A Turd Blossom’s Desperation is a Wonderful Thing

I alluded to it briefly last night, but if you missed it Karl Rove’s agitation over Fox News conceding the obvious was all kinds of awesome. Everyone knows that Fox News is supposed to call elections prematurely for Republicans, not call them correctly for Democrats. He was lied to!

It’s also worth noting that Romney tried out the “it’s not a lie if you believe it” campaign strategy beloved by Karl Rove, Real Man of Genius, pointlessly wasting resources in no-hope states like Pennsylvania and Minnesota to gin up confidence among particularly hapless rubes. But without inept ballot design and a third-party sabotage campaign to help him “win” the tipping point state, the silliness of this strategery becomes rather more obvious. But, in fairness, if you need to get a Republican elected in Alabama, Rove is brilliant enough to pull it off for you.

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  1. Malaclypse:

    That picture makes me unbelievably happy.

  2. Todd:

    Townhall.com is also a particular exercise in incredulity this morning. They link to a video of “crazed” (and multi-ethnic!)Obama supporters celebrating in front of the White House. Welcome to your zombie future, America! Buyer’s remorse, indeed!?

  3. parrot:

    though i’m meeting-adverse, i wouldn’t mind being a fly-on-the-wall for the strategy-and-tactics follow-up meetings with rove, koch brothers, et al … down at the dq-putt-putt-country club … a thousand turds will blossom … it’s those cain marked people with vaginas that done it …

  4. rea:

    Rove will be weeping bitter tears all the way to the bank.

  5. actor212:

    I loved Kelly’s comment about “Math that you like” or some such.

    When you lose FOX, you lose the world, when you’re a right winger.

  6. laslo:

    Uncle Karl is laughing all the way to the Caymans. He vacuumed millions from his billionaire friends’ wallets and will suffer none of the consequences of his grift. Win, win.

  7. actor212:

    So who won the pool????

  8. Craigo:

    Karl Rove: You can’t call it when Obama’s only leading by 900 votes!

    At that moment, Fox was showing a margin of 30,000.

  9. TT:

    Not remotely close to the comeuppance his disgusting career so richly deserves, but I’ll definitely take what I can get.

  10. Increase Mather:

    And Rove doesn’t have David Broder to stand up for him any more.

  11. ploeg:

    If memory serves, most of the Republican areas had reported by that point, while Democratic areas such as Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) were outstanding. If you’re tied at that point, you’re done.

  12. DrDick:

    Indeed! Perhaps the pinnacle of my joy this election.

  13. Craigo:

    Not just Cleveland, but Toledo, and Dayton…it’s also why Sam Wangs commenters were calling Virginia for Obama way ahead of the networks, when Romney still led by three points and most of the precincts in.

  14. PSP:

    That thump thump you heard last night was the republican party throwing Mitt under the bus. Within minutes, the other Fox talking heads were saying Romney ran a horrible campaign and praising Jeb Bush.

  15. Jameson Quinn:

    I think it might be me. We can’t be sure yet though. I’m holding off on browsing the merch.

  16. Craigo:

    I’m still waiting for them to look at the Hispanic vote and coronate Marco Rubio.

  17. Cody:

    So did Jeb Bush win the intra-party battle then?

  18. parrot:

    but he does have teh donald …

  19. elk:

    I particularly enjoyed how he kept harping on what the numbers on the OH SoS’s website said.

  20. Jason:

    I bet the whole thing–Rove’s doubts, Megyn Kelly’s walk of shame, etc.–was theater. Rove knew what he was saying was wrong. He was enacting the rancor, irrationality, and contempt for expertise of his core audience, and he was doing it for their benefit. That he ended up being absurdly wrong makes him look a fool to us. To the rubes he fleeces, it makes him a hero: denying reality, if reality is the reelection of a black president, just shows the purity of your rage and resentment.

  21. Jameson Quinn:

    Right now, the popular vote stands at 51.1 of the two-way. Third parties probably pulled around 0.6, so that would make it 50.8. Outstanding returns are mostly urban and/or western, so say Obama pulls 2/3 of 3% outstanding, that would put it at 51.3. Under that (optimistic) scenario, I’d win.

