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First Bolsheviks no hitter since Browning. Congrats to Homer Bailey!

Incidentally, is there serious debate to be had regarding Johnny Cueto‘s appropriateness as Cy Young award winner?

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  • Even though I support the real [terrible] team from Ohio…..this is pretty awesome.

    • Also, no matter how many games I see….things like this will never stop being fun to see.

  • Sherm

    Congrats and enjoy! But the dickster should win the cy young.

  • Hogan

    Worst pitcher’s name since Bob Walk.

  • brad

    Well, there’s this, inre Cueto. BR’s numbers obviously show something different, but the end result is Gio, Dickey, and Cueto all have a case to make. Cueto is nowhere near Verlander last year, which is the general neighborhood you need to visit to be the unquestionable Cy winner.
    I like Dickey’s massive edge in k’s and 17 extra innings in the same number of starts as Cueto, plus I’d love to see a knuckleballer win.

    • DivGuy

      Cueto would be a perfectly good Cy Young, but he’s pretty much tied with Dickey right now.

      And according to my rulebook, tie goes to the knuckler.

      • Sherm

        Frankly, it’s not a tie. Dickey has a lower ERA over more innings pitch, plus more strikeouts, complete games and shutouts. The only argument which can be made for Cueto is that he pitches in a bandbox, but that argument is negated by the fact that Dickey pitches on a bad team with an awful defense and bullpen. I’d probably vote Dickey first and Kershaw second.

        • njorl

          I agree. Dickey has the edge in almost every way. Some years one guy will have many more wins, and another will have a lower ERA and more K’s, but there isn’t any real ambiguity this year. Dickey is better – by very little.

  • Decrease Mather

    So he retired McCutcheon three times. I could have done the rest.

    • Decrease Mather

      Sorry, twice. He walked once.

  • Paul Gottlieb

    Cueto would be a fine choice, but so would Dickey. There’s really nothing to choose between them.

  • Joe

    Oh, throw the Mets fan a bone. Dickey is worthy of it. Anyway, I thought the CW was that it was between Dickey and the guy from the Nats.

  • Kershaw’s now 13-9 with a 2.58 ERA and one strikeout below Dickey’s total. On a team which has averaged 2.7 runs/game for the past month, it’s a wonder he hasn’t lost in double figures.

  • Thlayli

    Dickey has the Steve-Carlton-1972 factor going for him: “Let’s see you win 20 on that team.”

    • Sherm

      Yes. It’s idiotic to cite a team dependent “stat” like wins in favor of a Yankee over a Mariner, but no one can deny that 20-6 on a last place team is impressive.

    • njorl

      I remember Carlton that year. He won pretty close to half the Phillies games…let me look it up … 27 of the phillies 59 wins.

  • c u n d gulag

    I hate the Mets, but I’ve rooted for Dickey to win 20, and he did.

    I think he deserves the Cy Young – especially with that crappy Mets team behind him.

    And it would be cool to see a knuckler win the award. He’s got unique control of that faster-than-average knuckleball that he throws.

    I’d like to see more knucklers, side-armers, and submariners in the majors, and maybe Dickey winning the Cy Young would encourage other pitchers to try different things. R.A. was mediocre pitcher until he spent a couple of years in the Minors honing that knuckler.

    And congrat’s to Homer Bailey!

  • Timb

    I like how Cy Young votes are for reasons like knuckleballers deserve, this guy gets no run support…

    The obvious argument against Cueto is that he didn’t make the All-Star team (stupid f**ker that Tony LaRusa is)

    • Kathleen

      Agreed. Neither Cueto nor Phillips was chosen. I hear he’s a teabagger, too.

      • Woodrowfan

        yep, he a “bagger. He’s also a genius! Just ask him, he’ll tell you!

  • The Frito Pundito

    Let’s see: Cueto is not first in wins, ERA, Ks, WHIP, batting average against…I’d say there’s actually a very good case to be made against him as the Cy Young WINNER (a candidate, fine), because he has simply not been the best pitcher in the NL this season. He’s a very good pitcher on a crappy team, but that’s not a CY Young argument.

  • The Frito Pundito

    Sorry, mistyped on that last post. I meant to write that Cueto is a very good pitcher on a surprisingly good team…never comment before the first cup of coffee

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