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Happy Birthday to the Monkey Cage!

[ 2 ] November 20, 2012 |

On behalf of Lawyers, Guns and Money, let me wish a very happy fifth birthday to the Monkey Cage. John Sides and company have done a wonderful job of bringing political science to the blogosphere in a compelling, digestible manner. I have my differences with how John characterizes the relationship between blogging and political science, which are detailed in a forthcoming article at PS. Nevertheless, it would be absurd not to celebrate the contribution that the Monkey Cage has made in the last five years.  Let’s hope for many more!


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  1. Manju says:

    Great place to discover that you don’t know everything you know.

  2. Loli says:

    Chris, love your blog. I have only one criticism. You young’uns are using way too llitte contrast in your text compared to background. I have a very hard time reading your blog without pushing my face into the monitor. And in Firefox, I cannot use ctrl + more than once before the entire template goes out of whack. (I’ve not had this problem elsewhere.)What say you add a bit more black ink to your text? My eyes unfortunately seem to have become poorer in the past 2 years.thanks, man

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