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EMP Troof!


Fred Hiatt sees fit to give the EMP nutjobs (no less a statesman than Newt!) a platform:

I write this now because of my concern for national security and our power grid, which are susceptible to doomsday-level damage if hit by an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) strike or a major solar storm.

It is almost unthinkable, yet possible, that an enemy could detonate a nuclear weapon over the atmosphere over the continental United States, triggering an electromagnetic pulse. This would short-circuit our power grid, taking power off­line for months, perhaps even years.

Wrote an article about this quite a while ago. Long story short, there are many, many “unthinkable, yet possible” things which are considerably more thinkable and possible than a nuclear EMP attack against the United States. If, for example, you consider the almost astronomically small chance that Iran will detonate a nuke over the US sufficient to devote billions of dollars to prep, then you really, really ought to take seriously the staggeringly greater chance that anthropogenic climate change will have a catastrophic impact on the international economy and global society. But of course it’s harder to connect climate change to the need for missile defense.  EMP nutcases should be treated with the same esteem as vaccine deniers, birthers, and 9/11 troofers. As a former Weekly Standard editor of my acquaintance said,  “I don’t go for that EMP stuff. Kind of more interested in dangerous scenarios that might actually happen.”

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