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I think it’s great that Los Angeles is creating a new wetland in south Los Angeles. Part of a 9 acre park, this 4.5 acre wetland will bring much needed green space to a gritty neighborhood sorely lacking in parks of any kind, will process up to 680,000 gallons of storm water each day, and will start the process of bringing wildlife habitat back to the area. This last point is important. The Pacific Flyway is vital for many bird species, but the overdevelopment of California makes it very difficult for many species to survive. 4.5 acres isn’t going to create miracles, but it will bring birds and aquatic species local residents have never seen into the area. There is no down side to a project like this.

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  • Morbo

    And all that’s without getting into the (very minor) mitigation of the urban heat island that it will provide.

    • joe from Lowell

      My first thought on seeing that aerial photo was “Street trees?”

  • bph

    This is pretty cool. I wonder how many of these would be required to partially clean up LA/Long Beach harbor (I am sure that I will not want to know….)

  • joe from Lowell

    What a cool project.

    That rendering doesn’t do it justice, with the blank white space outside the park land. It could be a landscaping element in a mall parking lot, for all we know from that picture.

    But it’s not. It’s going to completely transform the feel of the blocks around it.

  • witless chum

    As someone from Michigan, my association with “wetland” is “mosquitos.” I suppose a few will find their way there, but so long as we remain in post-malaria age in the U.S. that’s only a small annoyance. Those little green islands in neighborhoods are great. There’s a ravine a couple blocks from my house that’s probably home to a red fox I saw headed that way from the little league field.

  • jon

    It’s a great start, in a rather small area. But I’d reserve applause until it can be seen how well it really works. Most constructed wetlands do not have nearly the amount or quality of environmental services, habitat, etc. as natural, undamaged wetlands. However, LA is making great strides in rediscovering and caring for its river, and that should produce many benefits for people, communities, and the environment.

    • Right–there’s no question that created wetlands do not provide the same benefits as natural wetlands. But they do provide some benefits and that’s enough to start with.

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