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“This was probably scrubbed by a brown person. Let me help you clean that.”


Paul Ryan’s committed to doing work that doesn’t need to be done because someone has to do it. Or something:

Is there anything more odious than conservatives pretending to do the work of a class for which they don’t care one whit in order to secure the votes of those who spit on the very people these conservatives are pretending to be?

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  • Shorter: “Is there anything more odious than conservatives?”

  • joel hanes

    That charity, the Mahoning County St. Vincent De Paul Society, did not want to be used by the Romney/Ryan campaign, and had not given permission to be so used — apparently one of the volunteers let the campaign people in.

    Ryan did not actually scrub any dishes at all; he posed.


    h/t John Cole at Balloon Juice

    • TimE

      It would make me feel slightly better about the American body politic if this story received even a fraction of widespread play so that Mister Ryan would get the sound mocking that he deserves.

      I’m going to get another glass of wine.

    • joel hanes

      I see that SEK’s “or something” link leads to a Wonkette article that cites the same material. I regret not noticing before I commented.

      • SEK

        This is the Internets. No regrets!

    • Halloween Jack

      Not surprised that he’s just a poser. I don’t care how waterproof your watch is supposed to be; if you don’t take it off before doing serious scrubbing, you’re an idiot and/or not really doing any work.

      • JL

        Eh, disagree with this (except for the part where Ryan is a poser). I generally wear my watch while scrubbing dishes. I also wear it in the shower, the pool, and the ocean. I’ve been wearing waterproof Timex watches since I was a kid and each one that I’ve had has lasted about 5 years before dying, even with the conditions that I wear them in.

  • thebewilderness

    It is an excellent metaphor for his valiant efforts as a Congresscritter. He fixes what isn’t broken and cleans up what isn’t dirty.

    • SEK


    • NonyNony

      And the fact that he’s doing it in a soup kitchen probably works into that metaphor too. Not only is he doing something utterly useless, but he does it in a way that exploits people to make it look like he’s helping them when he’s providing no help at all.

      Actually not a great metaphor, since his fake dish scrubbing probably isn’t actively harmful while his career in Congress is.

      • Anonymous

        I’m sure he used some toxic cleanser and failed to rinse properly, just to ensure the aptness of the metaphor.

      • Offsides

        10-1 the soup kitchen receives government funds that were cut in his budget bill that the House GOP passed overwhelmingly.

    • DrDick

      Also the fact that he is a total fraud at everything he does.

  • It’s no wonder Romney and Ryan are likely to win the election. They can get away with anything.

    • Aaron B.

      I wouldn’t say “likely to win” yet.

      Let’s not start jumping out of buildings yet, folks.

      • It is more accurate to say that the reason this election is close outside the Confederate States is that Romney/Ryan can get away with almost anything.

        If Romney gets away with hiding his tax returns, he will be the first presidential candidate in decades who did so. I am at a loss to explain why there were not objections to this across the political spectrum and certainly across the press/media spectrum.

        They let him off the hook on this and I’m not sure why.

        Also too, what is odd about the Romney/Ryan lying about their tax “plan” is that it is almost exactly the same pack of lies that George W Bush told in 2000. It’s like no one remembers anything prior to January 2009.

        The question that is not “out there” but needs to be is, how is Romney/Ryan’s plan any different from what Bush/Cheney promised, but did not deliver?

        • Sharon

          This is a great question, and rest assured, that no one will ever ask it.

      • it’s looking worse by the day. I’m afraid Romney will continue to attack Obama’s weak record.

        • Malaclypse

          Gloom troll is gloomy.

          • DM

            You can only defeat such creatures with puppies, sunshine and rainbows. Even then you need to roll 17 or higher.

            • rea

              Or pancakes!

            • Malaclypse

              3D6 reference FTW!

        • DrDick

          With what? He promise to reprise the Bush II administration?

        • Damn dude, weak sauce.

          Try, “I’m afraid Obama’s record is not strong enough to withstand the points Mitt Romney will make in the debate.”

          It’s a subtle thing, making the concern attacks on the President without being totally bleeding obvious about it. Kind of a third person thing, pluperfect junction tense, its a fine line. You back up the President, but in a diffident way.

