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The new minor-league baseball team in Hillsboro, Oregon (Portland suburb) is challenging the Albuquerque Isotopes for greatest logo/name in the game:

One presumes good taps at the park. On the other hand, my friend lives in Hubbard, Oregon where he says the Hubbard Hop Festival includes no beers where hops are discernible. So who knows.

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  • Walt

    It was designed by marketing graduates from the Molson School of Business.

  • When an Astros minor-league team moved to Kissimmee, Florida in 1995, and changed their name from “Astros” to “cobras”, it missed out on what really would have been the best minor-league team name of all time.

    • Bill Murray

      I would say not even close, but I suppose it depends what you like. There were a large number of great team names back when there were a huge number of minor league teams.

      Decatur Commies
      Hannibal Cannibals
      Lebanon Pretzel Eaters
      Shenandoah Hungarian Rioters
      Schenectady Frog Alleys
      Casper Ghosts

      But maybe I’m missing your joke or just have a different setting for best name

      • I was disappointed when I looked up “Decatur Commies” only to find that it was just short for “Commodores.” I should’ve known it was too good to be true!

      • But maybe I’m missing your joke or just have a different setting for best name

        You don’t think Kissimmee Astros would have been pretty funny?

        • Bill Murray

          not as funny as the Kissimmee Frog Alleys

    • Marek

      The Kissimmee Kates?

  • McKingford

    The Lansing Lugnuts say hello…

    • Kurzleg

      Saginaw Gears say, “Hey!”

  • Uncle Ebeneezer


  • This is relevant to my interests. I don’t know (off hand) of any breweries in Hillsboro, but here’s to hop(p)ing that they get a good Portland brewery as a sponsor.

    • Auguste

      Vertigo Brewing is out there, about which I’ve heard good things. Ambacht Brewing too, which I’ve never heard of.

      But my guess is the connection will be with McMenamin’s and the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse.

      • Amanda in the South Bay

        Also nearby is the Rock Creek McMenamins off of…Cornelius Pass?

      • I guess they could do worse than McMenamins. Next time I drive through Hillsboro I’ll keep an eye out for those other breweries. I have no idea when that will be though since I have no other reason to visit Hillsboro.

    • Roger

      A new hop broker is setting up/has set up a hop processing facility in Hubbard to better compete with yakima hops. My impression is that they are flush with capital (strange, I know) so this may be something backed by Indie hops.

      • It’s nice to see the “hop terrior” movement getting going. I’m looking forward to being able to purchase new hop varieties bred for flavor and aroma instead of just Alpha content.

  • Allen

    The only problem with Hillsboro is Hillsboro. The western suburbs of Portland must be the biggest hole on the west side of the Cascades. I used to within site o the stadium, nothing there within walking distance.

  • Light Rail Tycoon

    Brandon, MB wins with the Brandon Wheat Kings

  • Antonio Conselheiro

    If only Weed had a team.

    • Jay

      They’d be called the Wackers.

  • efgoldman

    They’re out of business now, but the Amarillo Dillas are my all time favorite.

  • Kurzleg

    From 1994 to 2010, the Dillas played their home games at historic Potter County Memorial Stadium, nicknamed the “Dilla Villa.”


  • Epicurus

    If you can’t taste the hops, it ain’t beer. But that’s just like, my opinion, man.

  • Allen

    As best I recall, there is but one bus, that runs but once an hour, that goes by (if you call a mile “right by”) Hillsboro Stadium. The old ballpark in Portland has 5 buses and light rail that stops right in front of the entrance and is surrounded by restaurants and bars.

    • Mike

      And yet they still left. In fact I believe the Beavers abandoned Portland three times (twice w/o MAX, once with it). You know one thing in common as to all three exits, basically no parking. The new stadium, quite a bit. I’m also pretty sure Autzen Stadium is not on a MAX line, yet they still draw pretty good from Portland.

  • me

    Who can forget the Macon Whoopie!?

  • Richard Hershberger

    For pure perfection, I think the best current minor league team name is the Altoona Curve. For those not conversant with Pennsylvania railroads, the main line through the mountains at Altoona has a giant horseshoe curve. Back in the day, passengers in one of the cars near either end of the train could look out the window and see the other end moving in the opposite direction. This left quite an impression, and remains something of a tourist attraction, and not quite as lame as it sounds. Applying this to a baseball team is sheer beauty, stipulating that they have someone who can throw a decent curveball.

    A few years ago, when baseball returned to Lancaster and York, Pennsylvania, I was profoundly disappointed when they foolishly failed to adopt the traditional names for local baseball teams: the Red Roses and the White Roses, respectively

  • Gus


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