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[ 151 ] August 26, 2012 |

Any interesting news in the wingnuttery world today?

First to Maryland:

A homophobic Maryland lawmaker has admitted to being drunk when he accidentally crashed his boat into a boat full of children.

Maryland delegate Don H. Dwyer Jr was drinking with another man on his boat on the Magothy River in Pasadena around 7pm when his boat struck a smaller vessel with five children on board.

Four of the children were injured with one, a five year old girl, taken by helicopter to Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.

Dwyer, a Tea Party Republican, has in the past suggested that homosexuals were a threat to children and that same-sex marriage would lead to homosexuality being taught in schools.

Dwyer has previously attempted to ban same-sex marriage in Maryland by attaching an amendment to a bill on marriage license fees and sought the sacking or impeachment of public officials who have made decisions that were supportive of same-sex couples having the right to marry.

I’d laugh at the irony of this if it wasn’t for the tragic side of it.

And then onto New Mexico:

A progressive group called on Republican National Committee leader Pat Rogers to step down on Friday after emails showed him telling New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez’s staff that meeting with a group of American Indians “dishonored” Gen. George Armstrong Custer, the 19th century commander who killed scores of American Indians.

“The state is going to hell,” Rogers, who is a member of the GOP executive committee and is currently in Tampa for the RNC convention, wrote in a June 8 email released by Progress Now New Mexico. Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Col. Allen Weh “would not have dishonored Col Custer in this manner,” he wrote.

Martinez is required by law to attend the annual state-tribal leaders summit, according to Progress Now New Mexico, which called for him to step down.

When discussing racism in this country, it’s easy to forget the level of vitriolic racism against Native Americans in some parts of the American West (I’m looking at you South Dakota). It is very real and shows up in the ugliest imaginable ways.

Also, how can one actually dishonor George Armstrong Custer? Didn’t he dishonor himself by his very existence?

Does anyone else remember when Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell blamed 9/11 on God punishing America for its gays?

Or when John Hagee said Hurricane Katrina God was punishing New Orleans for tolerating homosexuality?

So obviously it God was punishing the nation somehow for Hurricane Isaac threatening the Republican National Convention this week in Tampa, right?

Let’s ask Rush Limbaugh what he thinks:

LIMBAUGH: So we got a hurricane coming. The National Hurricane Center, which is a government agency, is very hopeful that the hurricane gets near Tampa. The National Hurricane Center is Obama. It’s the National Weather Service, part of the commerce department. It’s Obama. The media, it’s all about the hurricane hitting next week, and they’re not talking about Biden, they’re talking about this Hurricane Isaac thing. Well, you know, we who live in south Florida become experts. We don’t need the National Hurricane Center, and we don’t need all these weather dolts analyzing this for us. Well, we need the center, we can look at their charts and graphs, we know what to do, we can read the stuff. I’ve been tracking the charted forecast track of the storm, and they’re moving it sometimes to the east. The latest, 11 o’clock, they moved it to the west as a cat 1 impact in Naples, Fort Myers area.

This morning at five a.m., the impact was Miami. We’re still not talking about ’til next Tuesday, so it’s gonna be all over the ballpark between now and then. We don’t know where this thing is gonna hit. The models are moving it more and more out into the Gulf. I wouldn’t be surprised if this thing hits in Louisiana someplace when it’s all said and done. Just kidding. Nobody knows, but they’re desperately hoping, they’re so desperately hoping for Tampa. The media, you know, I can see Obama sending FEMA in in advance of the hurricane hitting Tampa so that the Republican convention is nothing but a bunch of tents in Tampa, a bunch of RVs and stuff. (laughing) Make it look like a disaster area before the hurricane even hits there.


And while I suppose it helps to have columnists like Tim Egan talk about “The Crackpot Caucus” within the Republican Party when it comes to science, isn’t basically the entire Republican Party a Crackpot Caucus in 2012?


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  1. MAJeff says:

    When discussing racism in this country, it’s easy to forget the level of vitriolic racism against Native Americans in some parts of the American West (I’m looking at you South Dakota)

    Check out the comment sections on any North Dakota newspaper/blog story about the ongoing conflict over the (recently) retired (again) Fighting Sioux nickname to see similar. All in the name of “honoring” the Sioux, of course.

    • DrDick says:

      This is really true in any state where there is a large resident Indian population. I know personally that it is certainly the case in Oklahoma and Montana and both the existing scholarship and personal reports says it is that way everywhere in Indian country.

