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Intervention and Uncertainty


Was on the Alyona Show last night with Ali Gharib.  I had lighting issues.

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  • “…because of our intervention…

    We took him out…”

    We destabilized the central government of Libya.”

    An air war over Libya.”

    An entire discussion of the consequences of the Libyan people overthrowing their dictator, without a single word acknowledging that the Libyan people were involved.

    This is a truly perverse line of reasoning:

    A dictator hires, trains, and arms a gang of thugs to help him oppress his people.

    The people overthrow that dictator.

    Those thugs go home and make trouble.

    The fault for that trouble lies not with the dictator who trained, armed, and unleashed those thugs, but with the people who liberated themselves from their violence.

    Of course, being too cowardly to actually come out and say such a thing, they just write the Libyan public out of their own history entirely, and pretend that the “air war over Libya” is responsible for the (quite regrettable, it would seem) overthrow of Khadaffy.

    RT doesn’t seem to have any trouble with what those Tauregs were doing in Libya, of course. Just in Mali.

    “Maybe if there’s weapons and lives involved, people should be a little bit more careful about it.” Not Moamar Khadaffy, of course. Just the people, like the Libyan public, who’d rather not have his thugs shooting them and dragging them off to the nearest gulag.

    • wengler

      The Benghazi Turkey Shoot wasn’t exactly facilitated by freedom and good feelings. The rebel army was an incredibly ineffective force at that time. The total obliteration of Gaddafi’s armor, air and support vehicles by US, British and French forces was extremely decisive in cementing his demise.

      This doesn’t make the rebels’ sacrifice any less important, especially in places of intense fighting like Misrata, but these are the facts.

      • It’s true that the rebels would probably have lost without the air campaign.

        To jump from that to the assertion that “we” overthrew Khadaffy is indefensible. It’s like blaming the guy as the full-service gas station for what a driver does over the next week.

        • rea

          Personally, I blame American slavery during the period 1775-1865 on the French.

  • Also very special: Ali’s argument that foreign occupation makes post-revolutionary societies more stable.

  • Some Guy

    Well, I don’t know if it fueled anything; but you can be damned sure that American has NEVER Fuled anything!

    • Silly Some Guy, don’t you know that America fuels EVERYTHING?

      It’s all. about. us. Remember that.

    • wengler

      Heh. If you think horrible typos are unique to RT, you haven’t been watching much cable news lately. I think the all title cards in cable news have been either outsourced to some non-English speaking country or given over to unpaid interns.

  • There was once a parody of the Boston Globe published, titled “Not the Boston Globe.”

    To make fun of the “Hub of the Universe” attitude at the Globe, they parodists ran a story about the detonation of a nuclear weapon in Manhattan, under the headline “Boston Man Killed In Blast.”

    You see that same attitude in a lot of discussion about the Libyan Revolution.

  • Aaron Baker

    “FULE”? You had spelling issues, too. Is Lemieux one of the show’s producers?

  • Professor Know-It-All

    A face made for radio.

    • Robert Farley

      I know; Ali is pretty goddamn ugly.

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