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Foreign Entanglements: East China Sea

[ 4 ] September 24, 2012 |

On Foreign Entanglements, Dr. Toshi Yoshihara and I discuss rising tensions in the East China Sea:

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  1. shah8 says:

    Thanks, I actually learned alot! Now I’m going to compare with the Falklands War…

  2. Julia Grey says:

    Nice hat.




    Also, you should study a bit from SEK’s Yale reference glossary on lighting. Dr. Yoshihara’s sort of high key lighting was perfect (maybe it was high-keyed 3-point?). But really, your chapeau aside (and the shadow it cast), all that has ever been needed on your end in these things is a fill light coming in at some oblique angle from the front. How about a desk lamp turned on behind the computer?

    As to the SUBSTANCE of conversation, however, excellent stuff. I appreciate knowing the nicety of the Japanese Coast Guard being the ones who are in charge of guarding the coastal waters of the Senkakus rather than the Japanese Navy. Good thing, since those waters are apparently all claimed by China, huh?

    Fascinating, the things you learn on Blogging Heads….and tragic, the hats you see.

    • Ruby says:

      Um, Japan doesn’t HAVE a navy.

      Japan hasn’t had a navy, or army, since the end of WWII. It was one the conditions of their surrender.

      (Well, China WANTS the islands, or, more specifically, they want the estimated (IIRC) 100 billion gallons of oil believed to be below them, but under the Treaty of San Francisco authority to determine the ownership of the islands surrounding Japan was given to the US and we declared them to be Japanese territory decades ago.)

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