      When I was in high school in the late 60s, a friend used to work the wheat harvests in the summer, going from southern Oklahoma to South Dakota with them. He used to talk about seeing signs on stores and bars saying, “No Dogs, Drunks, or Indians Allowed.” When I was in college, state officials frequently told Indian friends that the civil rights laws did not apply to them, only to blacks.

      • Anonymous says:

        What a horrible, disgusting sign! They forgot to include Marxists on the list!

        • DrDick says:

          This was the late 60s and they thought they had run them all out of the country or thrown them in jail.

          • Anonymous says:

            Too bad they didn’t actually do either of those things. Marxism is a threat to everything Western Civilization stands for.

            • MAJeff says:

              You’ll be sure to let us know when western civilization arrives, right?

            • Holden Pattern says:

              I thought it was homos. Or Muslims. Maybe Fascism? Or Feminism? Or fiat money?

              It’s so hard to keep track of the Islacommunihomofascifemikeynesianist threat. One despairs.

              • Anonymous says:

                Radical Islam is not the main threat, it’s just one tool the Marxist uses to undermine Western Civilization. Some Marxists cynically see Radical Islam as a revolutionary movement that can be used to overthrow the capitalists and then pushed aside when its no longer needed.

                Marxists will ally with anybody to achieve their goals–even those who stone gays and who believe that womens rights begin and end with the leather whip.

                • Malaclypse says:

                  You have us down to rights, Jennie. Your discernment is rivaled only by your erudite exposition.

                • Holden Pattern says:

                  Poe’s Law will dance on our graves.

                • Heron says:

                  I suspect you’ve never actually read anything Marx wrote.

                • Heron says:

                  I might be misremembering, but I seem to recall their actually being some philosophical ties between radical islam and radical communist thought ala the bolsheviks. IIRC, the original “theorist” for revolutionary islam was pretty heavily inspired by the radical socialists.

                • Hogan says:

                  I seem to recall their actually being some philosophical ties between radical islam and radical communist thought ala the bolsheviks.

                  In terms of tactics, or in terms of goals?

                • Warren Terra says:

                  Heron isn’t being fair. Jennie’s ability to perceive the Marxism-Islam nexus clearly indicates that Jennie read the famous passage that says “Religion Is The Something Something Something”.

                • DrDick says:

                  I think you may want to discuss that with the Taliban who had a nasty habit of blowing the shit out of every communist they saw.

                • vacuumslayer says:

                  That is so silly and disingenuous I doubt even you believes it.

                  I’m a feminist, atheist and liberal. There’s lots about fundamentalist Islam that troubles me. It’s just that hating or distrusting all Muslims will do nothing to change what troubles me.

                • Halloween Jack says:

                  Leather whip, eh? Looks like someone finally got around to reading that bit of repurposed Twilight fanfic that’s been burning up the bestseller lists.

            • DrDick says:

              Actually, that is capitalism, which has successfully destroying it for well over a century.

    • MAJeff says:

      I should add that, during the 2011 legislative session, several bills dealing with Native American issues were introduced in the ND legislature. They dealt with such things as housing and health issues. Only one bill passed, the one requiring UND to keep the “Fighting Sioux” nickname.

  2. Matt McKeon says:

    The Custer thing is just weird. Governors are not supposed to met with people who live in their state? Custer isn’t even associated with New Mexico, didn’t he fight the Sioux and Cheyenne?

    Rush takes the cake, eats it and calls for seconds. Raving about the weather service is what, faking a storm to disrupt the Republican National Convention? It’s insane.

    • witless chum says:

      Yeah, it took a bunch of clicking but the original email refers to a meeting with tribal leaders from New Mexico. The Acomas, Zunis, etc. in New Mexico had shit to do with Custer. It’s like getting made at the governor for meeting the Burmese because it dishonors Douglas MacArthur.

      Bizarre way to express your racism, RNC guy.

    • efgoldman says:

      Raving about the weather service is what, faking a storm to disrupt the Republican National Convention? It’s insane.
      No, he has no doubt that there is a storm, His complaint is that Obama controls the NOAA/Weather Service/National Hurricane Center, and therefore the NHC is showing the most likely path to be over Tampa, even though he knows its not going to hit there, as a way to screw up the RNC (as if it needed any help). The Weather Service (and FEMA) as Obama propaganda organ.

      • c u n d gulag says:

        Yeah, Rush knows better than anyone how to protect his ass, and the asses of the Republicans.

        Too bad for all of them that while he’s bloviating about Hurrican Isaac, ‘Hurrican Akin’ has already done a lot of damage.

