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Carter’s Revenge


The story behind Jimmy Carter’s grandson encouraging the taper of the Romney speech to release it is awesome. Basically, Jimmy Carter IV got sick of Romney saying bad things about his grandfather’s handling of the Iran hostage crisis.

Revenge is very sweet.

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  • Romney will get his payback when he makes a Reagan style surge at the end of October . . ., literally.

    • Spuddie

      …in his pants.

  • Jim Lynch

    Corn was in attendance at the White House Press Corps Dinner in 2003 when Bush “searched the White House for WMD’s” in that infamous video. He was the only journalist there who later wrote of being appalled at its blatant cynicism, and the laugh-along reaction of the assembled Villagers.

  • howard

    fascinating: my theory yesterday was that it was a one-percenter who wasn’t a shithead who took the film (the alternative, someone noted in comments, was one of the hired help took the video!), so the question remains who is “anne onomous” (or however it was spelled)!

    but kudos to brother carter for pushing it.

    • Right–it still leaves the question of who actually filmed it. Which well could be some very rich person who thought Romney disgusting.

      • SP

        I’m not sure we’ll find out- depending on the FL wiretapping laws, and the party orientation of the relevant DA, they could be prosecuted.

        • I can’t see wiretapping laws applying to a newsworthy speech given by a public figure in front of a large audience.

          • SP

            I can’t see them being applied to cops doing their job in a publicly accesible place either, but here we are.

          • SP
            • avoidswork

              naturally, the wingnuttia is already talking depos, prosecution, jail, etc.

              both linked articles discuss possible defenses, so i guess we will have to wait and see if RomneyShambles decides to go after the leaker.

              of course, they have to find said person first. which may require JCarter4 cooperation and…

              • patrick II

                Why is the wingnuttia both:

                a) proud of the speech and asking Romney to stand behind it and shout it from the rooftops, and

                b) Wanting to prosecute the person who, by sharing his video tape, already has it being shouted from the rooftops?

                • Holden Pattern

                  Theirs is not to reason why.

          • cpinva

            especially since no wiretap (phone call) was involved. the laws specifically refer to phone calls, recorded by one party, without the knowledge or consent of the other party(ies).

            I can’t see wiretapping laws applying to a newsworthy speech given by a public figure in front of a large audience.

            then there are the “fair use” laws, which eliminates copyright infringement as a threat. basically, romney is fucked. there will be suits, and the only threats will be from the usual suspect rightwing trolls, nothing from anyone in the campaign, who might have the authority to actually set a suit in motion. romney’s a lawyer, he knows there’s nothing he can do about it.

            • cpinva

              oopsies! that should read: “there will be NO suits”

        • herr doktor bimler

          Clearly there is a need for stronger copyright laws…

          • Jim Lynch

            I figure it was a woman who filmed it.

            • Jim Lynch

              ..because women are wiser than men.

      • James E. Powell

        We all watched Romney slog through the primaries right? We know there have to be a fairly large number of Republicans who just cannot stand him.

        I doubt it was a James O’Keefe style spy-cam caper.

        And let’s keep in mind, Romney says he stands by every word of it. So, no harm no foul, right?

        • Visitor

          Okay, sounds like you haven’t yet read Wonkette’s coverage, which I enthusiastically recommend:

          Struggling filmmaker James O’Keefe has some thoughts on Mother Jones’ home movies of the day Mitt Romney united the nation…

          • cpinva

            i’m opting for

            James O’Keefe is a know-nothing dick.

      • Deggjr

        If there is a rich person disgusted at Romney, Romney’s team should look for a first generation rich person to identify them. Second+ generation rich people think there are true differences.

        • DocAmazing

          I actually knew a rich kid with the whole rich-guy package (East Coast boarding school, Yale) who got enough of an exposure to working-class life to become a union organizer. Made for some interesting conversations.

      • raven

        If Team Romney were not such amateurs I would have had them high on the list of “leakers.” Romney wants ‘his people’ riled up against the ‘moochers.’ This has been the theme of Romney’s campaign for the better part of three months -build dat, welfare rules BS, etc etc.

        Given all the attention/free media these fundraising speech leaks garner, some very enterprising operative is going to use the planned “leak” during the 2016 campaign.

  • Jay B.

    It’s as if every stereotypical thing I believe about Republicans has been proven absolutely true! The truth karmically served up by the grandson of a man whose mediocre presidency was in itself made better by the three Republicans who followed him in office — and whose life after the White House shames the entire lives of the same Republicans for its decency.

    For a Republican to feel something similar, Obama would have to be bragging on tape about nailing white women, raising the bullet tax and planning to let the UN run the Interstate system while Michelle brags about her destiny to force broccoli onto every plate in America.

    • efgoldman

      …while Michelle brags about her destiny to force broccoli onto every plate in America.

      Hey, the “Whitey Tape” is still out there. Mittster’s staff is just waiting for the right moment…

  • melior

    If turns out to be Rmoney’s “macaca moment”, does that make him the tapir of his own speech?

    • Visitor

      Dunno, but that aMELIORates the discussion punnily.

  • Aaron B.

    Carter the Younger is apparently better than his grandpa at getting people to release things.

    Sorry, sorry, somebody had to say it.

    • dl


  • fcc

    I suspect one thing we’ll see from this is all wait staff being strip searched before coming on shift.

    • BigHank53

      Mmm-hmm. Humiliate and insult the staff, confiscate their phones, then have them serve you the food. I don’t see what could possibly go wrong with this plan.

      • cpinva

        yep, they’ll be lined up to vote for romney. of course, as incompetent as romney’s campaign staff have shown themselves to be, the strip-searching will be them doing each other (they may well be doing each other, in a (failed) effort to remove the pain of their massively fucked up campaign), while allowing the wait staff to pass on by, unmolested.

  • herr doktor bimler

    the taper of the Romney speech

    Wait, I saw no candle.

    • John (not McCain)

      Yet a lousy candle is all I found. Strange world.

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