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Today’s Twenty-Six Seconds Hate


It’s been eighteen years; we’ve won eight games in a row, each by 17 points or more; the coaches of both teams now explicitly play down the rivalry. Isn’t it time to retire this clip?

The answer is no. See you at 10:30pm, Huskies fans; it’s so much better when you have hope.

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  • Timb

    Uh, Robert, in real sports news, the Reds play tonight and they need you more than the worst team sport ever conceived and played by children need you

    • Robert Farley

      Jesus invented picture-in-picture for a reason.

    • RobNYNY1957

      There’s such a thing as “real sports news”? I guess you learn something every day.

  • Keaaukane

    If we are going to discuss college football, could somebody explain why there are 10 teams in the Big 12 conference, and 12 teams in the Big 10?

    Go Ducks! But the Beavers will get you at the Civil War.

    • spencer

      could somebody explain why there are 10 teams in the Big 12 conference, and 12 teams in the Big 10?

      For the same reason Texas Christian is in the Big East conference.

      • Matt

        For the same reason Texas Christian is in the Big East conference.

        It’s not, though- it’s in the Big 12. (It pulled out of the Big East before playing a game.) Supposedly BSU will be in the Big East next year (for football), and it’s even further west than TCU. As for the numbered conferences, it’s a brand thing, though of course they haven’t all had the same name for that long- the PAC 10 was the PAC 8 (or whatever) not that long ago, before Arizona and Arizona State joined (if I’m remembering correctly.)

        • Keaaukane

          It’s Pac 12 now, after they acquired my favorite team, Colorado. OK, the Buffs have sucked for last decade or so, but they still have the coolest mascot EVER!

          But what I was asking about is why the other conferences don’t match the number in their name to the actual number of teams, as was sort of traditional.

          • Linnaeus

            As Matt says, it’s a brand thing. College football is more heavily marketed than it once was.

        • rea

          You have to remember that “Pacific” in this context refers to the team’s defense, not the ocean.

    • Joe

      If the Dallas Cowboys can be an “eastern” team, there can be some flexibility.

      • Matt

        Yeah, it’s not just college football, or even football- the Atlanta Braves were in the NL West for a long time, before the switch to the division format. How a team in a state the borders the Atlantic Ocean was a founding member of the NL West I don’t know, but they were.

        • Hogan

          They were in Milwaukee at the time.

          • Hogan

            oops–no they weren’t. Moved in 1966, divisions in 1969.

            • Njorl

              I figure no one thought they would last in Atlanta.

      • Hanspeter

        And Winnipeg is in the NHL Southeast division…

  • mhaber

    This bit from today’s Sac Bee might not mean anything to most people, but those who get it will understand why Cal fans are Duck fans today:

    “While Tedford headed back to the Bay Area, Lupoi that night zipped to north Sacramento for an unscheduled visit with Cal’s other prized target, safety Shaq Thompson of Grant. Lupoi urged Thompson to switch his verbal commitment from Cal and join him in Seattle, which he eventually did.”

    (OTOH, Lupoi’s backstabbing delivered Arik Armstead to the Ducks, so maybe you should thank him.)

  • If I were you, this would be my ringtone for the next decade, at least.

  • Scott Lemieux

    Well, you could switch things up by posting some footage from Oregon’s national championship season. Oh wait, sorry!

    • Linnaeus


      • Robert Farley

        I suspect the Ducks may manage a National Championship before the next Expos World Series…

        • Linnaeus

          That is far more likely, I will grant you that.

  • Linnaeus

    Woof. That is all.

    • Marek


  • KLG

    Guess that was before Phil Knight was designing the Ducks’ uniforms in his spare time?

    • Anderson

      Yep. The clip reminds us their uniforms didn’t always suck.

      When does the mascot get to wear the new colors? Or does he already, and I just can’t find him on the sideline in his ninja outfit?

    • I’m waiting for the Joan Rivers show on E! about Oregon uniforms on the green carpet, then I’ll make up my mind.

      To my untrained eye, the Ducks always look over accessorized but then I’m not color blind.

  • Colin Day

    Could you provide some context with clip? What was the score before the interception? How much time was left?

    • Robert Farley

      Ducks lead 24-20. 1:09 left in the game.

      • Colin Day

        Thank you.

      • bmusgrave

        What happened for the next 18 years or so after this play?

  • Col Bat Guano

    As a Husky fan, I wish there was some long string of victories following that play I could taunt you with, but, alas, I cannot. And since Oregon managed to finally win its first Rose Bowl since 1917 this year, I’ve got nothing.

  • Congrats for euthanizing the Huskies.

    With LSU fading, South Carolina looks pretty good. Which may be premature with Spurrier’s team going to Death Valley next week.

    If Alabama stumbles, this may be the year for some non-SEC team like Oregon to sneak through. Not predicting, just hoping.

    Could be fun to see a West Virginia-Oregon matchup – that could put the field on tilt.

  • Joe

    Isn’t it time for playoff picks? Congrats to the Reds. Picked some time to be down a starter!

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