      • Matt McKeon says:

        It’s actually easier to believe that Obama created the storm with his mind.

    • DrDick says:

      In Montana to be exact. Hell, Custer doesn’t get much notice here, though the Little Big Horn Battlefield is a big draw (appropriately enough located on an Indian – Crow – reservation).

    • mpowell says:

      It’s awesome how Rush first says he doesn’t need the hurricane center and then immediately follows that up by saying, oh yes, they actually do. Fucking idiots. Can’t actually bring themselves to admit that these government agencies serve a clear and valuable public purpose and that they deliver great value for their cost.

  3. Tehanu says:

    A homophobic Maryland lawmaker … delegate Don H. Dwyer Jr was drinking with another man on his boat

    Am I the only one who noticed the bit about “another man”? Is “drinking on your boat” what the kids are calling “having a wide stance” these days?

  4. Tom Renbarger says:


    I’ve heard tell that there was a markedly greenish tinge to the storm clouds associated with Isaac.

  5. Ignorant Texan says:

    Hey, I don’t like what you’re insinuating with the Dwyer story. I mean, two naked men giving each other naked vodka enemas is just lads being lads. Go to any fraternity house and you’ll see this is so. No where in that story is there any proof they were felching said vodka enemas.

    • Ignorant Texan says:

      On a sightly less frivolous note, does anyone know what the relevant statues in Maryland for a boating DUI? From what I can gather from the linked article, I count what would be at least 5 felonies in Texas. While I hope the kids aren’t too badly hurt, I do wish for his constituents and the courts to show him the same mercy he would doubtless show another person in the same situation.

      • Hogan says:

        “Operating vessel while under the influence of or impaired by alcohol and/or drugs” is one year/$1000 for a first offense. “Life-threatening injury by motor vehicle or vessel while under the influence of alcohol” is three years/$3000.

      • c u n d gulag says:

        Well, since ‘they can’t swim,’ there are very few Nigrah’s who have boats, and hence, boating accidents – so I’m sure there’s no prison sentence involved for white people in boat accidents.

        But let a brother actually have a boat, be going a tad too fast, be pulled over, and have a marijuana seed on that boat, and SWAT teams will be called out with orders to “Shoot to kill!”

        Whether in a boat or in a car, drunk or high, even in accidents involving children, ‘If you’re drunk or high, and white – you’re alright!’

        If you’re black, and even slightly drunk or high in a car or boat, you’ll be made a scape-goat.
        And that’s if you live to tell about it…

  6. Barry Freed says:

    The scariest thing for me about all this is the certain knowledge that even though it feels like we are always already there: we will never hit peak wingnut.

  7. ironic irony says:

    Rush: “We don’t need know stinkin’ NHc or NWS! Oh wait, we need their charts!”

    Really? I mean, really?! This fuck probably couldn’t read a topographical map, let alone a map where you have to discern where a high or low pressure system is without it being labeled for you. Meteorology isn’t basket weaving. And if weather forecasts are only accurate within a four day window, then how is it that Rush, that bloated ignoramoose, knows more about the weather than people who study it for YEARS? FUCK JUST GO AWAY ASSHOLE!

    And I am not even touching the douche-nozzlery that is Pat Rogers. I just can’t right now.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Enjoy the tied race while it lasts because after the convention word is that Romney and the Super PACs are going to bring down the hammer on BHO–and bring it down HARD.

    • witless chum says:

      Bold is scary.

    • firefall says:

      Right, because up til now they’ve been just idling along, right? that’s why FLA and CO airtime is already reaching political ad saturation, because they’ve been taking it easy.

    • DrDick says:

      Riiiiight! Keep fucking that walrus, baby, and you might even convince yourself that you like being reamed by the plutocrats.

      • Linnaeus says:

        JenBob can’t get enough of that boot leather.

        • Holden Pattern says:

          Well, when the public sewage system is privatized under our new Galtian masters, it will be the excrement on the boot leather. That’s what JenBon is really looking forward to.

        • Warren Terra says:

          I can understand a partisan Republican exulting over their perception of a coming victory – but the celebration of the overwhelming corrupting force of the money from their plutocrat overlords really weirds me out. I mean, I can understand being appreciative of the assistance, but celebrating the notion that rich people will be able to live tax free and do whatever they want to the country and to our fellow man? That’s just sick.

    • Romney and the Super PACs are going to bring down the hammer on BHO–and bring it downHARD, until there’s nothing left but rubble.


