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Things In The Atlantic That Make Me Want To Guzzle Antifreeze


Amazingly, the Atlantic has managed to find someone to lavishly praise the massive critical and commercial fiasco Don’t Back Down From Spouting Union-Busting Nonsense. Did they just hire Rex Reed or some other critic with horrible taste that could explain this extraordinarily unpersuasive (and unusually lengthy) review? Hmmmm…

Disclosure: I work for TNTP, a non-profit organization that promotes equal access to effective teachers among poor and minority students


TNTP is a non-profit organization and was founded by Michelle Rhee in 1997.

I think we have an answer! But at least the Atlantic disclosed this when it chose to print this propaganda, right?

The original version of this post failed to disclose the author’s position at TNTP.

Ah. I think we’ve reached the point where further commentary is superfluous.

Elsewhere, Stuart Taylor has taken time out from researching Sonia Sotomayor’s Deeply Troubling undergraduate letters to the editor to write his latest anti-affirmative action screed. Maybe next month they’ll give him space to further discuss how the “color-blind Constitution” is consistent with racial profiling.

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