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What would a Netroots Nation convention be without a member of LGM representing it?

Actually, it’d be like all the others because LGM hasn’t ever had someone there before, I don’t think. But I will be there starting tomorrow, thanks to it taking place a mile from my apartment and because of an unused media credential that was passed to me. I am very curious about this conference. Is it worth it? What do people get out of it? How cool is Paul Krugman’s beard? These are all questions I intend to find out over the next 3 days.

Seriously, if there’s anything you all think I should see, let me know. I have a couple of must-see events, but I am very open to serving the LGM community if possible, assuming there is actually some demand.

Follow my Twitter feed @ErikLoomis for what are sure to be extremely exciting live updates and I’ll have some longer posts over the next week.

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  • Aaron

    If you get a chance could you get me an autograph from Krugman’s beard?

    • On the most recent Sunday show Krugman’s beard was looking very thin and trim. It barely showed in parts. Definitely a step back from his usual mane. But I may be wrong, or it might have had enough time to grow back.

      In which case I request a beardograph as well.

      • njorl

        I suspect serial over-evening during the trimming process.

  • Western Dave

    Conference hashtag?

    • I suck at hashtags but the generally approved is #nn12

  • owlbear1

    You should check out the Battletech demo. Those guys put some serious detail into their dioramas.

    • Linnaeus

      “Oh, look, a Rifleman!”

  • Manju

    I went to some young conservative conference many years back. Everyone was having sex. I blame Camille Paglia.

    Hope this helps. And if it does, make sure to tell the Krug: “Both sides do it”.

  • joejoejoe

    Ask Joan McCarter to tell you something cool about the Lewis & Clark expedition. She wrote a blog about it years ago and I believe she is something of an expert on the topic.

    She also probably has fewer groupies than Krugman so you can actually ask her face-to-face instead of yelling “Does your beard smell like oyster pan roast?” at a Nobel winner from the crowd.

  • djw

    Scott and I were once in Vegas at the same time as NN. Strangely we didn’t make it to any panels…

    • njorl

      I don’t believe you. You’re probably just “keeping it in Vegas”.

  • njorl

    How cool is Paul Krugman’s beard?

    Thermal imaging confirms that beards are inherently cool.

    (“Optics”, Hecht-Zajac, 4th ed. p 56)

  • I’m heartsick because I’m going to be moving to the area in a few weeks. I’m gonna miss it!

  • There’s a Netroots Nation this year?

    Or is it just a gathering of disgruntleds?

  • jake the snake

    Surely someone will make a pilgrimage to Lovecraft’s grave.

    Especially considering HPL’s high opinion of
    Republicans. Don’t know what he thought about Democrats.

    • njorl

      And people think things never change. Republicans are not all that keen on handicrafts anymore.

      Other than that…

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