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Your Evening Weather Forecast


This is the greatest weather report in history:

Onion Weather Center: Arizona Heatwave Forces Temporary Suspension Of Racial Profiling

The best part is when they hope for tornadoes to destroy Dallas:

“Any chance of these tornadoes changing course and ridding the Earth of some of these meat-loving racist fucks?”

“I can only hope so.”

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  • Nom de Plume

    I’m guessing The Onion staff looked at their page hits and determined “Almost nobody from Texas is reading us anyway, so fuck ’em”.

    • Incontinentia Buttocks

      My guess is that a substantial minority of Texans would find that video hilarious.

      • NBarnes

        A downright majority in Austin.

    • Spuddie

      With the state of things, its getting so hard to tell the difference between The Onion and actual news sources.

  • Liberal Hater

    This is great stuff!

  • c u n d gulag
  • John

    I think the best part is the Weather Network original drama series “Weathered,” starring Robert Patrick.

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