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Eligible Bachelors

[ 41 ] September 19, 2012 |

In 1967, Town and Country Magazine named Mittens one of its top 25 most eligible bachelors.

Doesn’t look as if that weekends at the White House prediction is looking too good though, unless President Obama is so taken with Mittens that he invites him over for some of those White House home brews some Saturday in the summer of 2013. Which, in the end, seems a touch unlikely.


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  1. MAJeff says:

    Huh. Willard’s into water sport. Never would have guessed him as a piss queen.

  2. wengler says:

    20 years old in 1967. I guess Republicans don’t even need to make an excuse anymore as to why they didn’t get their asses shipped off to Vietnam.

    • newsouthzach says:

      Now, now, it was very difficult being a military-aged American in Paris during the Vietnam War. All that anti-war sentiment, you know!

      Khe Sanh? Never heard of him.

  3. He looks like one of the guys Don Corleone had beaten up for the undertaker who asked him for justice on his daughter’s wedding day.

    Even if he doesn’t actually resemble either of those guys, he still looks like one of those guys.

  4. UberMitch says:

    So do his watercolors still exist?

  5. Robert Farley says:

    He’s hot. I’d do him.

  6. muddy says:

    Wasn’t he already with Ann by then? She must have loved this.

  7. herr doktor bimler says:

    “Made for sailing, expert water-skier.”

    But John Kerry liked wind-surfing.

  8. Rick says:

    He can turn a dollar in to a million with one pompous glance.

  9. Anonymous says:

    “Mormon missionary work in France.”

    Dog bless him.

  10. Anon21 says:

    Despite seriousness, Mitt likes golf

    Boy, his affection for the dullest rich white dude sport ever invented makes him sound like a real card.

    • ajay says:

      Despite seriousness, Mitt likes golf

      Yes, that’s a bit of an odd one.

      “Despite being Indian, Sanjay is very keen on cricket”.

      “Despite being a Chicago longshoreman, Mike enjoys a beer and is known to use foul language.”

      • Mike the Chicago Longshoreman says:

        [Carefully puts glass of Chambertin down on doily, and bookmarks Leaves of Grass]

        I beg your pardon; are you addressing me, sir? If so, you will be hearing from my attorney, you, you … poopyhead.

        • burritoboy says:


          C’mon, Leaves of Grass? Stop trying to impress us with your base American-ness act. We already know that you favor Mallarme over Whitman.

          • Mike the Chicago Longshoreman says:

            [Draws self up in longshoremanly huffy manner]

            How dare you, sir! I’ll admit, I might have dabbled with Baudelaire, but I never inhaled…

            [Notices that cover has slipped off of “Leaves of Grass,” revealing that it is actually a copy of Divagations]

            [Breaks down weeping]

            It’s true! I don’t even like Whitman. What are the ladies and gentlemen down at the union office going to say?

  11. BC says:

    I think the White House reference is to his father, who did run in the 1968 GOP primary only to be upended when he explained that he was “brainwashed” during his visit to Vietnam.

    • witless chum says:

      Which the media decided to pretend was a crazy remark, slightly out of context. A world in which George Romney’s the Republican nominee in 1968 is almost certainly a different one. I wonder if he’d have beat Humphrey? Or if George Wallace wins more states that Nixon took because Romney is a liberal Republican.

  12. Stag Party Palin says:

    You know if Mittens had made it to ‘Nam he would have met the same fate as that other Young Republican, Douglas C. Niedermayer.

  13. YankeeFrank says:

    He looks like photos of the young Voldemort from the Harry Potter films. Not kidding:

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