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Pete Cosey, RIP


The great guitarist for Miles Davis’ mid-70s bands has passed. Very sad.

[SL]: A backhanded tribute to a great innovator: “Howlin’ Wolf looked at me and he said ‘Why don’t you take them wah-wahs and all that other shit and go throw it off in the lake — on your way to the barber shop?’.” Has anyone heard The Howlin’ Wolf Album? Sounds kind of fascinating, actually. I’m certainly always open to listening to Cosey; he was a marvel.

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  • hiring him was one of miles’ most interesting and provocative moves in a career full of them, but cosey would have had a fascinating career even without his time with miles: he was a living embodiment of a variety of streams of the african-american musical heritage.

    i haven’t heard much about him in recent years (indeed, i wasn’t sure if he was still alive or not) but another sad note of a fine musician passing.

    • Scott Lemieux

      Howard — where’s the best place to hear him with Miles? Do I need Dark Magus? I’ve always liked Get Up With It but haven’t heard Agartha in a while…

      BTW, need to do this in an official post, but thanks for the Murray and Motian, both awesome.

      • Dark Magus is pretty damn good.

      • howard

        if we’re talking cosey in particular, i guess i give the nod to agharta in particular.

        if we’re looking for the most accessible, if you will (this is not a dis, mind you!), of that period, i lean to dark magus.

        and for the highest peaks, it’s get up with it.

        but you know, all 3 are examples of recordings i admired a lot but didn’t play a lot (as albums; nowadays, 98% of what i listen to of my own volition is random choice within large genre-based playlists): they were albums for full-on listening, all brilliant at the right moment.

        as for the murray and motian, your welcome; you do realize, though, that if you post something you’ll just end up encouraging me to carry on in comments….

        • howard

          p.s. you can count me among the original fans of electric mud, btw, which i still own on vinyl….

  • DJA

    Dark Magus for sure. Al Foster is equally unbelievable on that record.

    • Auguste

      Man, I thought I knew the Miles Davis discography, but somehow this one is new to me. Time to rectify that.

  • Icarus Wright

    Stop dying already.

  • A track from The Howlin’ Wolf Album.

    And another.

    Fun, but probably not essential.

    • Richard

      Call me a traditionalist but I hated and still hate The Howlin Wolf album and Electric Mud. And, of course, Wolf agreed

  • tucker

    People at the time hated all those records funk/jazz, jazz/rock what ever you want to call it albums. I remember a Miles concert in ’75 where people got up and left because they were expecting “Kind of Blue” I guess. They probably hadn’t listen to Miles in 10 years but knew his name. Whatever. Me, as I child of the sixties (but raised on the blues and jazz), I was down for anything electric and rhythmic.

    I guess we all have to go sometime. Cosey made his mark indelible.

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