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DeMint Goes Full Calhoun

[ 89 ] June 28, 2012 |

Not that we should be surprised that Jim DeMint is calling for nullification of the health care law.

“I urge every governor to stop implementing the health care exchanges that would help implement the harmful effects of this misguided law. Americans have loudly rejected this federal takeover of health care, and governors should join with the people and reject its implementation.”

I wonder what else DeMint would like states to nullify….


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  1. howard says:

    i am reminded, not for the first time, that the biggest mistake in american history was letting the confederate states back in after the civil war.

    • newsouthzach says:

      I think we just need to get Zombie Sherman back in there to teach them a little lesson. Seems it didn’t take the first time around…

    • DivGuy says:

      And what exactly do you propose that the no-longer-freed slaves would do?

      • howard says:

        well divguy, we’ll start with your point and then i’ll make a broader one: what happened to the ex-slaves anyhow? what did we do for them when we let the south back in? did we provide 40 acres and a mule? did we maintain a reconstruction oversight long enough to prevent the same social, wealth, and power patterns that had existed being re-established? allowing the south back in didn’t do a damn thing for the ex-slaves, so i don’t see how not allowing them back in could have made things worse.

        my broader argument is thus implied: if, in fact, we had treated the southern states like traitors and maintained a true program of reconstruction, complete with 40 acres and a mule reparations to the ex-slaves, then yes, it made sense to allow the southern states back in.

        but it’s perfectly clear that there was no public stomach for that program, which is why it was fought off, and given that i know that, i’d rather have seen two countries emerge.

        and of course the one that didn’t suffer the burden of southern control of the legislative process would have become a more humane, progressive, better society without that deadweight, and my guess, in fact, is that we’d have seen a stronger northern migration as a result (in terms of what happens to the ex-slaves the next generation or two).

  2. JMG says:

    Isn’t that sedition? Why not haul the clown out of the Senate chamber for a quick jet to Gitmo?

  3. Lee says:

    Why can’t these people ever loose gracefully?

  4. David Hunt says:

    I wonder what else DeMint would like states to nullify…

    I’m sure the list if quite long, but I’m going to lead with Amendments 13, 14, 15, and 19…

  5. Josh G. says:

    My understanding of the ACA is that if states refuse to implement health care exchanges, the federal government will do it for them.
    Frankly, this is probably a better idea anyway, since the states whose governments act this way are exactly the states I wouldn’t trust to handle the exchanges in an honest and competent manner.

    • NonyNony says:

      Yeah that was my understanding too.

      Frankly, given how many corrupt state legislatures and executive branches there seem to be, having the Feds run your exchange might not be a terrible thing at all. At least if there’s corruption it becomes a national story and there’s a chance someone will do something about it.

    • catclub says:

      Funny point: By a quirk, Mississippi is actually building its exchanges and their mechanism, while
      some other ‘we are wacko’ states are not.

  6. Devin McCullen says:

    God, I hate to defend this idiot, but is this really a call for nullification? I’ve heard lots of times that if states don’t set up their own health exchange, it just means the people there would have to use a federal one.

    DeMint probably would call for states to nullify the law, but I don’t think he’s figured out how to do so yet.

  7. hrsn says:

    I read Andrew Jackson’s “Proclamation to the People of South Carolina” this morning. I wish Old Hickory would climb out of his grave and challenge DeMint to a duel.

  8. Davis X. Machina says:

    Unless I’m mistaken, that’s “John C. Calhoon, of COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VIRGINIA”

    Check out the latest comment in the prior thread.

  9. Rick Venema says:

    This seems to be the only proper course to secure our liberties. When the federal government oversteps its bounds, it is up to the states to reign in the federal leviathan.

    Many states will simply refuse to comply with this tyrannical act.

    Rick Venema

  10. btmom says:

    And now that the conservative-majority Supreme Court has ruled that it was not an overstepping of bounds, you are appointing yourself the arbiter of what the bounds are? What are your credentials?

  11. Surreal American says:

    Your side lost in 1865. Get. Over. It.

  12. Mike Timonin says:

    Hmmm. If Obama threatens to hang DeMint from the nearest tree, what will happen?

  13. olexicon says:

    Wait, he wants them to stand on their hind legs like a bunch of Rory Calhoun,s?

  14. ploeg says:

    Perhaps an investigation into the feasibility of nationalizing Medicaid would be in order.

  15. Quincy says:

    The is the same DeMint who, when he endorsed Romney in 2007, said:

    “He has demonstrated, when he stepped into government in a very difficult state, that he could work in a difficult partisan environment, take some good conservative ideas, like private health insurance, and apply them to the need to have everyone insured. Those kind of ideas show an ability to bring people together that we haven’t seen in national politics for a while. We don’t need the nation to be more polarized.”

    Then again, Romney had the good sense to be white.

  16. Rick Venema says:

    For all the abuse and vitriol liberals aim at the South, I can’t help but notice how many former New Englanders are moving to where I live. There are now two on my street alone.

    Hopefully they will remember why they left and not vote to turn Virginia into another Massachusetts or Vermont.

    Rick Venema

  17. Cody says:

    Didn’t Republicans -just- declare that people in politics need to respect the Supreme Court’s decision? That accusations of judicial activism by Liberals was very inappropriate?

    It took less than a month for them to do a complete 180 and remind us that they HATE the supreme court and have no obligation to respect it!

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