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A Clarification


Recent discussion here may have given the impression that I am comprehensively anti-spoiler. Absolutely not true! Some spoilers I like perfectly well. Now, if the Red Sox can save any remaining wins until Monday…

In addition, while I can never exactly be happy about a Mariner loss the A’s really are a phenomenal story.

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  • Hey, I was hoping that Buchanan would have spoiled Bush in 2000…

  • Incontinentia Buttocks

    As an A’s fan, I can honestly tell you that this is the most fun I’ve had watching the team in over twenty years. Partly because their success has been such a complete surprise.

    • Fighting Words

      I was at today’s A’s game. It was just amazing.

      I mean, the team looked absolutely awful in the early innings. The A’s starting pitcher couldn’t find the strike zone, and they allowed a run on a two error play in the second inning. By the fourth inning, the Mariners were just teeing off him. And the comeback with a two run home run in the ninth, and a three run shot to win the game…just fantastic. The two error play aside, the A’s played great defense (the A’s are not known for their defensive prowess).

      I so hope the A’s can make it to the playoffs this year. I am also really rooting for the Baltimore Orioles to make it to the playoffs as well. I just think the A’s and O’s in the playoffs will be a lot of fun.

      I also sat behind the Mariners bullpen. I never saw people look so dejected after the game.

  • jeer9

    Now, if the Red Sox can save any remaining wins until Monday…

    The Red Sox are still playing? WTF!

  • rea

    Tiger fans, hearts in mouths, see the team go up two games with four to play.

    That rotation could be formidable in the post-season, though Scherzer is hurting . . .

    • Linnaeus

      Fister’s come on strong, though.

      • c u n d gulag

        Don’t most Fister’s?

        • rea

          This one has, ever since the Tigers traded Furbush to get him.

          • Sherm

            That was one of the best trades ever if you focus only on the names and you are suffering from arrested development — furbush for fister.

            • c u n d gulag

              GUILTY AS CHARGED! :-)

  • Matt

    1) Was that a real song?
    2) didn’t the guy know the Jays play in a dome? Where is this “warm summer breeze” coming from?

    • Scott Lemieux

      They didn’t play in a dome in the early 1980s.

    • CaitieCat

      Yeah – the song’s been around for more than twenty years, I remember singing it at Jays games back at old Exhibition Stadium, long before the ‘Dome was built. And the Ex sure was breezy. :D

    • CaitieCat

      Oh, and yes, it’s a real song, they play it all the time, and it’s quite popular, because it’s easy to sing. :)

  • Anonymous

    You’re a douche. Just that simple, sorry!

  • howard

    who couldn’t like the oakland story (or, for that matter, the baltimore story)?

    these are both teams reminding us that that’s why they play them on the field and don’t just run computer simulations based on past performance.

    put the orioles in a normative performance in extra innings, the yanks would be breathing easy right now instead of unclinched; put the a’s in a normative performance for their young pitching and they’re out of it, although still impressive.

    it’s great.

    • c u n d gulag

      And if the Yanks could score the normative amount of runs with men in scoring position, this team would be well over 100 wins.

      Hell, if Cano alone lived up to his normative career stats with men in scoring position, they’d be around 100 wins.

      Everyone’s looking to do “Downtown.”
      And they do – in a limo, after they lose.

      Having said that, the A’s are a great story, and the O’s are a greater story.

      I still love Showalter, and wish him nothing but the best – except when the play the Yankees.
      He’s done a great job of restoring “The Oriole Way” – with a dollop of Buck Magic.

      • there’s a larger point about the yanks with risp that i’ll make at greater length if they get to the postseason: the yanks have a very ops-based lineup, with a lot of guys who are up there to either walk or hit a home run.

        which, in terms of total run production, is fine, but in terms of situational hitting, not so fine, which is my explanation (along with the lack of speed) for their poor risp performance.

        • Sherm

          Does that still hold true? Jeter’s obp has always been batting average driven. Texeira and swisher don’t walk as much as they use to. Cano doesn’t walk. Granderson is a low on base guy. And Arod is just past his prime.

          • sherm, it holds true in the respect that swisher, texeira, jones, ibanez, martin, granderson, and arod at this point at first and foremost guys looking either for a walk or a pitch to drive, preferably for a home run. they are not guys looking to go the other way or move you up with a grounder.

            cano doesn’t bother to look for the walk, he just looks for a pitch to drive (in that sense, he reminds me of a 1970s pittsburgh pirate), and he’s the best line drive hitter on the team.

            jeter and now ichiro are the only guys who aren’t looking for a pitch to drive when they do swing the bat, and they are, of course, long-time league leaders in performance on ground balls.

            more on this if the yanks make the playoffs.

    • Scott Lemieux

      Yes, it’s a good point. The Orioles are a great story, but it’s been fluky; they’re a .500 team (still an impressive job by Showalter) over their heads. But the A’s are legit all the way — they’ve actually outplayed the Angels.

  • Kurzleg

    The Orioles have a +8 run differential but are 91-67? Showalter’s that good?

    • Davis

      Yes, he’s good, but the bullpen has been phenomenal. 72-0 when leading after 7 innings. Plus, fielding improved dramatically after they brought up Machado to play third and moved Reynolds to first.

      • Kurzleg

        I’m sure those moves helped, but it sure looks like a setup for an early exit from the playoffs should they make it that far.

  • Sherm

    Unfortunately, the Orioles have to go to Tampa for the final three games while the Yankees host Boston. A Yankee loss today might be needed.

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