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Eh, Oh, Way To Go, Ohio

[ 80 ] August 31, 2012 |

Federal courts rule the latest vote suppression scheme of Ohio Republicans unconstitutional.


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  1. NonyNony says:

    Just wait – if this sticks I almost betting on the reaction from our Republican-controlled government to be a removal of the exemption from the members of the military to get that “equal protection” angle covered and then blaming Obama for the loss of expanding voting hours for military members.

    They’ve already laid the groundwork for it, so I’ll only be mildly surprised if they go ahead and do it.

  2. Anderson says:

    Federal courts? Was there another ruling I didn’t hear about?

    Anyway, this is why we have appellate courts full of Republicans. (Thanks, Bill and Barack, for making the judiciary such a low priority.)

    • sagesource says:

      How exactly is Barack supposed to make the judiciary a priority when he can’t get any of his judicial appointments confirmed?

      That was a profoundly silly criticism.

      • NonyNony says:

        I know the answer to that one. I think it involves some sort of bully in a pulpit.

      • Well, he could have decided to round up the whole party and throw a big hissy fit in the media over some judge that 0.0% of voters have ever heard of, like the Republicans do from time to time.

        That could have been one of his big political pushes, instead of something else.

        It’s not obvious to me what this would have accomplished.

      • Anon21 says:

        He could at least do the bare minimum of forwarding nominations to the Senate in a timely fashion. Obviously the Republicans are the true monsters, but Obama has absolutely set an extremely casual pace for nominations. Not clear why, but it’s not helping matters.

        • Anonymous says:

          And Anon wins the prize for basic familiarity with what the fuck he’s talking about. Vanna has some nice gifts for the rest of you.

        • timb says:

          because they put a person’s life on hold while Tom Coburn screws them ad infinitum?

          And, then after a year of waiting, they tell the Prez they want him to withdraw their nomination so they can actually do work.

  3. Amusingly, the court’s opinion relies on the Supreme Court’s infamous decision in Bush v. Gore to reach this holding

    I didn’t think they could do that.

    • Anderson says:

      Persuasive authority. At least they didn’t cite TEH SHARIA!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s commonly cited in voting-rights and equal-protection cases these days. If you dig into it, there are sections where the majority got the substantive law essentially correct. They just took that substance, twisted it into a pretzel, and gave it to George W. Bush, who promptly choked on it.

      • Yeah, but wasn’t there a “this is not a precedent” clause in there?

        • Bill Murray says:

          well it’s not like precedent is binding (or really I guess fully binding) on the future courts, so why would the precedent of not being a precedent be binding. it’s like the hoot owl said to Mario Lopez “it ain’t all about Screech’s”

        • UserGoogol says:

          Well, there’s a difference between binding precedent and merely referring to other rulings. (Apparently the latter is called persuasive precedent.) Courts can refer to all sorts of stuff that they aren’t required to honor.

  4. Anonymous says:

    That court made their ruling. Now let them try and enforce it.

    The Republican SOS and the Republican County commissioners will simply ignore the ruling.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Romney closing the gap in latest Michigan poll.

    Very tight in Wisconsin, too.

    If we win both Michigan and Wisconsin, we don’t need Ohio.

  6. Reasonable Commentator says:

    If Joe keeps making rosy predictions, I think I’ll paste some comments from 2004 about Kerry that I found.

  7. angry bitter drunk says:

    So that’s what that song’s about?

    Sadly, a good chuck of the world just knows that tune as Limbaugh’s bumper music…

    • That song is about urban planning.

      There was no train station, there was no downtown.

      My pretty countryside had been paved down the middle by a government that had no pride.

      All my favorite places/replaced by parking spaces.


  8. Huh.

    You suddenly got very angry when I slapped down a totally different commenter with a totally different handle.

    How does that work?

  9. JR in WV says:

    I’m not sure what many of the other posters were saying…

    And I didn’t watch or listen to the Republican party convention…

    But the bits I saw and heard on the web and on PBS were encouraging… Clint isn’t running for office, and Mitt is really Willard.

    No really Amurican voter will vote for Willard anybody.
    Mr. Romney will keep lying, and will attempt to debate with President Obama, but will discover his inability to compete.


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