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Rank Hypocrisy

[ 19 ] June 18, 2012 |

Neil Munro, briefly famous for interrupting Obama last week since he knew the president wasn’t going to take questions, refuses to take questions about his actions.


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  1. Aaron Baker says:

    I think “hypocrisy” requires some degree of self-awareness.

    • Hogan says:

      He approved of, gloried in, his every action; yet he wasn’t vain, exactly, and he wasn’t the hypocrite that Gertrude said he was. He had not evolved to the stage of moral development at which hypocrisy is possible. To him the action was right because it was his–he had never learned to judge his own act as though it were another’s. If he had told you that he would do something he did it, unless there was some reason for him not to do it. He had the morals of a State; had, almost, the morals of an Army.

  2. vacuumslayer says:

    Stank hypocrisy also too.

  3. Manju says:

    Yo liberals, I’ll let you finish…but Muntadar al-Zaidi had the best presidential interruption of all time.

    • c u n d gulag says:

      Yes, a foreign President who helped him lose who knows how many friend and relatives to death and/or displacement, in a display of blatant lying and authoritarian hubris, never, or rarely, seen before in this county.

      This Munro punk is just some Conservative shit-stain, who’s too stupid, too poor a writer, and too intellectually lazy, to get a job writing for someone other than that feckin’ idjit Tucker Carlson, and who doesn’t like it that one of them there Darkies is the President of a country that shit-stain wasn’t even born in!

      No comparison at all!

  4. STH says:

    And you’ll notice that Munro blatantly lies in his account of the event; he claims that he knew the President was finishing up, so called out his questions as Obama was leaving, but the transcript shows he interrupted the middle of the speech. That’s why Obama called him out on it.

  5. Manju says:

    lying to congress is like the most amusing crime ever. not even burning a cross on robert byrd’s lawn can top it.

  6. bcinaz says:

    If you watch the video, you’ll see Munro hyper-ventillating, he was getting pretty amped up for his 15 minutes of fame

  7. Daragh McDowell says:

    While the precise definition of the term ‘conservative libertarian’ will no doubt remain contested for the forseeable future, this incident lends further weight to us arguing for ‘dickhead.’

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