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Everything you wanted to know about flying the F-35B:

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  • Sly
    • BigHank53

      I’m pretty sure that those missile warheads don’t contain a tenth of the explosive you’d need to knock down an overpass. Reinforced concrete is tough–there’s a reason they make bunkers out of the stuff.

      • Major Kong

        I didn’t see the movie, but air to air missiles have a 25 – 50 pound warhead, designed for fragmentation. Wouldn’t do much to a bridge except strip some paint off it.

  • Nemo_N

    Why did Die Hard 4 felt so “small” compared to the others? I want to blame the CGI/Green Screen thing but I’m not sure that’s it.

    • Some Guy

      No, that sounds reasonable.

    • BigHank53

      Can you remember who the villain was? I can’t. Consulting Wikipedia tells me Timothy Olyphant played some kind of diabolical super-hacker bent on stealing everyone’s data. For a tenth the effort he could have opened an investment bank and earned a few billion dollars.

      Boring villain = boring movie.

  • wengler

    Pfff. Like an English guy is going to try to do cool shit in a F-35.

    • ajay

      Given that English guys invented the vertical take-off fighter… yeah, probably.

      • Walt

        Generally when somebody is doing a parody of the provincial American, there is no need to explain that they’re being provincial.

  • UberMitch

    I appreciate the subtitles; that guy was speaking American with a weird accent that made him hard to understand.

  • allium

    Yeah, well jumbo jets weren’t intended to crash, and yet they tried this as a test.

    Forever’s a long time, buddy!

    • rea

      A 727 isn’t a jumbo jet

      • Major Kong

        True. It’s even relatively small by narrow-body standards.

        I loved flying them, however. Fast, handled like a fighter, rode like a Cadillac. Built like a tank.

        You could cruise it at .90 mach and still slow it down enough to land on a short runway.

  • Jason

    So you can add “True Lies” and “Avengers” to the list of liars, then…

  • asdf

    At this very moment posters on The National Review The Corner are saying Obama is a traitor because he didn’t send fighter jets to Benghazi to rescue Ambassador Stevens.

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