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Eh, Oh, Way To Go, Ohio


Federal courts rule the latest vote suppression scheme of Ohio Republicans unconstitutional.

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  • NonyNony

    Just wait – if this sticks I almost betting on the reaction from our Republican-controlled government to be a removal of the exemption from the members of the military to get that “equal protection” angle covered and then blaming Obama for the loss of expanding voting hours for military members.

    They’ve already laid the groundwork for it, so I’ll only be mildly surprised if they go ahead and do it.

  • Anderson

    Federal courts? Was there another ruling I didn’t hear about?

    Anyway, this is why we have appellate courts full of Republicans. (Thanks, Bill and Barack, for making the judiciary such a low priority.)

    • sagesource

      How exactly is Barack supposed to make the judiciary a priority when he can’t get any of his judicial appointments confirmed?

      That was a profoundly silly criticism.

      • NonyNony

        I know the answer to that one. I think it involves some sort of bully in a pulpit.

      • Well, he could have decided to round up the whole party and throw a big hissy fit in the media over some judge that 0.0% of voters have ever heard of, like the Republicans do from time to time.

        That could have been one of his big political pushes, instead of something else.

        It’s not obvious to me what this would have accomplished.

      • Anon21

        He could at least do the bare minimum of forwarding nominations to the Senate in a timely fashion. Obviously the Republicans are the true monsters, but Obama has absolutely set an extremely casual pace for nominations. Not clear why, but it’s not helping matters.

        • Anonymous

          And Anon wins the prize for basic familiarity with what the fuck he’s talking about. Vanna has some nice gifts for the rest of you.

        • timb

          because they put a person’s life on hold while Tom Coburn screws them ad infinitum?

          And, then after a year of waiting, they tell the Prez they want him to withdraw their nomination so they can actually do work.

  • Amusingly, the court’s opinion relies on the Supreme Court’s infamous decision in Bush v. Gore to reach this holding

    I didn’t think they could do that.

    • Anderson

      Persuasive authority. At least they didn’t cite TEH SHARIA!!!

    • Anonymous

      It’s commonly cited in voting-rights and equal-protection cases these days. If you dig into it, there are sections where the majority got the substantive law essentially correct. They just took that substance, twisted it into a pretzel, and gave it to George W. Bush, who promptly choked on it.

      • Yeah, but wasn’t there a “this is not a precedent” clause in there?

        • Bill Murray

          well it’s not like precedent is binding (or really I guess fully binding) on the future courts, so why would the precedent of not being a precedent be binding. it’s like the hoot owl said to Mario Lopez “it ain’t all about Screech’s”

        • UserGoogol

          Well, there’s a difference between binding precedent and merely referring to other rulings. (Apparently the latter is called persuasive precedent.) Courts can refer to all sorts of stuff that they aren’t required to honor.

  • Anonymous

    That court made their ruling. Now let them try and enforce it.

    The Republican SOS and the Republican County commissioners will simply ignore the ruling.

    • Oh please please please, Republican SoS, give the Justice Department the chance to conduct Ohio’s elections.

      Nice briar patch you’ve got here.

    • Holden Pattern

      Mr. Calhoun to the white courtesy phone. John Calhoun, white courtesy phone.

      • Anonymous

        Really white courtesy phone…

    • sagesource

      Treason for the higher good?

      No, just another Cheetoes fart from someone commenting from his momma’s basement.

    • DrDick

      I am sure that they will enjoy the presence of federal marshalls in their offices and federal troops at their polling places. Just ask the folks in Arkansas, Alabama, and Georgia how defying federal courts works out.

      • Snarki, child of Loki

        Oh, that’s the old-fashioned way of doing things.

        A drone strike on the SoS office, and I’m sure the rest of the OH GOP will fall into line with minimal waterboarding.

        • They’ll welcome us as liberators.

          • danah gaz

            FTW! lulz

          • Malaclypse

            We know where the voters are. They’re in the area around Cleveland and Akron and east, west, south, and north somewhat.

  • Anonymous

    Romney closing the gap in latest Michigan poll.

    Very tight in Wisconsin, too.

    If we win both Michigan and Wisconsin, we don’t need Ohio.

