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A Brief Television Note

[ 8 ] September 21, 2012 |

Casting rarely gets more inspired than David Lynch as the studio’s hired-gun producer.


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  1. He knew what to do with him, too. An office with all sorts of crazy knicknacks and religious doodads, creepy sound editing, arbitrary shouting, a live tv feed that didn’t capture reality, even sending him out with a recitation of three weird “rules of show business.” And I’m not sure but the curtain he kept performing in front of might have alternated the blue from Blue Velvet with the red from Twin Peaks.

    The only thing missing was weird sex stuff, which is too bad because CK’s put that in the show before too.

  2. Jameson Quinn says:

    Which show?

  3. Ken Houghton says:

    Apparently Louie, which is (I believe) on pne of the basic cable channels between the weather and Espn8. But I’m guessing from the comments.

    • Epicurus says:

      @Ken Houghton; 100% correct, got it the first time. It’s been a very interesting season, and this particular story arc is great. Not laugh out loud funny, but still terrific entertainment. The show airs on FX btw, Thursdays at 10. Well worth your time…(Louie is being offered the Letterman show, but he has to demonstrate that he can reincarnate Johnny Carson.)

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