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Vote Romney!


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  • Binders Full of Women sounds like a 1970’s Italian Giallo flick. I’d watch it.

    • herr doktor bimler

      To my mind, more the 2002 German thriller Tattoo.

  • Warren Terra

    In the middle of the debate, there was already a Tumblr of these

    • Visitor

      Oh yes! Love the first one (now must scroll way down), even if it’s ahistorical. (Romney was Gov a while ago now.)

    • My favorite is the “Nobody puts baby in a binder” one.

    • Matthew

      The Arrested Development one was so perfect that I just stopped there.

    • mark f

      I was alive before the Internet. It was a sad time.

    • Warren Terra

      “If you liked it you shoulda put three rings on it (binder full of Single Ladies)”

      So. Great.

    • herr doktor bimler

      Has anyone phopped a Romney / Jame Gumb combination yet?

    • r. clayton

      Wow, I didn’t know Molly Katzen had a third cookbook.

  • I thought that answer tied in well to the themes of Romney’s campaign.

    Dating services can make use of these binders full of women, which would create thousands of jobs. And the marriages resulting from those dates would prevent gun violence. And crack down on China’s manipulation of our mail-order bride markets.

    Romney ’12: Every Binder Full of Women. For America.

  • mds

    The Bad Lip Reading people just threw their remote across the room. Because “Binders full of women” was supposed to be their line.

    • Dirk Gently

      How is it that this guy is allegedly a job creator? First the writers at The Onion, now this…

      • Can’t find the transcript but there was a great transition in there from Romney: “…because unemploment is high. And I know how to make that happen.”

        • He keeps saying that he “knows how to make it happen,” but when did he ever make it happen? Does he give examples?

          He’s never had his hands near the national government. If he wants to go be a job creator by running or starting a company, he ought to go do it.

          • Malaclypse

            Does he give examples?

            I can give an example. We were 47th in the nation for job creation when Mittens was governor.

            • Cody

              That wasn’t his fault! You can’t hold him responsible for a nationwide recession already going on while he’s on office.

              Unless we’re talking about a Democrat, in which case it’s totally cool to blame it on him.

              • Malaclypse

                See, actually, you can – in a nationwide recession, there was no reason for our relative position to go to shit.

                Mittens 2012 – Because I Know How To Make Recessions Worse.

                • Bill Murray

                  the extraction states do go up in most recessions, so somebody has to go down

  • Warren Terra

    It seems relevant to gender politics that this site is currently being funded by a banner ad saying “Stay Up to Date With Michelle” [Bachmann], parsed to highlight “Date With Michelle”. It’s really odd, though at least it’s not a glamour shot.

    • Cody

      When I logged on from home last night… there was a Mitt Romney ad on the right.

      It was glorious.

    • JL

      Most of the ads that I get on this site are right-wing. I don’t understand it at all.

      • Cody

        From my understanding, they choose which ads to show. And they get a sick pleasure out of knowing Mitt Romney is paying them to influence people who read this blog and have a snowball’s chance in hell of actually voting for him.

        Unless Mitt Romney ads start showing up that say “Vote for Mitt; I’ll get you single payer by heightening the contradictions!”

  • thebewilderness

    According to the Mittster
    Women will solve the gun violence problem in America by getting married before they have babies and flexible hours for women will make it possible for them to go home and cook dinner for those babies so they won’t mind getting seventy cents on the dollar.
    Isn’t he a swell guy?

  • herr doktor bimler

    Shirley a reference to the 1959 Fritz Leiber story “A Deskfull of Girls”.

    • Fritz Who?

      • herr doktor bimler

        ZRM to the naughty corner!

      • Warren Terra

        Your homework assignment is to read all the Fafhrd And Mouser stories. So awesome, and inexplicably not a movie franchise.

        I admit, I don’t think I’ve read much if any other Fritz Leiber.

        • Julian

          Let’s just be clear – when they make and ruin the Fafhrd & the Grey (Gray?) Mouser stories into movies, I am going to blame you.

          Is that fair? No. But it’ll happen.

          • Warren Terra

            They can’t ruin the books. They can fail them, but they can’t ruin them. Take Earthsea or Dune for examples. And who knows, they could get it right …

          • thebewilderness

            I will blame you to but I would still have a happy!

        • Pestilence

          I should have such an awesome assignment.

  • rea

    Gaffe! Gaffe!

  • lurker
    • But when did that ever stop him from saying it?

      Seriously, I can’t recall a presidential candidate who flat out lied as much as Romney does.

      Does no one in the corporate press/media think that this is an important point?

      • wengler



  • Pepper

    it is very scary to be an american today because to be rep u must b one of the 3 rs rich racist or retarded(as in slow). I will take all pc fanitics as a given

  • ckc (no kc)

    …what can be bound can also be shredded

  • tsam

    “I know how to create millions of jobs…”
    “Government doesn’t create jobs.”
    So if we elect him to a government job, he will create millions of jobs by not creating jobs. Seems legit.

    • As a guy who spent his entire business life doing his best to reduce the number of jobs for the companies he bought, scaveneged for value, and sold off as scrap.


    • Also, I am constantly amazed at Republicans who continually claim that gubmint is the source of all evils in the country, yet are shit-fire eager to get a job within that same gubmint.

      I think if they really want to downsize, they should all resign immediately. Shows commitment and intellectual rigor.

    • rea

      “I know how to create millions of jobs…”

      “Elect me, or I’ll return to Bain Capital, and downsize millions of jobs . . .”

    • Cody

      Yes, this is the most annoying thing of his whole campaign. He constantly bags on Obama for thinking the government can create jobs, and immediately afterwards claims that by electing him to the government millions of jobs will be created.

      How can people not see when he flip-flops from the beginning to the end of a single paragraph?

  • tsam

    They could save money by taking a pay cut and using a 401k for their retirement. I think I just felt a condescending pat on the head. Shitty pay and a retirement that props up the stock market and falls with it are for YOU people. I’m such a silly prole.

  • SEK

    A fact-checker from the Washington Post wrote to inform me that I’d misspelled “women’s.” I don’t know why, but I’m going to assume it’s because I’m awesome.

    • Warren Terra

      How could they be sure you didn’t mis-spell “Wimminz”?

    • NonyNony

      A fact-checker from the Washington Post wrote to inform me that I’d misspelled “women’s.”

      From the image:


      Welp, at least it was a fact checker not a grammar checker.

      (If he/she had said you’d misspelled the word “paperz” because clearly those binders were full of paper instead of women, then your facts would truly have been checked.)

      • Cody

        Are you surprised? These are the same people fact-checking Romney’s debate.

    • Bill Murray

      there should be a y in there

  • Sherm

    No one has made such an ass of himself at Hofstra since Rich Kotite was coaching the Jets there.

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