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Food and Poverty

[ 5 ] November 14, 2012 |

This month’s Sidney Award went to Jina Moore for her excellent article on poverty in modern America. Asking what is poverty, Moore notes that no one can agree on it. But a really good definition of poverty is lack of access to a healthy variety of food. Variety matters here–in the United States choice is so ingrained in our culture that without it, you are almost automatically defined as poor. Eating canned peas 20 straight days is not only monotonous and dispiriting, but also a mark of class. Really good piece.

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  1. MFA says:

    “…a really good definition of poverty is access to a healthy variety of food. ”

    Lack of access, I should think.

  2. JoyfulA says:

    I always sneer at conservatives who think a household with a refrigerator and a color TV can’t be poor. Anything a person can get from without paying a nickel can’t make a person not poor.

    And a great article.

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