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Tweet of the Night


K-Lo brings the laughs:

as a longtime romney watcher, nice to see the rest of the world finally getting to know the dude, the talent, the leadership, the character.

If anything deserves an open comment thread, it’s this. Have fun!

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  • dr_eats_babies

    I was just thinking that the GOP really lucked out — hurricane decided to give their convention a miss and hit New Orleans instead.

    • Yeah, that would never bring up any unpleasant memories…

    • Hogan

      What did APSA do to piss off God this time?

  • Yeah, it’s good to know that he doesn’t think we know.

  • calling all toasters

    This would be this week’s leadership/character/dudeness, I assume? I’m pretty sure Romney has already denied last week’s, and called any mention of it a dirty trick.

    • Warren Terra

      Well, he’s decided he likes big-government health care again. At least he did for those few minutes; any speculation about his feelings at other times would not be wise.

      • somethingblue

        Romney has feelings?

        • calling all toasters

          I think greed qualifies as an emotion….

          • arguingwithsignposts

            he’s definitely jealous of his money.

        • Halloween Jack

          He has people that has them for him.

      • Cody

        God I hope the Media doesn’t honestly let him going around touting how much better Massachusetts health care is than the ACA.

  • Icarus Wright

    The Economist seems pretty focused on Mitt’s character.

    No word yet on how longtime Romney watchers will get to know the dude, the talent and the leadership without more info, tho.

  • Funkhauser

    Propagandize faster, K-Lo, faster!

  • tonycpsu

    It would be epic if someone could track down George W. Bush on a golf course, at a baseball game, or clearing brush at some point during the week. Sadly, I suspect he’ll be locked in the basement of the Tampa Bay Times Forum watching Nick at Nite reruns, so in lieu of said pictures, I would settle for a series of “Where’s Dubya?” Photoshops of him doing these things wearing a red and white striped shirt, bobble hat, and glasses.

    • Halloween Jack

      Given the extraordinarily low profile he’s maintained for much of the last four years, you may as well p-shop Shrub in a bottle of Jack.

  • Tehanu

    K-Lo really is pathetic. It’s actually sad to see that her taste in men is just as lousy as her political opinions are.

    • Halloween Jack

      It’s certainly part of her shtick that she’s this lonely spinster that gets big crushes on the GOP’s flavor of the month (and Sadly, No! among others has traditionally been more than willing to play along with that), but I wonder if that’s just a part that she’s playing in order to try to recruit members of that niche into the electorate and donor pool.

  • As Charlie Pierce keeps saying, by the end of each of Romney’s campaigns, nobody likes him.

    Romney’s Real Clear Politics Average
    8/5 – 8/23 45.8 Favorable 44.8 Unfavorable

  • Pope Bandar bin Turtle

    I saw what you did there!

    In the Tweet of the Night!!

    Too clever by a half. (Half of what? Never have understood this saying.)

    • Dave

      Half of the amount by which he’s clever; what’s the problem? 150% of the required amount of clever for the job in hand. Makes perfect sense.

      • Pope Bandar bin Turtle

        So that’s 50%. Or so it seemed to me, which also made perfect sense. But I accept & appreciate your explanation.

    • sparks

      It’s “too clever by half”.

      HTH, HAND

      P.S. I am aware of most internet traditions.

      • Pope Bandar bin Turtle

        Gah! I knew that. Too early in the morning.

        (I, too, am aware …)

  • A fine tweet like that and no mention of Mitt’s magestic, boy-band/softball team-creating testicles? Come on, K-Lo, tell us how manly Mitt is!

  • DrDick

    the talent, the leadership, the character.

    She left out the words “lack of” in that phrase.

    • sparks

      He’s a member of her faith (no, not that one but Republicanism, which requires just as much faith as any religion), and that’s enough for any fulsome praise. Plus he chose a putatively Catholic running mate, so excuse her while she’s changing her dampened dainties.

  • Lee

    Wasn’t Romney’s recent attempt to let the world know about his talent, leadership, and character an unmitigated disaster? And it was only a month ago to.

  • …and judging him deeply wanting.

  • He’s a dude I wanna have bee–wait, Co–wait, cof–wait…water with.

    • Although water may be little out there for Mitt.

  • Davis

    Romney as a dude. That’s pathetic in so many ways. Has she seen The Big Lebowski? What’s the matter with these people? Writing articles about how conservatives are the real “cool” ones, the ones with with a sense of humor. Conservative rock songs, conservative movies. Yuck. It’s a cult, not a movement.

  • njorl


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