    Here are the 332 predictions:
    me: 51.6, +20.5
    mattc: 51%, +20% (mattc’s map had 332, but his comment says 303.)
    Bear Wilner-Nugent: 50.8, +18.3
    scott: 50.8, +20.8
    bobbyp: 52.03, +17.025%

  22. Jameson Quinn:

    cont’d (sorry, misclick):
    gakke: 50.23, +13.9
    SpiderBad: 50.9, +19.3%

    >= 51.3, I win
    51-51.2, mattc (if you go by his map not his numbers)
    50.9, SpiderBad.
    50.6-50.8, scott
    otherwise, gakke.

    If you used the average error of the two tiebreakers, it would almost certainly be scott in first and me in second place.

    If I win, can I trade my merch for a top-level post on voting system reform?

  23. gmack:

    Amen brother.

  24. Marc:

    I actually took it different. We were flipping between MSNBC and Fox, because wingnut tears are sweet indeed to savor. And we caught the whole thing live.

    I always thought of him as a cynic duping the gullible. But it was crystal clear to me that he genuinely believed the delusions that he was spouting. This was an “Eastwood loses to empty chair” meltdown.

  25. Marc:

    I’d add that the numbers guys in the back gave him a beautiful putdown. Their entire message was “for Chrissakes, we just called Ohio for a Democrat and we work for Fox News. Of course we’re certain…”

  26. Craigo:

    Oh, such understatement. Beautiful.

  27. Keaaukane:

    Does Jeb still have a 6 month date in DC with Rubio to magically fix immigration? Or did that get canceled?

  28. The Dark Avenger:

    Same goes for political strategists: never confuse your own talking points for the truth, don’t start believing that everyone out there in the voting booths is seeing the world the way you do. The GOP has, I think lost sight of this simple wisdom. They’re smoking what they’re dealing.


  29. DrDick:

    I am also enjoying all the money squandered by the Kochs, Rove, and the US CoC trying and failing to elect reactionary reprobates.

  30. Colin:

    This is correct. I had to hear a talk by a former Bush campaign coordinator who is very close to Rove last week, and the speaker said Rove had Romney winning with 279. I think he (and said speaker) really believed it.

  31. BobS:

    I understand your ongoing bitterness toward Nader, but you continue to write about the 2000 Florida election as if the purging of well over 10000 voters never happened. But go ahead and indulge your grudge- meanwhile the Republican strategy of voter suppression continues.

  32. STH:

    Well, the thing is, in that video, she’s telling the cameraman behind her to come with her, but they’re filming her from the front, so there’s already a camera down where the stats guys are. Do they just keep a camera and operator down there all the time? I suspect it was staged.

  33. Joseph Slater:

    Yeah, those of us living in Ohio (in my case, Toledo) knew the race was over when we saw the close numbers from the red parts of the state. When the Rove thing was happening, we were all “Cuyahoga and Lucas County are the main ones missing? Open the NEXT bottle of celebratory wine, baby!”

  34. StevenAttewell:

    So I think I come in third?

  35. burritoboy:

    True. But I have a sneaking suspicion that the boys with the billions will not be forgetting Rove’s cons anytime soon. You really don’t want to make those kind of enemies if you can avoid it.

  36. James E. Powell:

    Bitterness toward Nader and the dullards who voted for him in 2000 will never go away because it brought us the disaster of the Bush/Cheney administration. If you are among those who decided Bush/Cheney was an acceptable price to pay for your moral purity to remain intact, fine. But you are going to wear the jacket for the rest of your lives.

    And it isn’t indulging a grudge, it’s pounding an object lesson.

  37. actor212:

    Any chance for a linky to the original post. I know I had over 330, but I might have had 335.

  38. flounder:

    As much as I enjoyed Rove freaking out, I have to say I much more enjoyed how Fox went from flogging the fact that Romney was ahead in the popular vote (complete with large popular vote tally chyron) to disappearing said chyron and stopping any mention of popular vote after the D-heavy west coast states started reporting.

  39. RhZ:

    That camera in front was there before she left the set, I believe.

  40. RhZ:

    Did you see what the Fox stats guys said? They said that Ohio goes for Obama because of Cleveland and Toledo.

    Therefore, all credit goes to Cleveland and Toledo. They won the election. Nothing else matters. That’s your logic.

    So, you all owe me a beer. Even though I sent in a provisional ballot which hasn’t been counted yet.

    And I did vote for Nader in Ohio in 2000, and I do not regret it one bit.

    Suck on them apples.

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