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Nixon ’68: That Groovy Cat


In case you ever wanted to see a Richard Nixon political ad that features a random picture of Jerry Garcia, here you go:

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  • Robert Farley

    This was seven flavors of awesome.

  • rea

    Did they, like, pay Jerry Garcia for using that image? because I’t pretty sure uaing it like that was actionable . . .

    • cpinva

      no, it isn’t, it’s covered by the “fair use” law.

  • Incontinentia Buttocks

    For a Groovy Dick fix, my favorite is this 1972 spot.

  • Keaaukane

    Nixon IS a flaming Librul to present day Repugs. The ad was prescient.

    • firefall

      Nixon’s a flaming librul compared to present day Democrats

  • Matt Stevens

    I’ve spent a lot of time watching those “Living Room Candidate” ads. This ad, a smirking “fucking you” to Kennedy and Carter, is a guilty pleasure: http://www.livingroomcandidate.org/commercials/1980/kennedyno-more

  • Informant

    Is the guy at 12 seconds Garcia? I can’t otherwise identify where he appears.

    • Yes, that’s him. Pre-beard.

      • Richard

        Yeah, clearly him. But using his image wasn’t actionable because Jerry would not have owned the copyright in the picture (presumably the Nixon campaign got the permission of the copyright owner) and the use of the picture doesn’t seem to imply that Garcia was supporting Nixon.

  • greylocks

    My life is now complete.

  • howard

    i’ve always said nixon was a hippie symp.

    the garcia image is on the cover of the dead’s first album, and for all i know, would have been covered by fair use (i can’t recall the photographer’s name).

  • jonnybutter

    Some would say that our youth are out of control spoiled little communists; pinko fag little reds who listen to noise-garbage, and who reek of sickly sweet LSD among other things; some would say that these kids today need to get their asses kicked from here to the next century. I would not agree with them.

  • cpinva

    i believe this was the campaign where nixon claimed to have a “secret” plan to end the war in vietnam, but he could only tell everyone if he was elected president. i guess if he hadn’t been elected, the war would have gone on for at least another 4 years, with thousands more killed and wounded, acres of jungle defoliated by agent orange, secret bombing raids and incursions across other country’s borders and other horrible things. so glad that never happened.

    oh, um, wait, uh, it did happen.

    it was all eagleton’s fault!

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