    • Joseph Slater says:

      While I shouldn’t feed the troll, it’s worth noting that the race is not, in fact, “tied” at the moment. Obama is ahead, as he has been all summer. as of tonight (Sunday) gives Obama a 69.4% chance of winning. Intrade has Obama at 55.7% and Romney at 43.9%.

      Romney has been trailing steadily since it was clear he would get the nomination. The campaign season has given him three chances to take the lead. The first was picking a VP. That hasn’t produced much of a bounce at all. The second will be the convention. Isaac is stepping on that a bit, but he’ll probably get a small bounce from that. Then there will be the debates. Not much question that Obama is the more “likeable” of the two.

      Superpacs? You can only saturate the airwaves so much in the key swing states. Here in Ohio we’re already seeing a ton, and the state is still leaning Obama.

      Lots of things can still happen, but I’m thinking I’ll be enjoying this race for a while.

    • Halloween Jack says:

      Alternatively, the plutocrats will look at the amount of money that they’ve already spent on Mittens, divide it by the hourly rate for a truly world-class hooker, consider Mitt’s demonstrated inability to clinch the deal, and decide to stop throwing good money after bad.

      Then what? Mitt funds himself? Frankly, he doesn’t seem to want the job that much; like W before him, the only discernible motivation that he seems to possess is to step out from under the shadow of his old man, and he doesn’t seem to have W’s almost feral dry-drunk vindictiveness.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Queers are so naive. They think getting laws passed to call what they do “marriage” will mean mainstream acceptance, that it will make them happy.

    I hope we get national gay “marriage” so they wake up the next day and realize that whatever the law says, they’re still a teeny, tiny despised minority with an overinflated sense of their own importance. It will be very funny to watch.

  10. Holden Pattern says:

    Oh, good. JenBob is back, but this time without even the imagination to come up with a ridiculous handle.

  11. Hogan says:

    Also, how can one actually dishonor George Armstrong Custer? Didn’t he dishonor himself by his very existence?

    If he’d been killed at Petersburg, we’d remember him very differently.

  12. Anonymous says:

    ObamaCare repealed, a strict constructionist SCOTUS majority for the next five decades at least, across the board tax cuts, a strong national defense and Iran challenged, the keystone pipeline built and offshore drilling driving to new heights, entitlement reforms through means testing and privatization, the global warming scam ended once and for all, and taking a chainsaw to economic regulations. And that’s just the first term…by 2021 we will have repealed everything that’s left of the Great Society and the New Deal.

  13. Deggjr says:

    Rush is so awesome! He’s already my go-to guy for drug law compliance and the sanctity of marriage, and now he is Mr. Science too.

    Unless that is one of his ‘jokes’. Rush is such an entertainer. Hoo boy.

  14. djw says:

    it’s easy to forget the level of vitriolic racism against Native Americans in some parts of the American West (I’m looking at you South Dakota).

    Or, for that matter, everywhere in Washington State outside of Metro Seattle.

    I went to college at WWU in Bellingham. about 20 miles away was Lummi College, a 2 year college that had a strong national reputation among Indian colleges and drew students from all over the state. Those who transfered to a 4 year school virtually all went to UW. This baffled and frustrated administrators and admissions people, especially since many Lummi grads were planning education majors, for which WWU has a better reputation than UW. They couldn’t figure out why their recruitment efforts were utterly fruitless. They were all non-natives who lived in the university bubble, and didn’t realize that once you stepped outside of that world, Bellingham was an extremely hostile environment for Native Americans.

    I can’t recall hearing a single racist thing about African-Americans growing up, except for a couple of insensitive remarks from an elderly relative. The nastiness I heard about Native Americans from a very young age was appalling. Very few people made an effort to even put it in some sort of code.

    • Bill Murray says:

      In my experience, South Dakota is not really any worse than any other western state in its relations to Native Americans. Heck there even was a time that the Republicans consented to changing Columbus Day to Native American Day. Sure there are quite a few people who hate this, but that would be true anywhere in the west away from the coasts.

  15. marc sobel says:

    As for the carefree boaters, as everyone knows we are powerless to resist alcohol whereas HomoSexuality Is A Life Style Choice.

  16. John F says:

    Regarding Custer, it was a pity he wasn’t killed at Gettysburg, a fitting death would have been him actually reaching JEB Stuart, slashing at him with his sabre while being gunned down while surrounded by the grey coated traitors…

    then at least he would have died as an honest to god American hero…

    instead he died as a suicidal buffoon taking down as many people with him as he could.

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