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Election Day Linkage


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  • Aw, man, I didn’t realize that Hard Times Cafe owner meant the name of his restaurant chain as a reflection of his political agenda. That’s depressing to learn.

    • Cody

      I was waiting for them to say “77-yr old Jim Bob, who is currently living off Medicare and Social Security, said that if Obama won it would be because of people who don’t pay taxes”

      But alas, no such striking example of irony was present.

  • TT

    I skimmed the Walsh colon cleanse over at DeLong’s shop. That’s a dude who appears to have some….issues? Is “issues” even the right word for whatever produces that kind of weapons-grade insanity?

    The only thing that makes conservatives even angrier and more bitter than losing is winning.

    • Uncle Kvetch

      Not wishing to visit NRO I checked DeLong’s excerpt, and boy howdy, you ain’t kidding:

      and now, so close to realizing the ultimate expression of “critical theory” — that everything about America stinks — they and their media allies are doing their best to swing one last election for Obama

      Chest-thumping machismo meets rampaging paranoia. Two great tastes that taste great together!

      • Uncle Kvetch

        OTOH, I did just learn that Bull Connor was a progressive, so I have to thank Walsh for that.

        • Scott Lemieux

          Jeez, and he didn’t even talk about Lifetime Grand Wizard of the KKK Hugo Black. A disappointing performance.

      • mark f

        N.B., Walsh looks like a Team America-version-of-Matt-Damon version of Peter Gallagher.

    • parrot

      for some types of written insanity, the ‘rhetoric’ will make more sense if you screw on your inner jesse ‘the body’ ventura voice as you read …

  • NBarnes

    Goddess, I loathe Andrew Jackson. I’m glad that Walsh’s ideas have negative predictive value, but it’s still offensive.

  • Nice Todd Snider reference to a great song (disregard if “knows who Republicans will like to blame” is just a coincidence).

    • Scott Lemieux

      Nope, not a coincidence. Hell, let me add the video.

  • rea

    Michael Walsh prediction–After the Democrats lose, they will force Elizabeth Warren to walk to Oklahoma . . .

  • mark f

    From NRO:

    In The Graduate (1967), protagonist Benjamin (Dustin Hoffman) receives a one-word piece of precious advice for his future. “Plastics!” whispers a friend of his parents, and the Republican future in 2012 could easily turn on another mysterious p-word: “Pennsylvania!”

    Smart analogy.

    I get the feeling Medved will spend tomorrow hiding at the bottom of a swimming pool.

    • Scott Lemieux

      As Wanda remarked in A Fish Called Wanda (1988), “I’ve worn dresses with higher IQs. But you think you’re an intellectual, don’t you, Medved?”

      • mark f

        I might finally have to see that movie.

  • Erik Loomis

    Glad to see that the NRO is embracing the Panic of 1837 as its economic policy.

  • I want to know how Rick Venema of COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VIRGINIA is spending this election day.

    • Scott Lemieux

      Hanging out at the WORLD’S BIGGEST ARBY’S, I hope.

  • Karen

    I read at the WaPo website that early voting was down well below ’08 numbers, meaning we’re screwed no the polls were all wrong. Can anyone make me feel better about this?

  • Halloween Jack

    I like Jen Sorensen. Her explanation of Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize makes perfect sense.

    • Scott Lemieux


  • Murc

    “Mandate” is a Latin term meaning “bullshit.” One thing you have to give George W. Bush (first term) credit for — you have a “mandate” to the extent that you have the votes in Congress, the end.

    I put this on ‘list of nice things that we can’t have anymore because of Republicans.’

    I always interpreted ‘mandate’ to mean ‘you campaigned on a specific set of issues and legislative priorities, and won. Not only won, but won with an impressive margin and possibly impressive coattails. Therefore, the various institutions of our country, including the media, will regard your agenda as having been blessed by the American people. You will be given the benefit of the doubt as you pursue it and it will have the presumption of legitimacy.’

    This is a perfectly good way of doing things that I support, because it dovetails nicely with the idea that if you win, you get to govern.

    But that’s not how it’s used these days.

    These days when people say ‘mandate’ what they often mean is ‘I am worried we might lose, so I’m attempting to pre-emptively de-legitimate my opponent by claiming that they won’t win a mandate even if they win the election, regardless of whether or not its true.’

    This isn’t ALWAYS bullshit. If you run on one agenda and suddenly pivot to a different one, you can be said to not have a mandate. If you win in a weak or manner (losing the popular vote, winning a tiebreaker in the house because of malapportionment, the Supreme Court steals the election, etc.) there’s an argument to be made that your mandate is weak.

    Basically Republicans took a perfectly useful concept and ruined it.

    • mark f

      How does that differ from “your mandate is what Congress will agree to”?

      • Murc

        … because what Congress will and will not agree to can potentially change depending on if the legislative agenda of the President is perceived as having broad popular support and legitimacy, which is reinforced by other major institutions perceiving this as well?

        Granted, that’s not as much the case these days as once it was, as there seems to be a much higher number of congresscritters who don’t give a shit about things like that, but its not NOTHING.

        • mark f

          This seems tautological. If the president has coattails then the new congress will reflect that “mandate.” If not, what’s his claim? It just sounds like George Bush’s “political capital” talk to me. Sure, the president just by being president sets an agenda of sorts — Congress is going to proceed according to how he’s going to act on it sends to the White House, though not necessarily with getting his signature in mind — but how often does an opposing congress acquiesce to his priorities? How would that work in practice?

    • Wido Incognitus

      Man, it’s good to have as many people voting for your candidate as possible. That’s really the only reason to vote, because there’s is simply no chance that your single vote will matter, even if you live in a swing state.

      • Wido Incognitus

        I should explain that I use this as a defense of the importance of a mandate, from a certain point of view.

  • Davis

    I remember the geniuses at NRO just before the 2006 midterms predicting the Republicans not only retaining the House, but gaining seats. Of course, their credibility with their readers is undimmed.

    • Wido Incognitus

      “The math”!

  • Anonymous

    ” A vote for Romney tomorrow is a vote for a restoration of the old Jacksonian — Andrew, that is…”

    Versus what, Michael or Tito?

    • Scott Lemieux


      • catclub

        Scoop. Wild eyed liberal. To them.

    • Cody

      I always vote based on winning the Presidents of History knife fight.

      In this sense, if Romney is Andrew Jackson I may have to reconsider my vote…

      Otherwise, Obama’s athletic talents (although meager) give him a large lead over Romney.

  • Wow, the Perlstein article on fleecing the rubes was TERRIFIC. I really had no idea that the right wing noise machine continues to get people to buy into weird get rich quick schemes and find miracle cures for cancer for just 23 cents a day. It was very interesting how he tied these things together and connected them to Romney’s ability to lie so seamlessly.

    • mark f

      Oh, watch Fox for 30 minutes during the day. All the commercials are for gold, reverse mortgages and catheters.

      • Scott Lemieux

        No ads for Reagan commemorative coins anymore?

  • Thlayli

    It’s great that Miami decided to give a truckload of money to one of the biggest assholes in the known universe….

    … but enough about LeBron James.

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