          S’okay little soldier, practice makes perfect. Read independent bloggress Ann Althouse for a primer.

        • it’s looking worse by the day. I’m afraid Romney will continue to attack Obama’s weak record.

          Dear Editor,

          As a lifelong member of the Democrat Party, I’m concerned that Community Organizer Barack HUSSEIN Obama won’t be as a strong a candidate against Senator John McCain as the She-Beast, Hitlery.


          I. M. Liberal

          • Malaclypse

            I used to be a liberal, but Obama’s weak record on fixing a Republican-caused economic meltdown has bade me outraged about Michael Bérubé.

            • Malaclypse

              Made me outraged, that is. I blame Obama for not using the bully pulpit to make me spell better.

              • I was all ready to point out that the past participle of “bid” is “bidden.”

    • Stag Party Palin

      You whippersnappers aren’t old enough to remember Nixon’s promise that he had a way to end the war (in Vietnam, not in Crimea) but he couldn’t talk about it until after the election.

      Everything old is new again.

      • Atticus Dogsbody

        To be fair to Nixon, his work to end the Crimean War was quite successful.

        • rea

          Not really–he didn’t end the war.

  • Warren Terra

    This brings back such very strong memories of Mitt Romney’s 2002 race for MA governor. Heaven knows, despite his complete lack of any good ideas or human feeling, Mitt is a central-casting-perfect image of a successful politician, especially in hand-picked still photographs. And so a huge part of his campaign was Mitt getting photographed handing out hot dogs at Fenway, Mitt getting photographed on the T, etcetera. All of it meaningless, and beautifully lit.

    • TOP123

      For a hand-picked still, you’d think they could have at least taken the crease out of the front of his apron…

    • wengler

      Our perfect corporate overlord.

    • Hurling Dervish


      I remember one of the priceless images of Romney was a gauzy ad of him sitting on the couch with his loving wife and they chuckled at the memory of their first date and how Mitt picked her up in a Matador. Simple days, good times.

      What he left out, as Peter Gelzinis later revealed, was that he was 16 at the time and that was a brand-new Matador, because as president of AMC, his father would give him a new car every month.

      • John (not McCain)

        Well, a new car every month SOUNDS great, but they were AMCs! He’d have been better off with one of his grandfather’s burros!

        • hickes01

          My friend, “Boo” had a Matador in High School. He said it looked a Camaro from the front and Corvette from the side. Another friend commented that it looked like shit from any viewpoint.

          • Sherm

            I don’t even remember the Matador just the Gremlin and the Pacer.

        • Tommy Flanagan

          Me, hitchhiking many years ago: “I don’t see many Ramblers.”

          Guy giving me a ride: “Want to know why?”

          • Hogan

            Aw shoot.

  • Atticus Dogsbody

    He couldn’t even roll his sleeves up properly. Maybe they should call in Dubya as an image consultant.

  • owlbear1

    I would personally like to thank Paul Ryan for more fodder with which to mock his supporters mercilessly.

  • Uncle Kvetch

    Wouldn’t it be cool if we had a press corps worthy of the name, so a reporter could ask him how he squared the concept of soup kitchens (and charity more generally) with his well-documented Ayn Rand fan-boyism? (And not let him get away with lying about said fan-boyism being an “urban legend”?) Just imagine if there were just one reporter at that photo-op who would say “Congressman, according to the tenets of your political philosophy, isn’t this soup kitchen just an enabling mechanism for lazy moochers and shiftless parasites?”

    You may say I’m a dreamer, but…oh fuck it, I’m a dreamer.

    • mds

      “Congressman, according to the tenets of your political philosophy, isn’t this soup kitchen just an enabling mechanism for lazy moochers and shiftless parasites?”

      “Well, sure. That’s why I’m not actually helping anyone while I’m here.”

  • “Congressman, according to the tenets of your political philosophy, isn’t this soup kitchen just an enabling mechanism for lazy moochers and shiftless parasites?”

    What’s this ‘help’ you speak of? Allowing moochers to use this charity was only continuing the cycle of them being, ummm, not dead.

    Plus he was hoping to find a new chafing dish.

    • Should have been a reply to Uncle Kvetch and MDS. I blame geocities.

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