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The Battle


Just because George Jones is awesome. This is not stated often enough.

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  • MikeJake

    My dad says he no-showed him on three separate occasions.

    • The only way to see George!

    • Spirula

      Great song writer and singer but the video needs more riding mower.

      (My former father-in-law once had to give him some “medical assistance” so he could get up and on stage back in the day.)

  • rea

    Apparently not the man by whom Tammy Wynette stood.

  • Paul Hobbs

    An apparently troubled man, and stellar country singer.

  • Gloria

    George Jones is one of my favorites. George and Tammy were absolutely magic. Their duets were the best in country music ever.

  • dsquared

    Serious question, Eric – what do you think of Rihanna and Chris Brown? There are enough other artists that one doesn’t need to promote a violent asshole.

    • You have got to be kidding me.

      I am also going to boycott Roman Polanski movies and Phillip Roth novels because they are assholes…..

  • Icky song.

    • Huge gigantic fail.

      Amazing song.

      • Richard

        Concur. Great song and great singing

  • big bad wolf

    it is depressing how infrequently george jones’s awesome is stated.

  • stevo67

    I’m not a huge fan of Country Western,and the crap that makes the CW charts today is virtually unlistenable – (I’m talking to you, Toby Keith!) but you’ve got to admit that old school performers like George Jones, Ray Price, Tammy Wynette, Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn had some serious soul and R&B chops. Probably came from singing in the church choir when they were young and learning the old gospel songs by heart. Even outlaw Country performers like Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Robert Earl Keen have some strong R&B roots at the bottom of all their songs about hell raisin’.

    And “He Stopped Loving Her Today” is the saddest love song ever made. Thank you, George Jones.

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