we didn’t get a Gordon Lightfoot/Carly Rae Jespen duet at halftime…

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  • Murc

    I thought Gordon Lightfoot was dead until just now.

    For the life of me I don’t know why.

    • Me too. I was going to look him up, but I’ll take your word for it.

      • Go find the clip from MTV’s Remote Control where the girl can win the game if she gets “Dead or Canadian” on Gordon Lightfoot–and guesses wrong.

    • Anonymous

      I thought Gordon Lightfoot was dead until just now.

      You think he just came back to life?

  • Only a Georgia upset on a bad call against Alabama can even give ND a ghost of the Gipper’s chance of a win in the NCG.

    A great (but impossible) matchup in the bowls would be Stanford vs Texas A&M the best 2 loss teams (forget LSU) – with an OT loss to ND and an upset win over Alabama.

    Best news of the day – “At the other end of the standings, No. 17 Kent State (11-1) is just one place away from earning a spot in a BCS bowl after moving up six places this week.”

    I knew Big East conference football had to be good for something.

    • Of course, Kent State wouldn’t actually kick out the utterly unworthy Big East champion, but instead either Kansas State or Oklahoma. Nothing like guaranteed bids to ensure a bowl game literally zero people care about.

      • I think that’s part of the BCS objectives – at least one BCS bowl game no one cares abput (two are even better, maybe).

        However, the ESPN bowl game program states very clearly that there is no bowl game that won’t draw better than a MLB All Star running without any broadcast sports competition.

        “ESPN’s broadcasts of the five (2011 season) BCS bowls dropped 6 percent to an average 8.9 rating — meaning 8.9 percent of U.S. television households were watching.” The 2012 All Star Classic got a 6.8, if you are wondering.

        Plus it makes the rabble appreciate the other games even more.

        If John Lennon was alive to update ‘Working Class Hero’ no doubt ‘sex’ would be replaced with ESPN college bowl games.

  • It was reassuring to me that what Lightfoot sang really was part of his Canadian Railroad Trilogy, as I had suspected while watching and listening.

    The CFL’s Most Outstanding Player this season is from the U of Hawai’i and struggled finding a place in pro football, so I wanted to see how he did on the longer wider Canadian field. Besides, the Packers – Giants game was awful.

  • Stag Party Palin

    Grudging congratulations to the Argonauts

    WTF?? You’d rather see Calgary (city motto: More Okies than Norman) win it? Or is it that the Argos are to the All-Wets what Notre Dame is to USC/Purdue/Navy/BC…… etc., etc?

    I see the Goat & Snail is still edgy; make sure you send in your best tree picture before the 30th.

    • Andrew

      Between Toronto and Calgary, which city has the hip, cosmopolitan, Harvard-educated mayor? And which one has the overweight troglodyte who blows off important council meetings to coach high-school football?

  • Irish with the points and the over

    SEC football fans may be the only people
    more hypocritical and sanctimonious than bishops

    • Scott Lemieux

      SEC football fans

      I’m not sure you you’re talking to here.

  • rea

    I can see her lookin’ fast in her faded jeans
    She’s a hard lovin’ woman, got me feelin’ mean
    We just met, and this is crazy
    But here’s my number, so call me, maybe.
    Sundown ya better take care
    If I find you been creepin’ ’round my back stairs

    • Hogan

      Here’s my number, so call me maybe
      When the gales of November come early.

      • rea

        The wind in the wires made a tattle-tale sound
        and a wave broke over the railing.
        And ev’ry man knew, as the captain did too
        ’twas the witch of November come stealin’.
        To say, “we just met, and this is crazy . . .

  • I am, however, disappointed that we didn’t get a Gordon Lightfoot/Carly Rae Jespen duet at halftime…

    Hope that would happen was the only reason I considered tuning in–and rea wins the thread by noting explicitly WHY.

    Biggest lost opportunity since the Stones didn’t do “Sweet Neo-Con” in Detroit. And one that would have been MUCH more likely to happen.

  • Though I do have to note that “Call Me Maybe is as catchy as conjunctivitis” leaves some hope for journalism as the last refuge of mediocre novelists and worse editors.

    Whether the possibility that the author intended to reference a South Park episode from before Ms. Jepsen needed a training bra is left as an exercise.

  • KadeKo

    Having seen a Francophone rockstar perform at the Grey Cup halftime in Montreal once, I am still a bit amazed they put together a halftime show in Canada without any of the following: Anne Murray, Rush, Bryan Adams, Lenny Kravitz, or one of the singing Bachmanns.

    • Scott Lemieux

      In fairness, BTO (or at least Bachmann — I don’t know if Turner made it) did perform a Jets-themed “Taking Care of Business” in Winnipeg before the opening game…

    • Anonymous

      Or Nickelback. There’s always Nickelback.

    • divadab

      Lenny Kravitz? Lenny Kravitz? Not even any good, let alone Canadian content……

  • Anonymous

    Side Note: If there was one good thing about Notre Dame beating USC, it is that poster child for white privilege and wanker extraordinaire Lane Kiffin is more likely to be fired.

  • cpinva

    if it makes mr. cummings feel any better, there seem to be few americans who know the actual lyrics to the “Star Spangled Banner“. maybe they could get together, and do a duet, mangling both national anthems?

    that rob ford guy would fit in nicely with the GOP, and any city of detroit/washington DC local politician. see, i’ve been saying for years now that the US and Canada should just go ahead and merge! think of the duplication elimination savings alone. that, and it would give the GOP another foreign language (french) to bitch about.

    as well, it would give us a nifty place (the way far northern canada) to ship all those undocumented hispanic immigrants. trust me, they’d think twice or thrice, before crossing that texas border illegally again, after freezing their asses off in just-below-the-arctic canada for a while! plus, we’d get some really nice new, colorful and artistic paper currency, spice up the stodgy old greenbacks. i’m not sure what canada would get out of the deal, that they don’t get already, maybe better pizza?

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