    • If they win both Michigan and Wisconsin, they’ve also won Ohio, Iowa, Virginia, North Carolina, and probably Colorado and Nevada. There’s no way for them to win Michigan and Wisconsin unless they’ve already won Ohio.

      Mitt Romney isn’t running where he needs to be in the popular vote to turn the map like that.

      • Anonymous

        If he’s not winning a state in the polls that are released in the next few days, he’s not winning it, period. It’s called a “bounce” for a reason.

        • Barring something crazy happening, yeah.

          • Why, did they invite Eastwood to the Democratic convention, too?

            • Bill Murray

              I believe they invited the chair instead

              • That’s a good idea.

                Invisible Obama polls 5-7 points ahead of the real Obama in West Virginia, Kentucky, southeastern Ohio, and western Pennsylvania.

                No one can explain it.

      • Anonymous

        Says who? Look at the polls–Romney is doing better in Wisconsin and Michigan than Ohio.

        You’re just scared and can’t admit the fact that Romney is surging into a lead and may never look back.

        • Romney is doing better in Wisconsin and Michigan than Ohio.

          But not leading.


          • Joseph Slater

            As of this writing, odds for Obama are now actually better than they were just before the Repub. convention started, on both InTrade (Obama now over 57%) and at fivethirtyeight.com (Obama now over 71%). Oh, and fivethirtyeight has Obama with a slender 92% chance of winning Michigan.

            Of course I realize that someone who is advocating that election officials ignore court orders is the silliest sort of troll.

            • DrDick

              To call him a wanker would be to insult jackoffs.

            • Timb

              Not to mention his continued championing of the power of dirty money.

              It’s truly revealing that he sees elections as contests between sports team and likes to go to the away games to taunt the home crowd with “wait ’til our ace pitches.”

              He sounds like every Yankee fan I have have ever known, wo are ju allYankee prospects are the real deal and they’re gonna beat Boston this weekend!

              • timb

                I hate auto correct

        • Reasonable Commentator

          Don’t bother trying to talk sense into Joe Boyle. He spent the better part of 2008 beating off to HOPE posters while posting DNC talking points on the Reason.com blog, and there was no getting through to him.

          After the election he couldn’t defend Obama’s record on civil liberties and war so he ran away like the little Democrat pussy he is.

          • TallDave, is that you?

            I kept being right about things in 2008. That’s why you’re still pissed enough to do this.

            • Timb

              +1 for Joe

          • there was no getting through to him.

            Indeed. No matter how many times you told me I was panicking about Sarah Palin, it just never sunk in.


            • Bill Murray

              I thought he said picnicking with Sarah Palin, which made much more sense

        • Look at the polls–Romney is doing better in Wisconsin and Michigan than Ohio.

          No, he’s not. RCP has Obama up 1.4 in Michigan, 1.4 in Ohio, and 1.2 in Michigan.

          You’re just…blah blah blah.

          Whatever. Try not being completely wrong about something before you mouth off like this.

          • Anonymous

            So you admit Romney is well within striking distance then? Romney is in a very strong position, better than McCain in 2008.

            • It’s called a convention bounce.

              Now Obama is going to go up by 6-10 points, and that will be a convention bounce, too.

              Romney is in a very strong position, better than McCain in 2008.

              Ah, so this guy you keep saying is going to win is in much better shape than the last guy you kept saying was going to win. That’s nice.

            • Joseph Slater

              Obama up to a 73% chance of winning tonight on fivethirtyeight.com. Meanwhile, on InTrade, Obama’s odds (already 12-13% points ahead of Romney) actually increased during Romney’s speech.

          • Timb

            If he did tht, he would never post!

            [oh, I get it]

            • Timb


        • According to realclearpolitics, here’s the breakdown as of today:

          Michigan: Obama 48.2/Romney 46.8
          Wisconsin: Obama 47.0/Romney 45.8
          Ohio: Obama 46.6/Romney 45.2

          If anybody should be scared by those numbers, it isn’t those whom you argue should be the frightened ones.

    • Ben F

      JenBob Briggs here, reminding everyone that the key to success is to lie about polls and yell at your chair!

    • Anon21

      I mean, it’s an encouraging number for Romney, but before you start measuring the drapes in the Oval Office, let me tell you about 2004. I also fell into the trap of saying “Okay, my candidate’s behind in practically every poll, but he’s barely behind. He could still win this thing!” That didn’t work out so well.

