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Buzz Bissinger is off his meds


crazy guy

Assuming this really is his Twitter account (it’s so hard to tell in this topsy-turvy pomo world). Samples of his wit and wisdom:

I put my ass out there in Newsweek. I still believe in Armstrong. Some will like. Some will hate. At least not another pussy sports writer.

Exactly the problem with this pussy-whipped country: somebody says fuck and people pass out. Then buy a gun legally shoot themselves in ass.

. . . and in response to further criticism that his discourse lacks a certain delicacy and circumspection:


I kinda sorta agree with his take on the affair Armstrong, and I’m not averse to the occasional well-placed expletive for emphasis, but referring to the U.S. of A. as “pussy-whipped” seems . . . ah fuck it.

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  • UberMitch

    This is nothing. Anybody else see him a few years ago on Costas’s show going off on Will Leitch for no reason?

  • That is Bissinger’s Twitter feed.

  • I think hes trolling for retweets

  • How does a country become pussy-whipped? Wait. Is this a joke about Canada?

    • Hogan

      I was thinking Michelle Obama. You can’t make me eat these vegetables any more, Mom! I’m a sports writer!

    • Barry Freed

      Just ask Kim du Toit.

      • I had to Google Kim du Toit. One of the first results to come up is an old S,N entry about him. I don’t think I will be asking him anything. About anything.

        • Barry Freed

          No, I imagine not, but he did write the definitive work on the pussification of the western male.

          • Scott Lemieux

            I think he was our very first blogwar…

            • Scott Lemieux

              I also enjoyed this late-period post by his wife.

              • Cody

                I’m confused. I pay like $5 a month for hosting my website. Is it really that expensive?

            • Barry Freed

              Good times, good times.

              Of course he’s long since closed up shop while the LG&M posse has only grown stronger.

          • And I keep getting dead links. So they’ve closed up shop and are begging for money like welfare queens? Weird.

  • Amok92

    I was so offended by his feed that I am heading to the Vatican to take a bath with the Pope.

    • hylen


    • Pope Bandar bin Turtle

      You have to buy me dinner first!

      (oops … sb frist!)

  • Halloween Jack

    Alcohol’s a hell of a drug.

  • Jethro Troll

    He’s a sports fan. What do you expect?

  • Heron

    The more I read about the Armstrong thing, the more it sounds to me like a hatchet-job. There have been some real improprieties in the USADA’s behavior, from claiming powers it does not possess to violating its own rules in its treatment of Armstrong, and the greater international cycling community seems to uniformly reject its conclusions, methodology, and claims out of hand. Equally troubling to me is the USADA’s reliance on testimony deals cut with verifiable dopers in building this case. Such methods are widely abused by unscrupulous prosecutors and police to win convictions against the innocent in our criminal justice system, and the fact that Tygart’s ENTIRE case is built upon such testimony certainly doesn’t signal veracity to my mind.

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