  • Reasonable Commentator

    If Joe keeps making rosy predictions, I think I’ll paste some comments from 2004 about Kerry that I found.

    • Anonymous

      Hey a stalker, cool!

    • What a rich, meaningful life you lead.

      It must to nice to look back and think of how much you’ve mattered in the world.

      I’m teaching English and ESL in an inner-city school and serving on the Planning Board. Are you still habitually using Oxycontin?

      • Reasonable Commentator

        It’s so funny you think this is something to brag about.

        “I finally got a TEACHING job! Oh boy! I’m in a profession primarily made up of former housewives and poorly paid underachievers! I’ll make literally tens of thousands of dollars someday!”

        LMAO! Too bad you were never any good at anything that you can make real money in. Seriously, English? You couldn’t hack it as a math teacher at least?

        • Temper, temper.

          (I guess that’s a yes.)

        • Spuddie

          Notice he was not denying the Oxycotin thing.

          • Timb

            Notice he was putting down teachers, which means he’s high right now.

            Is that you, Rush?

        • Malaclypse

          Man, cracker sure does have issues with women, doesn’t he?

          • Timb

            Yes, NO women ever let him touch her

            and that was even after he tucked the dollar

      • Pville

        Well let’s not get to full of ourselves.
        You’ve been on the Planning Board for all of six hours and killed a guy and blew the city manager to get appointed. At least that’s what I heard.

    • Ben F

      Ah, of course; because one Republican won a Presidential election once, we can extrapolate that to mean that every Republican will win all the time!

      • Bill Murray

        sure we can, but extrapolation is notoriously prone to giving incorrect predictions

  • angry bitter drunk

    So that’s what that song’s about?

    Sadly, a good chuck of the world just knows that tune as Limbaugh’s bumper music…

    • That song is about urban planning.

      There was no train station, there was no downtown.

      My pretty countryside had been paved down the middle by a government that had no pride.

      All my favorite places/replaced by parking spaces.


  • Huh.

    You suddenly got very angry when I slapped down a totally different commenter with a totally different handle.

    How does that work?

    • Craigo

      Which troll are you talking to? I’m losing track.

      • sparks

        Yes, Joe. Please tell us you weren’t talking to the chair.

        • But members are supposed to address their comments to the Chair!

          • Bill Murray


        • elm

          There’s a Neil Diamond joke to be made about Eastwood that I haven’t heard anyone make yet and that I can’t quite work out the wording for on my own. I almost had it with your line to jfL, but it’s still not quite there.

          Sigh. And it would have been really funny, too!

          • Bill Murray

            I am
            Mitt said

            To no one there
            And no one heard at all
            not Even Clint’s chair

            and you’re supposed to address the chair

          • Manju

            Well I’m USA born and raised
            But nowadays, I’m lost between two shores
            Kenya’s fine, but it ain’t home
            US is home, but it ain’t mine no more

            “We own,” I said
            To no one there
            And no one heard at all
            Not even the chair
            “I can’t,” I cried
            “Tell him,” said I
            To do that to himself and I can’t say why
            Leavin’ me lonely still

            • Manju

              slightly funnier if we go with:

              “I can’t,” I cried
              “Do that,” said I,
              “To myself and I can’t say why”
              Leavin’ me lonely still

              …I’m sure there are enough variations to turn elm’s idea into one big ass meme.

              • The Dark Avenger

                You are an ass meme, Manju.

          • Uncle Kvetch

            There’s a Neil Diamond joke to be made about Eastwood that I haven’t heard anyone make yet

            Sadly, there is nothing new under the sun.

            • elm

              Well, that’s a Neil Diamond reference. Not really a Neil Diamond joke. Still waiting…

              • Manju

                If Clint Eastwood whistles in the forest but nobody hears it not even the chair, does Cracker Rosie get on board?

  • JR in WV

    I’m not sure what many of the other posters were saying…

    And I didn’t watch or listen to the Republican party convention…

    But the bits I saw and heard on the web and on PBS were encouraging… Clint isn’t running for office, and Mitt is really Willard.

    No really Amurican voter will vote for Willard anybody.
    Mr. Romney will keep lying, and will attempt to debate with President Obama, but will discover his inability to compete.


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